who is stronger indra or ashura

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What feats do those hag sons of that they could handle juudara like teens n adults are stronger n faster than teens, Juubi jins who are weaker then haguromo. Hagoromo recounts how Indra began a sect that emphasizes power, and how Black Zetsu tampered with the Stone Tablet he left behind to warn about the Sharingan. Indra never attained Hagoromo level thats the thing. Both can battle fused momo when base ate a chakra fruit from a entire world. . Both have Susanoo, but Itachi's is superior with Totsuka Blade and Yata Mirror. Sasuke Uchiha. Hagoromo and the other Ninshuu followers join Asura. Hagoromo gave Ashura SPSM and ashura was able to push back Indra Perfect Susanoo, and when the village all gave their chakra to Ashura, they were able to defeat Indra. You are trying to make me seem dumb for things never said by me but somehow im the troll, I do wonder how that works? Despite this, even as an old man, Hiruzen was extremely powerful! The Third Hokage of Konoha, Hiruzen Sarutobi was renowned as 'The Professor' and the 'God of Shinobi'. Composite Ashura and Indra has many powers and abilities, but right now i just checked some of Ashura's ones. Hagoromo commends Indra for his Sharingan, and asks him to support Asura in upholding Ninshuu. Like his power and all of his abilities, Asura's immense physical strength increases with his rage and anger.

Sasuke already matches Indras chakra nature, alignments, and reserves by being his incarnation. Ashura are fearsome demon gods with multiple faces and arms. It would not be a one-sided battle, but Tobirama should ultimately be able to defeat Minato. Asura was Indra's younger brother and someone who was said to be born with no talents at all. Asura questions Hagoromo's decision, and Hagoromo explains how Indra's Sharingan has impaired his ability to understand others, unlike Asura. Naruto and Sasuke by feats, since they have pretty much the same things and more. Is there a stronger blood line as in Indra and Asura? |

Naruto and sasuke had Amps on Top of their amps. Hag gifted Ashura spsm and part of his power not all his power.

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You have disappointed me, Maru, the headcanon force is strong in you, why are you forgetting the teachings of feats and portrayal? Who is stronger, Hashirama or Indra Otsutsuki? Indra is a king of Devas/Suras.

In general, Kurama is weaker than a Perfect or Complete Susanoo; however, Naruto's Ashura Kurama is stronger than a Perfect Susanoo. And adults also became stronger via training. So introducing new threats and the kids battling them makes the scaling seem wonky And small. In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Ashura can also fuse those Gudoudama into one huge ball (like the charged TBB) and fire it against his enemies. Because it's different as a result of context, Sasuke does not have his arm or his SOSP seal ontop of being said as rusty by shin and having shown lesser feats such as struggling with urashiki when genin could beat that same character, Base Naruto as adult reacted to fused Momoshiki, traded blows, and kicked Isshiki away, A kid verbatim weaker then shino and jugou has done the same things, You know that my ranking of momoshiki would be far lower then most due to the numerous rusty statements and the various anti feats had by momo, ''Hag gifted Ashura spsm and part of his power not all his power. | Theres little doubt Naruto is stronger than Indra and at a minimum, the two are at least matched in power.

