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To download Samsung My Files Apk Mod, please click on the download button at the top of the article or at the end of this article. These folders help you arrange your files and documents accordingly, and even move them. You can reach Gaurav at, Turn Your Website into an App with AppMySite, You can now get the Google Pixel 6a for free on Verizon.

Those updates bring a newer interface, more features, and better stability than its earliest incarnations. You can use this app if you have a smartphone or tablet running Android 4.0.3. You can however donate to the developers if you love their work. Some file managers can also connect to servers using protocols such as FTP, sFTP, WebDAV, and SMB. Root access, SMB support, and archive support is present as well. X-Plore File Manager is one of the more unique options on the list. It has an easy to use and intuitive UI, which is always a solid plus, but it also comes at the lovely price of free. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. File management isn't the sexiest subject surrounding smartphone ownership but if you use your device for productivity, it's an important area to consider. Go to the Downloads folder on your device and click on the downloaded file. The installation steps after downloading most premium app are the same. However, its always been a solid choice. [New features in My Files] 1. Moreover, it packs a text editor, shell script executor, and encryption support. Most manufacturers ship their Android phones and tablets with a built-in file manager but often, its a simple and barebones application. It'll even look for apps you haven't opened in weeks and then suggest uninstalling them to clear some room. Contributing Editor, You also get a good-looking, Material Design UI and simple usage. External links may earn us a commission. And the good news? You can download the app for free, although there are ads. And if you need to send files to any other Android phone or Chromebook in your physical area, Files has a simple system for wirelessly transmitting data between devices though only to other devices where the Files app is actively installed. It also follows the Material Design guidelines. It features a relatively modern UI, all of the basics, and support for many cloud storage services and shared storage servers (FTP, SMB, etc). Open menu, settings, security and search for unknown sources so your phone can install apps from sources other than Google Play Store, (You can also opt to set up one-way syncing pairs in either direction, if you'd rather, and you can even create wildcard-based filters to limit syncing to only certain types of files.). This app has been around for a while, and is one of the most reliable archiving and decompressing apps available out there. This is kind of cool if youre copy/pasting between folders or need to move files quickly. Enable the "Unknown Sources" setting: Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check for unknown sources so that your phone can install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store. Additionally, it supports major cloud storage services as well as protocols such as FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and SMB. It packs a lot of customization features, including the ability to tweak the theme. allshare samsung pc software (Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central), Free (with in-app purchases) at Google Play, Google Authenticator ditches a fairly recent feature it didn't need anyway, Mobvoi teases its next TicWatch flagship smartwatch running Wear OS, How to make Alexa your preferred hands-free voice assistant on your Android phone, If Samsung launches a Galaxy S22 FE, it should do it sooner rather than later, The wireless charging revolution is still a ways away. Fubo TV Vs Sling TV Best Live Streaming Service in 2022, How To Block Someone On Gmail Messaging Quick and Easy Way, How to use Android VPN in 2022 | steps to set up Android VPN. Jen Karner NY 10036. Learn more. He has done everything from blogging about Android to reporting the latest from the world of Internet giants. In terms of the features, you get tabbed browsing, app manager, root access, support for file encryption, and support for cloud storage services. MiXplorer Silver is one of the newer file managers on the list. Those looking for more of a robust file manager may want to look at X-plore File Manager (opens in new tab) with its plethora of methods to keep your files organized. Once you set up Autosync, you'll effectively have a shared folder on your phone and your favorite cloud storage service. Receive the freshest Android & development news right in your inbox! However, as Android has progressed over the years, the built-in file manager can handle just about everything that you need it to. Solid Explorer's smart two-panel interface allows you to view two folders together and drag and drop files between them. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Give it a shot! All you have to do is flip your phone sideways for that setup to appear. Follow the necessary instructions and you will download Samsung My Files MOD APK (Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO) for free. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). Download Samsung My Files MOD APK (Unlimited Money / Gems) for Android - Free - Latest.

Its not the most powerful on the list, but its definitely among the best free file browsers with no in-app purchases or ads. Join him on Twitter or sign up for his weekly newsletter to get fresh tips and insight in your inbox every Friday. Google's own Files app has come a long way since its inconspicuous 2017 debut. It has an effective search system, too as you'd expect, being a Google product and it even offers a convenient way to send any locally stored files to Google Drive with a couple quick taps (though it doesn't, curiously enough, actually let you browse and interact with your Drive storage or connect at all to any non-Google cloud services). For transfers between a Samsung Android phone and a Windows 10 computer, Microsoft's Your Phone Companion app is as good as it gets. Its also entirely free with no ads. ASUS File Manager delivers a great experience with all of the features you didn't realize that you wanted.

