20x30 wood shop layout

However, I have designed this project considering you will pour concrete footings and install post anchors. What, no dovetail joints on those drawers? Woohoo! Completing this has resulted in a huge increase in storage space, organization, and convenience when using the miter saw. Nice shop an tour Jay been watching for awhile an not to long ago subscribed to you newsletter. I grew up just west of Detroit in Livonia Michigan until I was about 14 or 15 when I moved to Mississippi. A 612 " mandrel, but the sanding wheels come with a 1" hole.

My wife finished college and my online business was at a sustainable point for me to leave my day job which lead us to house shopping. Erik uses more than 40 different species of wood, including Afromosia, canarywood, granadillo, panga panga, and snakewood. The router table is a good example. At this point I am looking to build a 30x50 barn and dedicate the back 20x30 section for woodworking. Top to bottom in the center column is a drawer for miscellaneous hand tools that are more general household and carpentry related such as pry bars, putty knives, and drywall tools, a drawer for hammers, mallets and squares, and a drawer for all of my hand held cutting tools like handsaws, knives, and chisels. A sampling of Erik's finished products includes Use 24 lumber for the braces that go on the sides of the pole barn. This allows a full 8 board to be supported to the right of the blade without it tipping over. Bracelet helpers The first step of the project is to build the 66 posts for the large pole barn shed. Thanks for such a great site! Thanks for sticking around that long :), I love a good shop tour, but its super motivating to me to hear you say that you built it all in a few years on good old-fashioned hard work. With 15 different workstations available, Chesapeake, Virginia, woodworker Erik Jorgensen has a booming business at home. Mobile tables that can be moved into position easily next to the tablesaw provide extra support when maneuvering large sheet goodsa real benefit when working alone. The dust collection on the Grizzly band saw sucks? When buying the lumber, you should select the planks with great care, making sure they are straight and without any visible flaws (cracks, knots, twists, decay). 8. Let the concrete to dry out before continuing the project. Use a spirit level to check if the beams are perfectly horizontal. Adequate overhead and task lights illuminate detail work, and tools and supplies on nearby wall racks keep Erik's production operation efficient. I have watched your shop grow from the first video to this video and it has come out beautifully and a model for others to follow, especially your Miter station. Align the edges and insert 3 1/2 screws to lock the girts to the posts. But with age comes arthritis in the arek9a of surgery and was force to give up my job as a mail carrier. I plan on making a few down the road so I didnt bother with painting it. I used it to build my wifes grandmother a 24 sitting bench and the positive feedback from friends and family fueled the fire to get back into woodworking. For more related content, subscribe to our newsletter! Thanks for all you advice on what a shop should be. 4. Erik cut a kerf into a 7"-length of 1" PVC pipe that allows it to be inserted into the hole of the wheel. Ill work my way around the perimeter starting at the right wall and moving left. Eight upper storage bins are for commonly used items such as my cordless tools as well as other items that dont need to be stored away from dust. ), he can sand up to 200 pieces in a day. To give just a little bit more room when removing the planer for use I opted for 26 full extension slides here. As with many of you out there I always enjoy checking out a shop tour. Its sitting on a Harbor Freight welding cabinet. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ). Growing up watching the horrible 1990s Lions teams really makes me appreciate the current roster. Nice update, has it really been a year already. The engine in my truck blew a head gasket and the only option for me to rebuild the engine without going into debt was to sell off my woodshop. I have learnt heaps watching you. And the lower part holds on to all of the hoses and extension wands. On the far end of the bench I mounted the battery charger for my cordless tools. Melbourne Australia, That is a great shop. Wizard wands. Top to bottom in the third column is a drawer for all types of brushes, a drawer for all of my sanding tools and supplies, and a drawer for all of my router bits and attachments. Flocking jewelry boxes with the two-handed pump method was exhausting and imprecise, so Erik designed this flocking gun. Every drawer slide in this miter saw station is a 24 full extension slide except these. It is actually in the up position in the following image.