Boil Release was a Temporary, which can get absorbed. When including the powers he receives from Hagoromo, theres little question that Sasuke at least matches Indras strength. In that form he can also use his Gidoudama as Rasengan-like attacks. They hear them. Naruto and Sasuke are stronger as they have all of Indra/Ashura's power + Rinnegan and Kurama. Hagoromo finally chooses who will be the successor to Ninja creed. Hag Kids dont have many feats other than fighting each other. Taizou and Kanna discuss Indra and Asura. Opening line on Grindr? He likely wouldnt even need to launch a physical attack at her, thanks to his Sharingan and the genjutsu he can utilize as a result. Indra & Asura win. Konohamuras loss is certain, and a quick one is incredibly likely. And damaging Kaguya multiple times who is stronger than ashura or Indra. Indra's PS is BPS level due to a combination of it's scale and whatever abilities Indra could use through it. Kishimoto does seem to. Ashura nd Indra probably, Hagoromo said Indra could do anything and ashura was just as powerful, in Hagoromo's flashback we saw indras Perfect susanoo, and sasukes most powerful jutsu is indras arrow, and we saw ashuras ashura form with huge gudou damas, this trumps giant rasenshurikens anyday. Hagoromo then had the village all share their chakra with Asura, which allowed him to fully manifest his powers and unleash the Wood Release. With merely a look in his eyes, Tenten would instantly lose to Indra in a one-on-one fight. When they are Fighting Juubi Obito they were Still trying to Reach Alive Hashirama and alive EMS Madara level. In order to beat Kaguya, it took the combined efforts of the entire Team 7 and Obito Uchiha. Indra and Ashura are lacking feats so Naruto. They fear them. Indras brother and initially the weaker of the two, Naruto fans learn that Asura eventually grows to be stronger than his brother, earning their fathers blessings and title. Our team has collected thousands of questions that people keep asking in forums, blogs and in Google questions. After sharing of their chakra, Asura begins using Wood Release, and defeats Indra. Naruto is probably equal or stronger than ashura, however its unknown exactly how strong Indra was. Using his new power, Asura was able to defeat Indra, who fled in anger while vowing to destroy Ninsh and his younger brother as well. He didnt even have Rinnegan. Juubidara is portrayed as below haguromo but close to his level or nearing it as some would say, Whereas indra was said too be even to haguromo given time, Sakura tagging and harming Kaguya is a outlier, And naruto cutting her arm is not when not a hour ago he was struggling versus juubidara, Urashiki is god tier and strongest when he was killed by part 1 kid Naruto, Correction, I have on record said that boruto characters are weak compared to shippuden ones and have used urashiki as a example too prove that considering guides hype him up as the strongest of the clan but you can stay wrong. Five scenes of sweaty bull-bears, dad bods, and tatted Lets face it, sequels usually suck. Ashura are warriors above all else, and live for battle. 2 Rinnegan Madara>>>EMS Madara~alive SM Hashirama>>BSM Naruto>>EMS Sasuke. Sasuke's Susanoo is the strongest so far, mainly after he receives chakra from Rikudo Sennin. Although the Copy Ninja doesn't rely on it as much as the others, he's certainly one of its strongest users. to literally none and it just being a position and political power he "bequeathed" to Ashura as opposed to a physical amp. JavaScript is disabled. While Konohamaru is Narutos student and deserves respect as such, hes simply no match for Indra. Be the first to contribute! They/Them. But this is inconsistent with Ashura getting SPSM from hagoromo and holding his own and beating Indra. They have mangekyo sharingan/perfect susanoo. It is said that in his prime, Hiruzen was stronger than ever other Hokage who came before him, and yes, that includes Hashirama Senju. Friends or FWB? Hagoromo gave Ashura SPSM and ashura was able to push back Indra Perfect Susanoo, and when the village all gave their chakra to Ashura, they were able to defeat Indra. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Hagoromo asks Asura to join forces with Indra, and imparts Asura with power. First introduced in Naruto Shippuden, Sai is a great support fighter, but lacks true one-on-one combat strength.

A feast is held to celebrate Asura's appointment. One of Minato Namikaze's students, Kakashi was revealed to be a user of the Rasengan as in Naruto Shippuden. This one does too, but it a really good way like in a two boxes of Kleenex way. 1 CAN'T BEAT TOBIRAMA: MINATO NAMIKAZE Minato had the advantage in terms of speed but Tobirama had better strength, stamina, and jutsu variety. 2022 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. That night, by themselves, Indra's followers think they should appeal to Hagoromo. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 1 Sasuke Uchiha Sasuke Uchiha is the strongest known lightning style user in the Naruto series. They were Below Madara but I digress.

