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Distance: 0.7 km. Stevenson Tract Explore a piece of Ontarios reforestation legacy on the beautiful mixed forest trails of the 200 acre Stevenson Tract. smooth soil, crushed gravel, bridges, drains well, open field, parking, lodging, good signage, trails maintained, Flat with a very gradual slope to Lake Huron, bridges, open big sky country, Blyth, Goderich. This old rail line bends to the right and then goes linear for 37 km through the villages of Monkton, Walton and Blyth. Here again, a large bridge is missing and a 10 km detour is in order. To order copies of To order That said not all the original bridges were sold for scrap. expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Toronto ; East Main Trail 0.54 km. Built in 1907 by Canadain Pacific Railways during the golden age of rail to service the transport of goods, produce and people from the port in Goderich to Guelph and beyond. | I had encountered an uneven grass/gravel path of tall weeds, mud and gopher holes. Parking is available just east of the bridge. The trail runs east and west of the bridge located on County Rd. Changes to the above links, listings and cycling routes may occur.

Read more about Gananoque Your 1000 Islands Adventure Basecamp. Goderich Millennium Trail a 3.7km lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh.

Fat bikes and a tandem bike can be rented at Goderich Bike Shop - hourly, day and weekly rentals available. Beyond the bridge, follow the abandoned CPR line to the Tomb of Tiger Dunlop, one of Huron Countys colourful historical figures. Ontarios West Coast: Everything cycling in Huron County, both on the Trail and off. Finding where the rail trail cuts across a road or through town there will be always room on the shoulders of the road to park safely if you can not find the lot. Read Here, Celebrate the cycle season within the beautiful regions of Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys! Rea Memorial Tract The estate of Mr. William Rea (pronounced r-a-y) donated this property to Huron County in 1969 as a natural legacy for future generations. We stand with our bicycles at the intersection of two rural roads; all we see are trees, and the roads stretching ahead of us. A great resource. The trail is waiting for you. Includes a PDF and interactive map, shorter loops and itineraries. Find and review your favorite Goderich, Ontario bike trails. It sucks but till funding can restore the span with a suitable recreational bridge crossing, hit the road. Along the trail you will see wood duck nesting boxes and will enjoy the spectacular vista view of the countryside. Look for the trail kiosks. A single car passes us, carrying a Mennonite family home from church. Stingel Tract Purchased by Huron County in 1948, nearly 100,000 trees were planted here to reforest unproductive farmland. Enjoy the spectacular look-out view of the rapids at Pipers Dam eighty feet below. GORBA. Support Us | Located northwest of the village of Dungannon, this area was surveyed as a long hundred acre farm, nearly 1.35km in length and 30% longer than typical 100 acre farms further south. Goderich by the River Mountain Bike Trail This 2km popular blue singletrack trail is primarily used for mountain bike in both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating with a 56 m blue climb. Follow in part or the entire 141km of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, stopping at welcoming towns, beaches and parks on the waterfront. | | No houses. Unfortunately when the tracks were removed, so went the bridges. Read more about A Locals Guide to Road and Gravel Cycling in Caledon, No trip to the 1000 Islands would be complete without a ride on the paved trail alongside the 1000 Islands Parkway which starts just east of Gananoque. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2022 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | This cycling route has the most challenging elevations in the area, and some great scenery. All of us are over the age of 50. All Trail Distance: 4km. Hit the paved roads suited for both road and mountain bicycles, and cycle the rural landscapes varying from flat to rolling hillswith the occasional demanding climb. I imagine the trains pulling into the little towns we pass through Elmira, Wallenstein, Monkton, Walton, Blyth, others as they built up around the railway. Finding where the rail trail cuts across a road or through town there will be always room on the shoulders of the road to park safely if you can not find the lot. Traffic is lite in this region so it should not be an issue. At the mouth of the Maitland River youll find the historic Town of Goderich, home of the largest operating salt mine in the world. The next town Milverton has a larger 5 km road detour too. For those who want a leisurely long bike ride in the midst of Ontario farm country this the trail to chill you out and take it in. From the town of Millbank where the Kissing Bridge trail ends, there is a minor road detour. The County of Huron is currently working on a Cycling Master Plan. Though there is a subtle descent of 250 m to the lake you wont notice this till the end. The Town has a ton of scenic locales.

Travellers are reminded to check on public health restrictions that could affect their plans. IMBA Epics | Know of a new mountain bike trail not listed here? Hullet Provincial Wildlife Area Located on the paths of two major waterfowl flyways, the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area is one of the most spectacular wildlife habitat developments in Eastern Canada. Taylor Tract contains many Eastern White Pine, making it a great place to marvel at our provincial tree. bike So it was not really suitable to post for anyone.

