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Before you break out your new kicks during an official game, take them for a test drive in a more controlled environment. Its just a matter of preference. New Balance produced an excellent model with the TWO WXY V2. There are many ways to break in basketball shoes. The shoe also features excellent traction thats reminiscent of the pattern featured on the Kobe 9, aka some of the best traction of all time. The shoe is like a less clunky version of the Jordan 13, which is high praise. All these features allowed the shoe to remain extremely lightweight and supportive. We didnt expect much, judging from the shoes simple (if not cheap-looking) materials. Price: $160. Amazingly bouncy, protective, and yet sensitive to the court, we are confident that this option will suit a variety of playing positions and styles. Jordan Brands flagship model for 2021-22 is a beast of a shoe. Youll be able to run up and down without any issues or worries. You might prefer just to pick up the best basketball shoes from your favorite brand, but a shoe that caters to your playing style, physique, and foot shape really can enhance your performance on court and help prevent injuries. The shoe provides a midfoot torsional shank plate, a strong internal heel counter, a secure 1-to-1 fit, and a wide base for added stability. Want a premium basketball shoe for only $100? The Kyrie Low 5 is a remix of sorts of the Nike Kyrie Infinity. Price: $200. Read the full review. WearTesters is reader-supported. The shoe offers a perfect blend of cushioning and low-profile performance, which makes you wonder why Nike doesnt use the same setup in every Kyrie shoe. Both shoes feature Under Amours awesome Flow cushioning, but the latest model is simply more comfortable than the Curry 8. What are the cheapest basketball shoes in 2022? Once you do, youll have one of the most agile and responsive shoes ever created. Read the full review. The shoe was meant to conform to your foot like a sock, so finding your correct size is crucial. Just on that fact alone, these shoes deserve to be on this list, but they are a very good all-around performer as well. Thats not something a lot of other shoe review websites do. Lastly, the FitWeave upper is comfortable and moves well with your foot. Heck, you can even it don it for some outdoor games. Read full review. We have a full guide on how to choose outdoor basketball shoes that you can check out. The best basketball shoes will always be the ones that allow you to perform at your highest, but finding that pair of hoop shoes isnt as easy as it may seem. Balanced midsole: Reports say that Under Armour's Micro-G tooling provides an amazing blend of comfort, impact protection, and court feel. Read the full review. Honestly, this shoe would easily make it to our Best overall, Best grip, and Best cushioning if its primary superpower wasnt the price! A full review of Luka Doncic Shoes. The shoe also boasts a radial traction pattern, a cup sole, and a full-length EVA wedge as cushioning. With the boom of online shopping, going into your local sneaker shop and trying on a pair of shoes is practically a thing of the past. Expert-tested and Reviewed. Softening helps the material conform to the foot better. The shoes wide forefoot is also perfect to help players stop quickly and remain stable when stepping into their shooting motion. The Puma MB.01 is an awesome, well-rounded on-court performer. You also get really good traction and a great lightweight upper to go along with that. Is it any surprise to see one of the best small forwards in the history of the games shoe in this slot? The shoe features a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and a foam midsole, which is very responsive and allows for tons of court feel, which smaller guards will appreciate immensely. The Under Armour Curry 9 looks a bit like the Curry 8 but it takes all the great features of that shoe and ramps it up. Small forwards, point guards, and shooting guards are more aggressive with their movements. Basketball is a combination of running, jumping, quick stops, and abrupt direction changes. But, where the Kyrie Infinity offers exceptional cushion, the Kyrie Low 5 has practically none, but thats not a bad thing. Or get a few practices in before game day. And even players that seem very similar, can have different tastes in what they like from their footwear. The following are some. All throughout our wear-test game, the shoe felt solid and heavy-duty. full list of our top budget basketball shoes, full list of the best low-top basketball shoes, full list of the best high-top basketball shoes available. But the shoe also features a lightweight synthetic upper that requires no break-in time while also including some really great traction as well. After playing professionally for 10 years, Dimitrije moved to coaching for two seasons before he became a basketball statistician for StatScore, and FanSided contributor for the San Antonio Spurs. RunRepeat is equipped with a tool that helps you find the right size given the brand. Price: $200. The