AA Ashura and Naruto somewhat scale to this level too. Despite needing his father's help to defeat his brother, he succeeds in the battle and cements his superiority. Im uncertain how ashura and Indra scale to their reincarnations (without rikudo buff) in general, but I do believe that Indra scales roughly to BPS Sasuke. His Susanoo is also flexible, and it can use Sasuke's jutsu like Chidori and Gokakyu no Jutsu. @bob74h: and where in those have I ever tagged you only the crybaby part, @bob74h: also never tag me again if you are going to rant and crybaby to mods everytime you are destroyed in debates Troll, You were referring to me clearly, In anycase you likely will get banned for using slurs so your blatant attention seeking behavior will not be existing on the site for much longer so im hoping you spreging off at me was really worth it for you, @bob74h: also never tag me again if you are going to rant and crybaby to mods everytime you are destroyed in debates Troll. Precisa de green card para morar na Inglaterra? Their takes contradict both mediums quite consistently what with you people denying sakura and sasori's grandmother beat sasori when the manga proper has sasori claim sakura defeated him and sasori didt let them win but rather couldt dodge, Does not matter as earth's shinju fruit is far stronger what with earth's chakra being said as a abnormality not only that but these shinju fruits have never been shown to have a planet lv amp as most planets are inhabited and therefore dont have much life energy to absorb not only that tho but your own scan agrees with me what with it saying a that the shinju tree destroyed the planet via it's lifee energy and b that momo has not gotten much amps from the fruits as he not ate anything with a high chakra lv, ''Learn to scale better you suck at it Youre nothing but a pure blooded troll who makes stuff like this''.

Its hard to scale them because we havent seen them fight only flashbacks.

Author agreed with me and not the community so you can agree with the herd. Just as edo itachi would be on the same tier as white mask obito despite not having a rinneegan.

Como ver os vdeos assistidos no Instagram? Welcome to FAQ Blog! Also known as the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki was Kaguya's son and had inherited her godly powers right from birth. Indra asks why Hagoromo did not chose him. Indra attacks, but Asura is able to withstand his attack, surprising him. So, feel free to use this information and benefit from expert answers to the questions you are interested in! Theres little doubt he could rival Indra, and in all likelihood, surpass him as well. By the time Naruto is Hokage, theres little doubt the series eponymous protagonist is stronger than Indra. You are only digging your hole deeper bud. Shisui got solo'd by Danzo. Who is stronger, Hagoromo or Indra in Naruto? However, over the years, he got stronger thanks to his hardwork and help from his friends. If youve ever had a crush on Fire Island star and creator Joel Kim Booster (and honestly, who hasn continue reading, Take two slender hard bodies with a smoldering intensity in their eyes and a burning sexual desire deep in their loins and let them at each other, and kid, yer continue reading, Its no small thing when two versatile powerhouses like Roman Todd and Michael Roman get together on their own time and bang the hell out of each other.

Slurs are against the rules. Sakura is not. @supermanforever: Ashura has also 100% Cerberus Kurama Avatar form, the one with six arms and 3 heads. Hag is going off the notion that Juudara is above his son Indra. Hag gave Ashura spsm but it wasnt all of Hagoromo power. I didt argue scaling up shin but rather downscaling sasuke relative to what the general fanbase sees him as so again you are lying about my position to make me look stupid, Same thing with the above comment, I didt argue that urashiki could beat kaguya or he was god tier but rather that the fate bros got far weaker as sasuke was struggling with a character that you verbatim agreed got beat up by genin naruto and jiraya, Again your starwmanning me as a means to try to make look stupid when we both know that your inferences there were never the context had, Fourth point, Your right but as explained in a quoted comment above. Also Hag states Madara was no longer in the realm of Indras reincarnate meaning he surpassed Indra. Here are five Naruto characters who rival Indra Otsutsuki, and five more he can turn to dust instantly. Naruto and Sasuke are slightly stronger versions of Indra and Ashura, The moment Sasuke and Naruto gained from Hagoromo, they became superior to Indra and Ashura. Our experts have done a research to get accurate and detailed answers for you. | just like Indra inherited some of Hag power not all his power. Synopsis Also didt say shin was a god tier, I said adult sasuke was weaker by shin uchiha's portrayal and other such feats. Indra leaves, followed by two of people loyal to him. Because clearly they did just judging by, The fact that now asura has a SOSP avatar and TSB when he did not before. Agni has total of 12 asura descriptions, Varuna has 10, Mitra has 8, and Rudra has 6. 5 Six Paths: Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken. Might give to Naruto and Sasuke for Sasuke having the Rinnegan while Indra does not, Asura is way stronger as he has a form thats basically the same as Narutos AA (which is >= Bijuu Susanoo) and he can create multiple massive Turth-Seeking Orbs which for whatever reason Naruto seems to loose the ability to create TSBs and never really had the ability to make massive ones. @bob74h: Feats suggest it and he never attained Rinnegan nor surpassed Juubi Jin lv he doesnt battle a Juubi or Juubi Jin only his brother who both scale to inheriting a unknown amount of Hag power one by being gifted it and the other by naturally receiving it through genes and raw talent. But oh well their stats aren't known to us.