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail traverses the entire region of Huron County north-south on 141km mostly following quieter rural roads. Long tours It can be enjoyed for as part of a day trip or on a multi-day long distance cycling adventure.

The sloping topography creates a moderate cycling challenge and a nice diversion from the flat G2G trail on the south side of the property. Fun & informative & inspiring: cycle touring news from across Ontario. Distance: 2 km. Soon after, though, over burgers and fries, we begin planning another rail trail adventure for next summer. Newsletter published maybe monthly. Distance: 4 km. Sheppardton Tract Named for the nearby pioneer village of Sheppardton, this 280 acre property is the largest of the Huron County forests. Likely the longest straight path in the province. Ontario By Bike Cycle Friendly Businesses and Trip Ideas. This year, it was the G2G. Heading north of Goderich the route crosses the Menesetung Bridge and can follow (optional) part of the Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail. permissions/licensing, please go to: trails 2021 Ontarios West Coast Cycling Guide Coming Soon. After Blyth, it starts to get interesting as it curves down to the Maitland River. If you do not yet have a Torstar account, you can create one now (it is free), Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. Id walked the entirety of the 121-kilometre Avon Trail, stretching from St. Marys to Conestogo, completing it in 2020. Newly resurfaced it can be a fast moving ride if you wish it. For those cyclists who desire wide-open scenery, quiet, long rides, bikepacking touring this route can give you many kilometres under your wheels. New kiosk map boards, distance marks and benches have been added. A gap exists south of the Bayfield River through the Municipality of Bluewater. Purchased by the County in 1951, this property was part of a province-wide effort to reforest fragile lands for the improvement of water quality, reduction of flooding and conservation of soil. The Bayfield River Flats A wonderful place for family fun and fishing enthusiasts. 2020, Huron County Economic Development. Thankfully as you reach, Several benches are placed along the trail on the east side of the river and a covered gazebo is at the east end of the trail. (please give them some support $). When you visit, share photos using our hashtag! 15% road crossings, detours, Elevation Flat with a very gradual slope to Lake Huron, Terrain Fine crushed stone, gravel, asphalt, Traffic Bicycles, hikers, horses, Nordic skiers, Facilities Parking, info kiosks, benches, Highlights Menesetung bridges, open big sky country, Blyth, Goderich, Similar Trails Kissing Bridge, North Simcoe, Omemee, Local Clubs Guelph Off Road Bicycling Assoc. The G2G passes backyards with secret gates, and I revel in all the wildflowers en route. Were looking forward to seeing who comes along for the ride. This is our chance to finish the route, which, until this point, has been fairly straight and flat. #4 in Blyth. Tucked in-between the shores of Lake Huron in the west and surrounded by rural countryside, the vibrant agricultural area of Huron County offers a large variety of landscapes and small town communities perfectly suited to be explored by bike. The main trails are an easy ride, ending in a gentle incline to the beautiful Nine Mile River that bisects the southeast corner of the property. The trail continues to a Lake Huron shoreline park trail with beaches for a little more meandering and an opportunity to refuel and rest. Rail trails are excellent for those of us whose bodies are failing us, or who only play at being outdoor enthusiasts. Youll discover a handful of parks and a lighthouse, all with cliffside views, beautiful Cove Road with its kilometer-long beachside boardwalk, the graceful span of the Menesetung Bridge, a vibrant heritage downtown in Courthouse Square, riverside hiking trails and more. Our phones, with their weak cell signals, offer no guidance. From the first kilometre to its last, the G2G has many moments of pure pleasure. Taylor Tract Reforested in the 1950s as a part of the Agreement Forest program, a partnership between the Provincial and Municipal governments and local communities resulting in the planting of over 1.2 million trees on County owned properties. The brothers were so dedicated to the effort that they left their family farm to the County in 1947 as a legacy for future generations and a permanent natural buffer to the Maitland River. The trails meander through interior forests, native grasslands, meadows and flood plains, while the dykes and viewing stands allow for an elevated view of the wetlands. 16,200 cyclists receive it monthly! Crossing Ontarios farming heartland cyclist can now ride the new, I am finally pleased to post that it has been resurfaced this summer and it is now, I had encountered an uneven grass/gravel path of tall weeds, mud and gopher holes. Hilly routes The CPR ran this line till it was abandoned in 1988. Distance 1.37 km with 0.46 km loop. The main trail around the lake is open to mountain bikers and consists of the 2.6km main loop. But if it werent for the women who accompanied me at every stage, I probably wouldnt have done it. #21 Bayfield Bridge. Republication or distribution of this content is Blyth Greenway Trail The development of this trail was a community project that includes a walking trail, a fitness trail and a fish habitat improvement area. Website Design by Akira Studio Ltd. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy. None of the women who came with me are particularly fit or frequent bikers. The challenge, and the reward, come from knowing which roads to choose when cycling. goderich blyth huron
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