Jordan 36 packs as many performance features as possible including: a full-length Zoom Air strobel, an aAdditional forefoot Zoom unit, a Phylon midsole, jordans Eclipse Plate, and a sturdy Leno Jacquard weave upper. The foam midsole is Cushlon, which is soft and plush, and on top of that foam is the full-length Nike Zoom Air Strobel that feels like springs under your feet. Steph Currys signature line has been one of the most consistently great signature lines on the market, and the Curry 9 is another gem. Read full review. No two basketball players are the same. Read the full review. The online pre-order sneaker business hangs customers out to dry. Community members also enjoy behind-the-scenes footage, invitations to WearTesters events, early access to merchandise, and automatic entry into shoe giveaways. As we have mentioned, the Nike GT Jump has the best cushioning set up in 2022, herringbone traction that works well, all encased in a sturdy high-top package, that somehow remains lightweight. On top of that, you get excellent lockdown and some really great premium materials along the upper. If that werent enough they come packed with performance features including Shock-Free foam for step-in comfort, DS37 foam as the main cushion booster, a forefoot grip layer, a EVA torsion plate, and a Nylon-based torsion plate on Game Day Pro. Read the full review. We have chosen these shoes because out of the hundreds of shoes we have tested this year, these offer a great blend of performance features that will accommodate most playing styles. Centers and power forwards are quite similar. Its got some of the softest cushioning units! The shoe combines two of adidas foam cushioning systems Light Strike and Boost and they held up great, even outdoors. Price: $140. Read the full review. Lightness: At only around 11.2 oz (318 g), the Under Armour Spawn 3 is definitely among the lightest. This is one of the best setups that keeps you low to the ground and, at the same time, delivers a nice rebound. Like Manu Ginobili, hes a left-hander whose moves led him to a better career-shooting percentage than the Argentine himself. Especially people who have already injured their ankles feel safer in mids and highs, and confidence is essential when stepping on the court. In particular, adidas is notoriously inconsistent with its sizing and is the most different fitting of any of the major brands. The traction is primed for outdoor play because it grips everything and doesnt collect dust. Brands fit differently. The 10+ Best Basketball Shoes in 2022. If you play outdoors often, these shoes have the durability and cushioning to keep you going during long hours on the concrete or asphalt. Go Nike! Choosing one basketball shoe among many seemingly great options is already a daunting task. It is incredible that recycled materials nowadays can score as high as the premium ones. The original TWO WXY was already a great shoe, but the TWO WXY V2 is even better. One of the best basketball shoes you can buy that just happens to be a low top. This is our current top choice, but you can check out our full list here. The Nike LeBron 19 makes another appearance on our list. The GT Cut features a low-profile, lightweight setup that compares favorably to the classic Nike Kobe 8. If you want to know how to pick the best basketball shoes for outdoors, we also have an article that can help you out, and you can also check out our full list of the best outdoor basketball shoes. One of the best performance models of the year Read full review.

if you love cushion, or you just flat out need it because you are a larger player, you will love these shoes. See all basketball shoes sorted by popularity, See all basketball shoes sorted by lowest price. The adidas Forum 84 was almost Michel Jordans first signature shoe. The Kyrie 8 (Infinity) is Nikes best basketball shoe in 2022, and the second-best Kyrie shoe ever. Ankle braces provide additional support to your foot. This is not true, however. You can watch a quick demonstration here. View quick lacing demonstrations here. There are quick stops, jumping, and a lot of lateral actions. The extra stiffness and weight that it has make this possible. Probably the best performance Kobe you can buy. Smaller and more agile, they are pretty mobile and more physically engaged with their opponents. This is to avoid that shoes with few reviews unjustly receives high scores. The most important thing that we know so far is that these feel good on feet. The containment remains solid all throughout the game. We regularly update this page to feature the highest performing, currently available basketball shoes. The best basketball shoes for outdoor basketball will need more durable materials along the upper, harder rubber on the outsole, more cushion to protect against the hard blacktop, and an appropriate traction pattern. Our choices for the most comfortable basketball shoeson the market will always have to excel in two key features: materials, and most importantly,cushion. If you want a basketball shoe that will help you feel surefooted when stepping on a banana