Its last update was in 2016. If you think we missed out on a great file manager, let us know in the comments section. You can now pre-order the Pixel 6a in the U.K. and U.S. Google Pixel 6a Review: Changing the mid-range Pixel philosophy, New Eve Motion gets a light sensor and is ready for Matter, [Update: Its coming back] Google removes Permissions list from Play Store app listings. You get all major file and folder management tools, including the ability to adjust permissions. Additionally, the app helps you clean your phones contents by suggesting things to delete. The app's advanced elements won't be necessary for most people, but if your on-the-go work requires such next-level file management functions, Solid Explorer is the path to pursue. However, its more for typical use. 2. Got specific folders you want to keep completely synced between your phone and the cloud, without any ongoing effort? What is the Difference in Speed and Latency? You should check them out. It works just like the background syncing apps those cloud storage services provide for desktop computers: Once you set up a folder pair, any new files you save to the folder on your phone will automatically be uploaded to the cloud and any files that are added to the associated folders online will automatically be downloaded to your phone. The app lets you look through folders or sort items by type (documents, images, videos, and so on) and optionally move sensitive materials into an encrypted and password-protected Safe Folder. [Key features] Browse and manage files stored on your smartphone, SD card, or USB drive conveniently. You also get the ability to lock files and folders using a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. Free up storage space easily by tapping the Storage Analysis button on the main screen.

File Manager by InShot is another good Android file explorer. C'est le meilleur gestionnaire de fichiers! This one too, comes with the ability to compress files on your phone to save storage space. This one is quickly becoming a favorite of many, even if the design isnt as current as some would like. , That'll activate Drive's link sharing feature and automatically copy a link to the file onto your system clipboard. Plenty of us use File Managers to keep track of all of the many files we have. Andrew Myrick These are the Best File Manager apps for Android: Files by Google, FX Explorer, MiXplorer Silver, and more! It follows Material Design guidelines for its customizable interface, and it also supports night mode. The app doesnt have a free version, so make sure you try it before the refund time runs out to make sure you like it. The app is a free download, much like the other apps on the list, and has no ads or in-app purchases. That includes fun tools like an APK binary XML viewer, the ability to change a files owner or group, MD5 support, and more. Its been kind of a so-far-so-good kind of deal, but well monitor as time goes. At its core, Files makes it painless and almost even pleasant to browse through your phone's local storage and find, share, or organize any files you've downloaded or transferred onto the device. It look clean and packs all major file management tools. You have probably heard about some of these apps, but there are a few on this list that you might not know about. You can reach Gaurav at [emailprotected]. It features Material Design, SMB file sharing, a built-in app manager to uninstall apps, root explorer, and more. .Samsung Cloud Drive .Google Drive .OneDrive. The app needs access to the system on your device. MiXplorer also supports tabbed browsing and dual panel in landscape mode. However, some stock file managers have some features lacking, especially the ones that come from the manufacturers. Thus, if you need more archive support and less PDF support, you can get the archive plugin and skip the PDF plugin. It offers the usual set of file managements options, and even supports the dual pane layout for more efficiency. Copyright 2022 IDG Communications, Inc. Word for Microsoft 365 cheat sheet: Ribbon quick reference, The Polish IT market shows resilience despite challenges in H1. That lets you sync selected folders from Drive to the computer's local hard drive.

You even get a text editor and its archive support works with less popular stuff like GZip, Bzip2, and 7zip. The app also lets you enable or disable menu options and action buttons. The program, along with its desktop-based equivalent, lets you drag and drop files in either direction but that capability, frustratingly, is currently available only on select Samsung phones (exasperated sigh). The app underwent an ownership change. Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Which has better management tools? It will also bring FX Connect to transfer files between devices using Wi-Fi Direct and web access. It costs $1.99 after that. Copyright 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. published 6 December 21. The FX File Explorer is a privacy-oriented file manager app that claims to include no ads, no analytics, and no trackers. So weve selected some of the best file managers that are available for Android. Download this premium app using your favorite browser and click install to install the premium app. As of now, though, it's available only on a limited number of phones, and it doesn't yet support Chromebooks or any other types of devices. The app is also free of ads, and you get all the features without any Pro version. It's a significant upgrade from the default file managers that come preinstalled on most Android devices, and if you don't have any special requirements or advanced demands, it's almost certainly the app for you. It is the preferred file manager app for many, and its no surprise that ES File Explorer has already seen nearly 500 million downloads. The best feature of this app (for me anyway) is the fact that it comes with a simple scrollable list of folders rather than chunky icons on top. This one is a bit older. The Amaze File Manager is an open-source file manager that is based on the Material Design guidelines. With them, you can browse your files, find your downloads, manage your storage space, move things around, and a lot more. Files by Google lets you browse your phone's local storage and perform a variety of actions on folders and files. MiXplorer is one of those apps that's been around forever, but with MiXplorer Silver, you get a few apps combined into one. You can view long file names without ellipses using the Listview button. Download: UEM vendor comparison chart 2022, Top 4 mistakes to avoid when purchasing SaaS apps, Q&A: Qwick CEO details his company's 4-day workweek trial, Jamf and more: Apple MDM tools for smaller businesses, 12 fast fixes for common Android problems, Sponsored item title goes here as designed, The best Android widgets for busy professionals, The best all-around Android file manager for most business users, The best apps for wirelessly transferring files, The best app for automatically syncing folders, The best Android apps for business in 2020, 7 inconvenient truths about the hybrid work trend, The best email and texting apps for Android, The best privacy and security apps for Android, The best Android keyboard apps for on-the-go productivity, The best Android apps for organizing your life, The best Android apps for team collaboration, The best Android launchers for enhanced efficiency, Android apps for Chromebooks: The essentials. It is free to download and use. Perhaps his favorite past-time is collecting different headphones, even if they all end up in the same drawer. The most used file management basics are present, but you wont get things like the ability to compress files. Dont let looks fool you, though. That is extremely preferable if you really just want something simple. All in all, file managers can be very useful for you.

