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of. And if there is ever a problem they are always there to answer all my questions. I am now goiing to put the Ancient Sedonia and the Kentish Rain on my list!!!! Heres my entry! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. That is quite the group of noses Moves to Floral, Bulgarian Rose and Vetiver. I use a lot of your fragrances in my body butters and sugar scrubs., Shared my favorite product here: My entry is posted on my Facebook page. Brambleberry is my main supplier, I really consistantly like their scents, & they are in my state. I have a shop on Etsy for the past 2 years. This is what I posted there for my friends to see. This S.O.A.P. I love Bramble Berry fragrances and all the neon colorants!

Thanks so much! Thanks so much for the pin, and thanks for applying! 10 Silicone Loaf Mold!! Can I S.O.A.P.? I look forward to seeing the results! Here are my links to both my blog post and the corresponding Facebook link: I would love to be one of the team members I make a variety of products, and work in an office filled with ladies who love being my guinea pigs and are never shy about giving me great feedback, lol. I love it the fragrance oil makes it light and fresh and the tea just makes it better. , You are all so helpful and kind when ever i have a problem or question. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. Our soaping community has some seriously wonderful people . Trying new scents would be great I would love to be a tester!! I apply every year but havent been chosen. I apologize for my last post as it was the incorrect link. and the website panel:, And a link to my Facebook post: I make soaps lotions and balms, what fun we would haveThank you for your consideration! Thank you for your post and excitement!, Thank you for the link and the really nice words . None of the fragrances are lip safe)! Your scent combo just made me crave sunshine! I should be picked to join the S.O.A.P panel, because I absolutely love using all of Bramble Berrys awesome supplies!! Get your man this soap and get close, closer, closest. I should be chosen because I am a complete fragrance oil junkie. Thank you for your support and kind words. To die for! Hi Sheila, I would love the opportunity to be a part of testing new scents for the Spring 2014 fragrance oil line. I have a youtube channel, mostly on soapmaking with over 5000 subscribers and many people like my facebook page as well. Heres my entry:! Weight: 4.0-4.5 ounces/113 g This listing is for one soap slice. I would love to be considered! I just finished making soap with the Southern Peach fragrance oil. Nervous excitement! Im so excited! I started a new board on my Pinterest page just for this (and other favorite products). -Brittany with Bramble Berry. Thanks so much for applying, I took a look at your soaps, they are beautiful! I had a whole routine to lure you into picking me! I use Pinterest and Facebook, links below., Crossing my fingers I get to smell the super awesome mystery fragrances and see how they perform!

This post is a fantastic example of what previous S.O.A.P.

Congrats on writing a book! I plan on making a small batch to test out the fragrance and possibly use the vanilla content to my advantage in the design department.

Also, I would be 100% committed and dependable. We appreicate youre support! I for one am a HUGE fan of citrus-y scents they are always so happy and bright smelling! panel because I love trying/experimenting with new products, and I always share cool products with others and tell everyone about them. Thank you for sharing your favorite fragrance! Cranberry Fig blog post and digital scrapbooking freebie:, Cranberry Fig Pinterest inspiration board:, Pineapple Cilantro blog post and digital scrapbooking freebie:, Pineapple Cilantro Pinterest inspiration board: Passion fruit is my favorite fruit, so I of course, agree with you on the scent! Friendly people in customer service..always prompt I enjoy learning about the benefits of ess. Its amazing. Thanks for the opportunity!

team. I love the Almond Biscotti Fragrance Oil, I hope you love it too! :O, Oh well, I just thought Id let you know I have a youtube playlist on soap making in case you wanted to look at more! I am off to find you on fb :0) I have to confess to being a bit of a facebook junkie :0) and have done well there for sales so thats all the excuse I need :0). Ive been combining my love of soapmaking with my former one of digital scrapbooking design, trying to integrate my sense of color and design with my sense of scent in soapmaking. Heart is heady night Floral, Bulgarian Rose and Vetiver. Ill take any reason as an excuse to soap, and this sounds like a fun one! They are divine in my lip balms!

Oh I havent tried that one yet so will have to put it in my next order, have the new Oatmeal Stout coming.    Deliciously Indulgent. For your consideration in the S.O.A.P. Ive been dying to be chosen to be a member of the S.O.A.P Panel since I heard of it last year. I have 593 pins and 456! palm oil soap Scented Angel Luxurious Bath products., I, also, will take any reason to make soap Sarah!

It is versatile, thanks for sharing!