peel, this is it! On top of that, the shoe featured a Lunarlon drop-in midsole (a very innovative set-up at the time) and an engineered mesh upper. The materials have been slightly changed, though theyre still breathable and flexible. It feels almost like a running shoe that has been beefed up to be able to play basketball in them. It is indeed so smooth that we felt like wearing a running shoe. And its 18%(!) For starters, different brands fit differently. Wearing these felt light and bouncy on foot, and none of its weak points majorly stuck out to me during gameplay. Price: $125, The Curry 9 is a great on-court performer, with a great cushion and traction set-up. There was zero foot movement or ankle rolling even when we tried our most aggressive side-to-side movements. Traction and support are on point, and the cushion set-up was fantastic. From Luka's Jordans, to his Kobe's, to his PG's, to some of his coolest customs, we go over the shoes of one of the best and most exciting players in the NBA. Read the full review. Logic says that because basketball involves a lot of running, its OK to play in your reliable Asics or Brooks runners. There are not a ton of great options for wide-footers out there. The main source of ankle support while playing basketball is provided by your ankle itself, and not necessarily from your shoes. Read the full review. This is to avoid that shoes with few reviews unjustly receives high scores. We should also mention that the Kyrie 5 Low is a very similar shoe if you prefer low tops. The Nike GT Jump is just a really solid basketball shoe that happens to be a high-top, and actually one of the highest high-tops out there. Compared to running shoes, good basketball shoes need the following: Great traction. A good basketball shoe withstands immense pressure from aggressive movements. It takes many design cues from the flagship, and even some performance features. The MB.01 is LaMelo Balls first signature shoe and is considered by many to be the best first signature shoe ever. We also have a list of the best basketball shoes by every brand that we have reviewed in the last year. It is a real steal! Dimitrije loves to tell hoop stories through numbers and graphics and has been featured on Fansided, FiveThirtyEight, Eurohoops, and TalkBasket among the others. Thats a very difficult question to answer. Basketball shoes should correspond to the needs of the wearers playing position. There are shoes that need break-in time so that they can be worn more comfortably. The New Balance TWO WXY has everything you need and nothing you dont. full list of wide-foot-friendly options here. Price: $140. The Air Jordan 12 was originally released in 1997 and featured tech that, even by todays standards, makes it a great on-court shoe. So, if you cant imagine a game without some solid ankle support or if you are a shifty guard who wants to maximize side-to-side movements, the Kyre 7 from Nike is the shoe to choose! In this article, we will go over the best shoes in several different categories, but to start everything off, we will go over the top 10 best basketball shoes overall. One of the best basketball shoes you can play in if you are all about the hype. There is zero break-in time and the shoe just feels right straight from the box. The shoe is probably better suited for bigger players that need a lot of cushion, but without a doubt, they are the most comfortable shoe out there. Read full review. And yet it doesnt kill the ground feel and we were able to maneuver quite surefootedly during the wear-test. Another great option for shifty guards. Once you step into the Cosmic Unity, you experience a real unity with its form-fitting and soft knit upper. Price: $140, The New Balance TWO WXY V2 is an upgrade from the last version and is even better than their flagship model for the Klaw. Nowadays, performance basketball shoes are usually made using synthetic textile materials along the upper, which cuts down on break-in time dramatically. It is a huge improvement on Pumas previous offering, the Puma Nitro Fusion, and is reminiscent of a more supportive version of the Puma Clyde All-Pro. Lastly, there is the question of the cut of the shoe. Once all laced up and strapped, we completely forgot about having to tighten, loosen, or adjust the fit. As an added bonus, the midsole isfull-length Cushlonfor added impact protection when you land. To come up with our list of the top basketball shoes, we spent hours scouring the web for reviews left by players, expert reviewers, and even ordinary users who also wear their Adidas or Nike basketball shoes casually. The shoe offers great traction, responsive low profile cushioning, and hall of fame level support and fit.

This shoe has a 8% penalty on its expert reviews because it has fewer than 5 reviews. Their scores are then weighted and averaged to come up with a orescore for each product. The shoe packs a hell of a performance punch in a very minimal setup. Practice playing basketball in your basketball shoes. If you arent going in and trying on your shoes, fit can be more of an issue than you might think.