.Users can create folders; move, copy, share, compress, and decompress files; and view file details. Some of the features include SD card support, cloud storage support, file compression, app management, and archive extraction support (ZIP and RAR). Plus, there is root access available, making it a great option for those who still root their devices. There are some niche features as well and those include EPub, MobiPlacket, and PDF reader support as well as file encryption. Andrew Myrick is a Senior Editor at Android Central. So you can manage files and folders on services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. However, there will be some ads now and then on your screen. There are also a bunch of plugins that add even more functionality as needed. In terms of extras, the Files by Google app includes a Safe Folder, where you can store your sensitive files, and it can be locked using a PIN or pattern. Plus, you get the added benefit of managing your other cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others. When he is not writing about the tech companies, he can be found binge-watching new TV series on the web. For anyone who needs a little more mobile file management oomph, Solid Explorer is the way to go. This particular file manager app will end up on top of every list given the immense popularity it enjoys on the Play Store and among the Android users. Computerworld |. Since the app uses its own design language, it looks slightly different from the other file managers. There are also a few paid features that require a donation, such as an encrypted vault, video player, Wi-Fi file sharing, SSH file transfer, and the ability to access phone files via a web browser. In fact, if you invest in the paid version of the app, you can create archives usingAES 128 and AES 256 bit encryption. Its open-source and focuses on a lighter experience for those who just need to do some light file browsing. For transfers between your own phone and computer, just install the appropriate Drive Backup and Sync program for your desktop operating system. To install software anywhere else, you have to enable installation from third-party sources. Try our user-friendly features. The Autosync apps are free to use for a single folder pairing and with files that are 10MB or smaller. You can use Simple File Manager Pro to convert media files, and customize its theme and colors to your liking. The FX File Explorer is free to download and use, but as mentioned, youll need the paid FX+ module for some features. Just look for the app's "Share" option, either in the main menu at the bottom of the screen or in the three-line menu icon in the upper-left corner, and follow the steps to establish a direct device-to-device connection. This particular application has been around since 2009, making it one of the first Android archiving apps to ever surface. Thus, for the next year or so, expect to see more bugs when dealing with SD card storage than you would normally see until Google and the developers get everything straightened out. Enjoy our convenient Cloud services. This is especially true with the Files app included with Pixel devices, as it can keep track of files saved directly to your phone, but also files from other apps such as Drive. Be sure to check it out. Root Explorer is where its at, but if you like the company and want a non-root version, Explorer works too. Hungry for more? File Manager Pro is a lightweight and clean file manager app that makes it easy to manage all of your files while supporting cloud storage options. You will receive a verification email shortly. The relatively open nature of Android allows users to browse through their devices file structure and perform file and folder operations without needing a computer. This premium app can be played for free and does not require root. This article was originally published in April 2018 and most recently updated in September 2020. This allows for easy scrolling and is a big plus if you have a lot of folders on your device. It comes with support for cloud services, allowing you to browse all of your data (native and cloud) in one place.

By This makes it one of the top archiving apps on Android, and it also helps that it works like a file manager. Files by Google has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 2017. You can also manage files stored on SD cards, USB drives and files in the cloud storage connected with your smartphone at the same time. File Manager app does the same, and very well. Or maybe fire off a PDF from your laptop to your phone? Downloading ( APK + DATA of Samsung My Files (Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO) from is easier and faster. Its a simplistic looking app, which means that you wont get a flashy UI here. Get the best of Android Central in in your inbox, every day! Its also fairly powerful and includes lots of features such as root access, a disk map, cloud storage access, a PDF viewer, viewing APK files as ZIP, and configurable buttons and shortcuts. Every Android smartphone comes with a built-in file manager app. InShot File Manager can connect with Google Drive as well but support for other cloud services is absent at the moment. Thus, its hard to be too critical of things like looks. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. These days, Files is a fully featured file management tool, with all the basics you'd expect and some compelling extras all packed into a nicely designed and easy-to-use interface.
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