Ive already entered the contest, but wanted to throw in my second FB post as well, just because the SOAP panel has been on my mind so much as I make new batches of soap. Your Cameo bar is awesome! This sensual, deep scent was named for the famous city in Arizona, invoking days of old and a deeper, richer experience.It opens with green notes of Mandarin Leaf and Orange Blossom. And bring you new customers who will benefit from your services. fragrance samples to test. Check out this mash up post to learn more about it and check out our spring 2013 team here. Thanks so much!

team sounds awesome! Theyve already gone through our own internal inspection process (including initial CP tests), and wed love for you to give them a sniff and test them in any bath and body product. This sensual, deep masculine scent opens with green notes of Mandarin Leaf and Orange Blossom. Thanks again for sharing. , Your FB post is funny, handmade soap is where its at!, We are looking for the newest fragrances to add the Bramble Berry lineup and we want your help again! Im soo excited to experiment with new soap designs! I too love bramble berry and I think it rocks how Anne Marie is so interactive with us soapy peopleare you on fb? Would LOVE to be a part of the Winter 2014 S.O.A.P. -Brittany with Bramble Berry. Makes it easier to pick scents. Flo. Thank you! As a new soaper I think I would be an awesome asset to the Winter 2014 S.O.A.P. panel. Throughout the year, hundreds if not thousands of fragrance oils specifically designed for Bramble Berry roll through the office, and the S.O.A.P. Itll be up in the next day or two.

I dont envy the decision-making process!

No other supply house for soap fragrances has such detailed descriptions along with reviews on how they behave! Cheerful. I love Brambleberrys fragrance oils. I really enjoy Bramble Berry and your products. Lets ring in the New Year with a brand newS.O.A.P. I would love to join this panel! I love that smell. I actually enjoy this one.

Cranberry Chutney reminds me of my childhood for some reasonI agree, it is a fabulous scent! Register today and take advantage of membership benefits. I'm glad you mentioned it. Plus if theyll let me, Ill film their responses to the test scents to put onto my youtube channel too! They are great about shipping.

Dear BB team, my journey of learning to make soap started with Brambleberry and I still often come back to see what is new in the bath and body world. Thanks so much for applying, and for your support! panel, so here it goes! I think that I have a unique perspective from a graphic designers view of color and how it relates to our sense of smell. Soaps are always a big hit with my family too. Thanks for applying . Ive only used a handful of fragrance oils, so Im unbiased, and I can give an honest opinion. Your soap is beautiful, thank you for sharing. ), and one of my favorite things to do is pull out my huge box of FO and EO and just open them all up to smell and work on fragrance combos! I would love to be a part of the panel! I would LOVE to be selected for Bramble Berrys S.O.A.P. Im working on my wordpress soap blog and I think I would be a GREAT pick for your panel!

Ok, I know, Im an international customer, yeah! Also, thanks for your support. Im so happy youve been enjoying the Southern Peach Fragrance Oil, isnt it a great scent? It will drive you crazy. Ancient Sedona blog post and digital scrapbooking freebie: Coming soon! Coconut oil,Palm oil,Safflower oil, Glycerin, Purified water,Sodium hydroxide,Sorbitol,Sorbitan oleate,Oatprotein,Titanium dioxide,Fragrance oil,Colorant, Copyright 2022, A Slice of Delight - Bath and Body. A new favorite Ancient sedona from Bramble berry is such a fabulous scent I highly reccommend it! Wild Woman Natural Skincare. Fragrance oils are the best part of the entire process this is like setting a kid loose in the candy store. It did work in case you wanted to know, Here the post in my fb fanpage farmafloim an italian pharmacist whit love for soap (im sorry for my bad english ) I'd say the sampler was overall pretty good.

I made a 3rd, a set of Photoshop patterns, but my website isnt allowing uploads today for some reason, so I cant upload it yet.

Tagged With: contest, fragrance oil, fragrances, S.O.A.P. Well this is the coolest thing ever! Here is my Pin:, Thanks for the pin Dana! -Brittany with Bramble Berry,, This is my blog post entry! I wrote down the ones he liked and disliked as follows. I just love them super so much! I dont know why my FB link did not link above. best of luck to everyone who entered!! I think this is a great opportunity to become more a part of our soaping community.

I am trying to commit to making soap making youtube videos this year and would like to also record this if I am selected. Thank you for the kind words! Isn't it funny how all of our noses are different. . Hi Barbara! All the fragrances are mystery fragrances; they wont have names to influence judgement because we want honest opinions.

Those will be next on my list. Of course all the samples are unknown prior and I dont believe they name the samples before sending them How exciting! I would love to be on the soap panel! We try to keep it simple

I am always up for trying out new scents!! been.

Thanks for applying! There has been so much creativity and loads of collaboration among the participants. Love all your fragrances and your company. Thanks for posting! Link to blog post on the panel: [], 2022 Soap Queen Site Design by Emily White Designs. Good luck . How to Make the Perfect Peacock Swirl in Cold Process Soap,,,,,,,,,,,¬if_t=like,,,,,,,,,,!/soapstarsoaps,!/photo.php?fbid=676870802347435&set=pb.409979515703233.-2207520000.1389271142.&type=3&theater,,,,,,,,,,,, DIY Crystal Soap Gift Set (with printable! Im glad you love the Mango Butter, its a must have product for me too! ), oils, molds,everything! Brambleberry is my number one source for everything and I will tell you why. I posted about your Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil, which is one of my favorite Bramble Berry products; it is the best cranberry scent out there! Fun! -Brittany with Bramble Berry,, Hoping to be selected! That is quite the group of testers I love that they all want to smell each one!