Nice fit: Ballers say that the shoe "did a really good job of hugging [their] foot.". Price: $185. And it almost weighs like a sock (well, a cushioned sock). The Zoom Freak 3 is a solid performer for me due to its supportive fit, tacky indoor traction, and propulsive forefoot cushioning. With this in mind, and after hundreds of hours and models tested, we have chosen the top basketball shoe for flat feet, and we have curated a full list of flat-foot-friendly options as well. Even if youre a seasoned basketball player, you may not be sure what features are best suited for your playing style, and which of the many basketball shoes you could pick up actually have the features you need. What are the most popular basketball shoes in 2022? The Corescore is a score from 0-100 that summarizes opinions from users and experts. Regular trainers can support some of these movements, but only the right basketball shoes support them all. Shoes designed for smaller quicker players will tend to put more emphasis on traction and court feel, whereas sneakers for bigger more powerful players will include as much cushion and support as possible. Just how could UA make such an insanely grippy shoe with zero rubber?! Read full review. Heres our suggestion: We have to be blunt, top basketball shoe creators like Jordan and Adidas rarely release products that are really for those with wide feet. Price: $130. Black History Month). Whether you are playing indoors or outdoors, whether you are a shifty guard or an explosive forward, these basketball shoes will serve you well. The creator of the WearTesters name and original site, head of operations, and running shoes reviewer. They are incredibly soft and comfortable and feature an upperthat needs no break-in time. And we actually wear and test every shoe we review. The Nike LeBron 19 is one of the best basketball shoes available and at the same time is a great flat-foot-friendly option. We were astonished by how much support and cushioning it packs for its 12 oz ! If you are looking for a solid all-arounder that has it all - grip, cushion, support, comfort - the KD 14 is a phenomenal shoe! It is a big hassle to find good basketball shoes for people with flat feet. You can also wear them to the weight room for light exercise. The takedown model is supposed to provide an alternative should you be interested in spending less. Lastly, you will want a shoe with durable materials worth the hefty price tag of many shoes nowadays, and that are ready to handle the court you play on, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Price: $200. Price: $150. Read the full review. With the Jordan 29 you will get great traction, one of the best Air Zoom setups in the forefoot for cushion, one of the best uppers on a basketball shoe of all time, and all the lightweight support you can handle. Read the full review. The Nike GT Jump was the weapon of choice of the reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokic in 2022 and with good reason. The shoes upper is also very lightweight and breathable and requires no break-in time. The years of build-up made the Yeezy BSKTBL highly anticipated. Read full review. Aside from the pleasing looks, the Nike PG 5 offers great value for money. For bigger, more powerful players, on the other hand, the main focus will probably be a plush cushioning system that will absorb a lot of impacts and a very supportive build. Here is our top-budget basketball shoe pick, but you can also check out the full list of our top budget basketball shoes if you like. The Nike Kyrie 8 is amazing, and the best shoe in Kyries signature line, alongside the Kyrie 6. check out our full list of the best outdoor basketball shoes. Use the shoes outdoors during your light indoor gym workouts such as in treadmill running. The Nike Kyrie Low 5 follows the aesthetics of the flagship model, the Nike Kyrie Infinity, and that isnt a bad thing. Finding the best fit from your basketball shoes. How do I find a basketball shoe that fits my playing style? We can just keep listing all the benefits of this phenomenal shoe but you might as well see it for yourself. Once you lace it up, the foothold is remarkable. The shoes outsole is even more durable than that of the $30+ pairs. Slightly less cushion. Read full review. Some people like low-top basketball shoes, some people like high-top basketball shoes, it all depends on your personal taste while on the court. Price: $160. Performance reviews feature an in-depth look at each shoes pros and cons, price, weight, technology, and other performance specifics. Read full review. Some of these colors allude to NBA teams, NBA events, popular holidays (e.g. When you make purchases using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Low-tops are as supportive as high-tops because the main source of support when playing basketball is actually your ankle itself. Flat-footers will really enjoy playing in these. Close to 30% of the population is flat-footed, and finding proper footwear for flat-footed basketball players can be difficult. Traction and support are excellent as well, and you just feel more agile on the court. We cant think of any other shoe that could compete with the Curry 8 in the grip department. The upper materials also feel light and airy. If you buy products using links on our site we may earn a commission. To give as concise an answer as possible, well go over some of the top performers of all time, keeping in mind that personal preference and playing style are huge variables to keep in mind: To start things off, lets go with a retro Jordan. The shoes support is also a stand-out feature with two outriggers that make sure your hoot is secure during play. This would be a good shoe for a big or power forward who likes to stay in the lanes and remain on the block. Price: $149. Flow offers great impact protection and a seamless ride from heel to toe. With the explosion in popularity of online shopping wide footers might not get the chance, to try on sneakers in-store. Price: $185, The Puma MB.01 is LaMelo Balls first signature shoe and an amazing performance basketball shoe. But once the pair was on our feet, it couldnt get any nicer and snugger. Price: $150. Every foot is different, so read the reviews carefully to find the best shoes for you. The fit is tricky so going up a half size or trying them on in-store is recommended. Buyers will really have to rely on reviews of fellow wide-foot players before they make purchase decisions. Read full review. These are high-intensity movements that a shoe designed for running is not prepared for. We can highly recommend it for the nimble players who perform plenty of side-to-side movements and appreciate that extra ankle support.
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