samsung s21 volume keeps going down

I'm on a P5. If this doesnt solve the problem, try switching to another set of earphones on your device. Samsung Galaxy S21 5G/ Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G -Volume Controls, 24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile. Why? Android notifications can disrupt your music experience by lowering the volume for 1-2 seconds. One of the great features of this app is that no matter what your devices volume settings are, you can still have different volume settings for different apps on your Android. * Ring Volume -Disable Increasing Ring - Android Apps on Google Play, Why does my eBay app notification only sound when I open it? And the auto removal for unused app permissions seems broken, that may be the culprit for most of the bugs we are having. The issue went away for awhile, but came back about a month ago and this time I'm apparently not alone, because people with a variety of different Pixels are posting in that older thread saying they're having similar experiences. App Volume Control is considered one of the best for controlling the volume on your Android device in an advanced way. I'm still on 4.4.4, but the very first thing I did on my S5 was the result of what your problem is.. strange volume settings or other "actions" taking place. For example, if you want to turn down the volume for the Messenger app, follow these steps: See also: Why Is My Sound Low On Android? Guess I'll have to go that route for the time being. Due to inactivity, your session has expired. This will prevent notifications from lowering the volume when music is playing. However, you can set up exceptions to pick and choose what to mute and what not to. How To Remove Full-Screen Mode On Android? Activation of 4G LTE/5G phone on 5G Get More plan reqd. I'm reposting about it hoping that maybe someone from Google will see it and finally fix it. Mine's been doing it as I listen to Spotify while cleaning and whatnot. Here are two ways of avoiding this mood buster: The first approach for stopping Android notifications from interrupting music is to enable Do not disturb (DND) mode on your Android device. it hasn't been happening a ton to me and notice it really only with YouTube video's so I assumed it was the video itself or my hearing was going and/or I'm crazy. so I'm NOT crazy?! Here's what I've been noticing. Mine is on and Placing palm on screen is selected. If that's true, Google's gonna say it's not their problem. Why does my Pixel 3A go online when I don't want it to? This results from a feature called Audio Ducking which allows individual app notifications to turn the volume down automatically. Follow these steps to turn the DND feature on: You can also turn on Do Not Disturb mode in Android from the notifications panel, as follows: See also: Cant Turn Off Do Not Disturb On Android. Press J to jump to the feed. Yay. I created a post about this 2 months ago for my Pixel 6. Now check and see if it still happens. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It seems audio routing introduced in android 12 is not working as intended, sometimes notifications sound come through sometimes not,and volume for apps sometimes high sometimes low. Follow these steps to turn your notifications sound off: This method will not only stop Android notifications from interrupting the music, you can also set the timer for how long you want your notifications muted. I don't know if you all are using plugin speakers/buds but I don't have this problem on my 6a when I use Bluetooth speakers/buds. What is the best volume control app for Android? How do I stop Spotify from lowering volume? Andre - Why does my Samsung internet show in a foreign language?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Phydeauxman, May 20, 2015. There are usually two possible reasons why your volume goes down automatically: If your volume goes down while listening to audio on your headphones, first check that Media Volume Limit is turned off. Its quite easy to find your desired app and control its internal volume. How do I stop Skype from lowering the volume of other apps? See for details. Edit 7/19/2022: Credit goes out to /u/RecklessBimmer and /u/engheta. $500 via Verizon e-gift card (sent w/in 8 wks). Why does Three (and Vodafone?) Interestingly, I get a lot of random notification vibrations throughout the day when not listening or doing anything, but there is no actual new notification. What Does Mirror My iPhone Mean On My Apple Watch? You can also control the volume of any app while your Android phone is on speaker, headset, or Bluetooth. To prevent this from happening, follow these steps: You can also turn off Show Notifications if you do not wish to receive notifications from skype in the notifications panel. Here are the steps to set the timer for notifications: See also: How To Mute Apps On Android and iPhone. It's pointless as it used to sound perf, Why does my Pixel 6 Pro when idling uses more battery than my Nexus 5 when idling. So frustrating. The above steps will turn off Whatsapp notifications. Should I turn it off? A simple way to solve this problem is to enable the Do not Disturb mode on your Android. There are very few things I dislike about my S5 (it is now running Lollipop) but one of them is how the ringer volume will go down on its own. Sometimes the volume doesn't come back up. Features and Specs include a 5.1" inch screen, 16MP camera, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 801 processor, and 2800mAh battery. my favorite is the alarm volume being reset to 0 every monthly update (: Ugh -- I can barely hear the alarm at full volume. How To Get More Storage On My iPhone But Not iCloud? Get up to $500 when you. The DND feature allows you to mute app notifications, phone calls, text messages, etc. Also follow these same steps to turn WhatsApp notifications back on only in the last step, deselect the Silent option and choose a particular notification sound instead. Here is a list of some of the best volume control apps for Android: There are a couple of good volume control apps available in the Play Store. For those who do have TikTok installed, try disabling Settings and privacy | Content & Activity | Accessibility | Auto Volume Adjustment in TikTok, or uninstall that app, and see if this resolves the issue. Here are a few other popular volume control apps for Android: You can easily turn down or adjust the volume of individual apps by downloading the App Volume Control application on your Android. While youll still be able to see new notifications from Spotify, they will no longer lower your phones volume. A20 has a new text message counter on dock. Might be an idea! Get support, learn new information, and hang out in the subreddit dedicated to Pixel, Nest, Chromecast, the Assistant, and a few more things from Google. How do I stop WhatsApp from lowering volume? Thank you for posting I thought I was going crazy at times lol. The issue appears to be related to a volume adjuster in TikTok. This mode lets you silence your phone completely. Why does my volume keep going down by itself Android? $500 charge back if service cancelled w/in 12 mos or eligibility reqs are no longer met. When you launch the app, youll see two different sections, installed applications and system apps. An alternative to using Do not Disturb, which will silence many things on your phone, is to turn off notification sound off your Android device. Conversely, if you are listening to music on Spotify and do not want your phone notifications to interrupt, you can simply mute all the notifications, as follows: Skype notifications and calls can decrease the volume of other apps like Youtube or Soundcloud. I am not even sure what this does. A number of Redditors in my previous thread claimed that they had, or were, going to contact Google about it, but to no avail. Is there a way to turn this "feature" off? The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date was April 2014. How do I stop Discord from lowering volume? Here is what I do know, the issue does not occur in Safe Mode, but if there's a 3rd party app causing it I can't find it. When using headphones, the volume lowers like it does when a notification comes through, but there is no notification. How do I turn down volume for individual apps? Why does the battery saver not re-enable WiFi after a full charge? To do that, turn off the Show Notifications option in the Notifications section: Here is a simple way to stop Discord notifications from lowering your Android device volume: There are several apps available on the Play Store that can help you control the volume of individual apps regardless of your phones audio settings. Have a phone you love? The other thing I hate is when it is ringingwhen my hand gets close to it the sound quits altogether. I can count how many calls I have missed because the ringer volume went down and I did not hear it. A51 does not. Are you unable to have a good listening experience due to app notifications? To turn on the Do not Disturb feature on your Android: However, there are also other ways you can use to stop apps from lowering the volume on your Android device. Extend your session by clicking OK below. ETA: Saw below that this isn't happening on BT Speakers?