Thanks for the time and attentions you put into this channel.. What are the inside dimensions of your garage? I'm a woodaholic," Erik says. Nope. Ive been woodworking for 40+ years an its always good to see new fresh ideas. I learned how to weld several years ago on an old manual adjustment arc welder and I very much like the convenience of the wire feed in this one. In addition, you should check out my free plans for building the 1624 pole barn HERE. It is an old floor filled with knot holes, cracked or broken boards (with temporary plywood screwed over them) and just generally uneven. Make sure you take a look over the rest of planstosee alternatives and more projects foryour garden. The drawer directly above the the planer tray is my #2 hardware drawer. I am retired. I have paid cash for 90% of my tools, but some i have had to charge. You can see all my woodworking plans HERE. Next up is my Grizzly G0555LANV 14 bandsaw. So far it has worked. Salmon wine bottle holders The dresser stores all of my smaller off-cuts of plywood or lumber that are too small to fit in the plywood cart or the lumber rack.

I love all your videos they are very well made and inspiring! Attach the gussets to the braces and align the edges flush. The drawers are far from optimized as there is a lot of wasted space. Keep up the great projects and videos, and definitely keep promoting the value of hard work! Erik credits this flap-wheel sander with making the biggest difference in his shop production. I can only imagine how much you have spent on the quality plywood you have used. Hey Jay, Insert 1 5/8 screws to lock the gussets into place tightly. Above my miter saw station along the entire length of the back wall minus the area needed to get into my attic are wasted space garage storage shelves. Plumb the posts with a spirit level. Your Scetchup tutorials are so easy to follow. If you have all the materials and tools required for the project, you could get the job done in about a day. think about your winter heat, lights-I use to have 12-4 foot fluorescent fixtures in my shop and changed to 7-4 foot four bulb T-8 fluorescent fixtures (man these are bright) You could have your electrician install ceiling receptacles to each ceiling light (if one goes bad---unplug and replace or add more lights as you go) next I suggest to use a white interior in your shop for best reflection of light, add some 220 outlets for the big machines, and don't forget about dust collection. Use the color code from the diagram to place the posts properly. You have come along way in a years time. Great up date Jay. Nothing pretty at all but it was functional. The 4x10" flap wheels come in 150 and 180 grit, one for each end. About six months ago I wanted to start a sticker collage and asked people on my vlog channel if any of them had sticker for their business for sale. Just not practical to use.

Cheers Peter bottom of the ladder. Not saying that will ever happen but just for a size reference. Since then Ive only purchased about six of the stickers on the cabinet and the rest of them have been provided by all of you out there. Its winter here in Australia. Too big of a setup. Salmon cribbage board "-long 114 You have gone from strength to strength. The table saw is always connected to my dust collector with a couple pieces of 4 flex hose and some 4 sewer and drain PVC pipe and a homemade blast gate. Therefore, we recommend you to check if all the components are installed properly into place.

It has several flaws that I would consider areas for improvement and not problems. My plan would be to frame it in and insulate eventually. Mark the cut libes to the plywood sheets and then get the job done with a circular saw.

The bandsaw has a 6-3/8 resaw capacity. Jeff. The one complaint I have with this bandsaw is the horrible dust collection. The income drop was and is huge for me. The attention to detail is phenomenal. I currently have a bunch of 210 material on it for an upcoming project and really didnt want to unload it just for the picture. Great video. One benefit of not having as much space for lumber as he would like: "It keeps me from buying too much wood. About 8 years ago, I lost an office job and began working with my hands, first doing siding and windows, and now installing home media systems. My finishing supply rack was made in my previous shop and has served me well. To the left of the cart on the wall is my universalclamp rack and finishing supply rack. Just behind it on the wall is a homemade blast gate and a flexible hose to connect it to the main dust collection line. Not sure how I would go about it though. With an empty garage to start my current shop I gave the walls a fresh coat of white paint and ran new electrical wires for the shop inside a long box along the bottom of the left and rear walls. I absolutely love where I live in Mississippi but you cant take the sports fan out of a kid. A touch of bowling lane wax once a month keeps the tablesaw surface slippery. "I should have patented the idea, but at the time my goal was just making something that made my life easier," he says. It lasts about a year before replacing, he says. I appreciate being able to mold them into a workable set up for my 1220 shop. The clamp rack is a universal design I recently made to hold every one of my clamps without having to make specific profile holders for each style clamp. Below that is a rolling mechanics tool box. I might make a larger version of this in the future. Next, you should start attaching the girts to the front of the pole barn. Right in front of my finishing supply rack is my welder and welder cabinet. jamaicacottageshop Having them all in one location is very convenient. Im slowly working on turning my two-car garage into a workshop and this video provided me with some ideas Ill try yo include. This is where I throw any household items that dont have a place in the house and I dont want taking up space in my shop. I spray painted the handle and motor housing black to match the rest of my tools but didnt do anything with the insert plate. Wine bottle stoppers Cheese boards Align the edges with attention and use a spirit level to make sure they are perfectly horizontal. I honestly didnt expect this nightstand to hold up as long or as well has it has. Any suggestions?