Ancient Sedona is one of my top sellers. Old Spice is very old and I don't remember what is in it. Do you have a link you could send us Lisa? You just picked some of my favorite fragrances Terry!

Pick me! oils and use them often But Have recently found my way to the frangrances and am ahaving so much fun with themI love them solo or mixed with othersIt would be a pleasure to be part of the panelwith 8 kids you can be sure each one will want to sniff every bottle!! fragrance panel.

For the next week, we are on the lookout for eight soapy fans to help us pick which fragrances to add for our Spring 2014 fragrance oil line. How can you make us pick just one favorite? I would absolutely ADORE being one of the fortunate few that have the great honour of being on this years S.O.A.P Panel!!! -Brittany with Bramble Berry. Thanks so much for your support, and thanks for applying! But, I would SSSOOOOO love to be part of the S.O.A.P panel this year! Love Brambleberry and their involvement in the soaping community! haha,

It is so nice to know if something will accelerate or give me time to play and the fragrance calculator is invaluable! here is my FB link! If you'd like to use an image, please be a friend and credit the photo and link back to Soap Queen. I have been waiting for another chance to be a part of the S.O.A.P. ., Im so glad youve been loving the Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil, its a favorite of mine . Thanks for sharing, that is so kind Mokhe!

Thank you so much for applying , I love that Bramble Berry does this. According to their product description, it is ", an Oriental Floral Amber. Heres my entry!

Please view my FB post here:, Thanks so much for applying, and your kind words in the post!

Your BF has good taste! team!

Please check my facebook out for my products. Good luck! I swear half the soaps I make are so I can just enjoy how they make the house smell while they cure!! Have used it straight - as the only FO and mixed with sage, cilantro and vanilla., Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to be on the panel this spring! Panel is the final test for some of them. Thank you for posting the link and happy soaping! Your videos are great, thanks so much for applying! panel team.

panel sounds awesome!! Some previous SOAP Panel posts are here, here and here., Thanks for the pin and support for everyone who entered!

This blog will help me to record my new soapmaking efforts and share them with you. The 9 Bar Birchwood Mold is such a great choice! I hope to be selected for Bramble Berrys S.O.A.P. That was so nice of you . My shout outs of love are as follows:,, Good afternoon Elizabeth! Hi Nichole! Good luck . Feel free to share, tweet and pin to your hearts content. I love this placeYou have such a large selection of fragances and Ess. Powered by Shopify. Congrats on starting your own business, SO exciting! I love the FOs and EOs you guys sell (ha! Your soap is gorgeous Thanks for your persistence in notifying us with your awesome support and sharing your link , But please dont make up any silly rules like automatically excluding applicants who childishly enter saying, Pick me!, Wow not sure why that happened? Thanks for applying and the soap you recently posted on FB is beautiful. ), Activated Charcoal Skin Benefits & Tips for Use, Single Oil Cold Process Soap Lather Tests, How to Substitute Oil in Cold Process Recipes, Water Discounting Cold Process Soap: How & Why, Free Beginners Guide to Soapmaking: Cold Process, Free Beginners Guide to Soapmaking: Common Soapmaking Oils, Free Beginners Guide to Soapmaking: Melt and Pour, Sunday Night Spotlight: Melt and Pour Bases, How to Use Instagram for Business + Tips on Building Your Community, How to Calculate the Price of Your Products, Understanding FDA Cosmetic vs. Drug Claims, 5 Tips to Take Soaping from Hobby to Business, 20,000 Bars of Soap in 8 Weeks Chatting with Revive Bath & Body, Interview with Lauren of Single Barrel Soaps, How Leaning on Books Improves Product Photography, Chatting with Zahida of Handmade in Florida, Buttermilk Bastille Baby Bar on Soap Queen TV, Sparkling Champagne Soap Cupcakes on Soap Queen TV, Clover & Aloe Spin Swirl Cold Process on Soap Queen TV, How to Make Whipped Body Butter on Soap Queen TV, Pumpkin Spice Latte Sugar Scrub on Soap Queen TV.

I used it for Christmas gifts, and they turned out great.

Ive created two digital scrapbooking freebie items that are available for free download at my store.

Just sayin,, I could not get the link copied here from my instagram . I loved the Oatmeal & Honey, Red Apple and Ginger Ale (I have purchased other items and loved them too.) , Well, heeeeey!

If you were to pick me as a S.O.A.P PANELIST I would be over the moon. Ill be getting a new fragrance in today actually, Almond Biscotti, which Im excited to try Ill also be trying out the Lots of Lather Quick Mix.

Heres another to add to the pot (Pick me! How fun! So does anyone know of a FO similar to Old Spice? ): Please keep these dates in mind before you enter. Hugs and thanks madder opium swirled
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