Screen is Unlocked, set all volumes to Desired Levels. You can also try restarting your Android phone: How do I keep Android notifications from interrupting music? Is the volume of your Android device automatically lowering down? Brutal, between this, the touch stuff and the auto-brightness sensor I'm not sure how Google continues to sell this phone at a premium price. Now heres how to set up this application to control individual apps volume: Now, you need to allow control service to this app: Finally, you can now open the App Volume Control application and turn down or adjust the volume for individual apps. Go to Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb, Swipe down to open your notifications panel, Go to Settings > Notifications > Notification sound, Choose how long you want your notifications muted, Open Whatsapp > tap the three dots at the top, Choose Notifications Tone under the messages section, In the apps list, scroll down to find the Spotify app, Scroll down and choose Notification Sound, Scroll down the list and tap on the Skype app, Enter App Volume Control in the search bar, Open the app > tap on the configuration link in the home screen, This will direct you to the Do not Disturb permission section, Select App Volume Control > tap on Allow Do not Disturb., Tap Installed apps > select Volume Control App, In Installed Apps, find and tap Messenger, Tap the three dots > Media volume limit, Press and hold the Volume down and Power button simultaneously. I have this problem as well. The notification thing is happening to me too. change IP address every 2 minutes? Device must remain active for 45 days. Screen is locked, set the Ringer Volume to MAX. I will turn it all the way upand at some point it inevitably goes back down. Here steps you can follow to stop Spotify notifications from lowering the volume on your Android device: By enabling Deliver quietly, Spotify notifications sound will automatically be muted. The (un)official home of #teampixel and the #madebygoogle lineup on Reddit. Same issue on Note 20 only when watching Youtube videos, What's annoying is for me it happens while I'm listening to something on YouTube while showering Then you have to scream for Google assistant to hear you saying "Hey Google, volume max!" Especially irksome when hands are wet doing dishes Ugh. Cant Turn Off Do Not Disturb On Android. WhatsApp notification sound can lower the volume of your Android smartphone when youre listening or watching something on your phone. Please sign in again to continue. Due to inactivity, your session will end in approximately 2 minutes. Happens constantly on my 4a 5G, and I use it for audiobooks probably 8-10hr a day. . As a result, whenever you receive a new Whatsapp notification, your Android phone volume will not be lowered. How To Operate Android Phone Without Touch Screen. Super annoying.

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