Below the top structure I mounted a long power outlet bar to have a convenient power location for whatever corded tool I am using at the table. I also keep a couple trash cans near the table saw. I like having this here as the only times I use compressed air is to fill up the my vehicle tires or to spray a finish which I do outside. timber beam homeberg jamaica 20x30 mountaintopblog cabins I have had to take my miter saw with me on occasional jobs, but am thinking about a miter saw station. Directly behind my table saw is my 4 x 8 modified Paulk workbench that I consider my assembly table as well as an outfeed table. The idea behind storing it on this shelf was so that I could easily slide it off and place it on the top work surface to use it. SIZE: 20x30' plus a 380-square-foot office upstairs. Use a spirit level to plumb the posts. An old bicycle inner tube covers the end of the jaw chuck. Lumber is stored in several areas around the shop, including an open rack beneath the mitersaw. Read the local building codes, so you make sure you comply with the building codes. The SS is quite a bit more expensive then the grizzly, would you say all the extra money you paid for the SS went just for the safety the saw offers or is there also is much of an upgrade with the workings of the SS over the Grizzly. You mustve shot this video before you got your festool tools. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It grows every week. To the left of the cabinet hangs my table saw infeed support arms, my table saw spline jig, multifunction hold down jig, and a dry erase board I made several years ago for my wife. I am lucky to have been able to build a 2400 square foot shop when I retired. Flattening a slab larger than my machine.. Spindle Upgrade: Tramming, Locating, and Dust Collection. Below that is the lower shelf which I built specifically to house my X-Carve CNC machine. HEATING AND COOLING: 18,000 Btu air-conditioning/heating unit, LIGHTING: 23 fluorescent 4'-long double-bulb light fixtures, with 40-watt cool white bulbs, DUST COLLECTION: 2-hp Penn State dust collector; 3-speed remote-controlled Delta 50-875 air cleaner with double filter, AIR COMPRESSOR: Sears 6-hp, 120-volt single-phase permanently lubricated, with 30-gallon capacity. The top surface has 3/4 holes on 4 centers to allow clamping material pretty much anywhere on the table. The white hose in the picture is an extra hose that I rarely use. do you still use that circular saw dust collector thing. Anyone with that amount of space could easily make it with your plans,or just watching the build videos. Hopefully it sucks on the table and miter saw too. I put a set of computer chair casters on the bottom of it and it has served me well since. This homemade wide-belt drum sander cleaner is another of Erik's innovations. This has proven to be a very handy arrangement. Ive previously stated that its 22 x 22 but I just measured and its 20.5 x 20.5. My second shop(2012) is where I started this whole YouTube and website venture. Inside the cabinet is an unorganized pile of paint cans and miscellaneous crap and chemicals. But for what its worth, I continue to use the tools as I havent had any problems out of any of them. We ended up getting our first house together on July 2nd 2014. This metal-machining lathe has been converted into a wood lathe with a jaw chuck. I am thinking about changing my shop to be more mobile.

The station has a passive dust collection box around the saw. My initial plan was to simply attach some of the thinner steel roofing material to the underside of the trusses, then blow in insulation on top of that. It features 20 drawers and a pull out tray for storing my planer out of the way. I dont use it enough to justify the trouble of making a sound deadening enclosure or putting it outside so for the mean time Im quite happy with keeping it in here and out of the way. I find this to be enough for my needs but after recently acquiring some larger chunks of a bradford pear tree that came down in a storm I realized it would be nice to have greater resaw capacity just for getting larger chunks into usable sizes. I have a single car garage at our main home that Has never had a car in it. "It allows the wood to speak to the woodworker, and each time I turn wood, I find a unique quality about each item. Space to spread out is nice, but many of your creative storage ideas make sense for organizing equipment and the efficient usage of tools. Unfortunately I do owe a little for some of my things about $300.00 worth, but I went from $60,000/year income down to $25,000/year when I retired due to bone CA I had as a teen.

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