They/Them (read They slash them) is one of the most anticipated new horror films of continue reading, Briefs or jockstraps? Either from team 2 solo. Kishimoto agrees with me and not you afterall saying as he said boruto has the scale of the power reduced. Indra Otsutsuki is an extremely important character in Naruto, serving as the son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths. Indra solos, He was said to be as strong as haguromo in his more elder years, Adult Sasuke couldt even handle urashiki let alone am actual power house like haguromo. Like Kakashi, his go-to Jutsu is the Chidori. Feats and portrayal do not agree with that. As teens. Besides fighting each other and either have feats to suggest they are stronger than their reincarnated forms like teen SPSM Naruto and teen Rinnegan Sasuke who have real feats of destroying Juubi Jin meteors that were visible to the curvature of the planet. While his Foundation training makes him capable in close-quarters, this likely isnt enough to come anywhere near Indras level. Base Naruto as adult reacted to fused Momoshiki, traded blows, and kicked Isshiki away. Despite being one of the series' craftier fighters, even Sasori of the Red Sand couldnt trick Indra into a loss.

Asura is actually stronger because when he fought indra, he didnt even have Kurama, just six paths senjutsu and he dominated the battle. Asura & Naruto cancel out. You are citing things never said by me, I said naruto's feat versus kaguya was a outlier as he previously struggled with madara and if you are taking me posting the sakura punch that was me saying that the naruto feat was a outlier as other characters who verbatim struggled with weaker foes were damaging her. Your group got my imgur banned, Im only playing the same games as you are unlike your group though. Kishi says it wouldve been problematic becsuse the scaling For adult Naruto n Sasuke are strong. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He responds he did the same as Asura, giving the village water and destroying what was left of the God Tree, and that he did it alone. Then you have the odyssey to act like your the supreme debater. Heck Im pretty sure it was stronger than Sasuke ten tails perfect susanoo. Proof that Kishimoto thinks that? As a result, Sai loses this duel quickly and certainly. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. It was a result of context presented in the narrative not some bias on my part. Perfect Susanoo vs Shinsusenju is nothing even Hashirama could summon one and even Edo madara could make PS. Howeved his jutsu was probably not passed down to the next generation,it was forgotten. This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Hashirama's strength was immense. Kaguya Otsutsuki is no doubt one of the most powerful characters in the Naruto franchise, and indubitably its most powerful villain so far. Although integral to the series' overarching plot and development of its protagonist, Iruka is one of the series weakest fighters. Naruto and Sasuke might win Because they actually have done something. Hagoromo reveals that after Indra left, the villagers began fighting over the water rights, almost destroying the village. Hagoromo finishes his story to the four Hokage. Kishimoto does seem to imply that Asura is stronger. Base Naruto in 4th war has no close feats to that besides fighting teen Rinnegan Sasuke in the valley of end for a while before he was forced to use SPSM and Kurama Mode. Next up in continue reading, Dakota Payne was our July headliner for STRIPPED at 340nightclub in Southern California. Yes,Ashura was the creator of Rasengan.In fact,he had already created an advanced version of it-multiple Rasengans. This is evident when team Boruto battles Boro. Im still factually correct and your not. Your only go to argument is a non canon statement from BZ about Ashura having almost all of Hag power. Be the first one to comment on this story. How does this at all disprove indra being hagurmo level plus even presuming it does as you suggest here. Minato re-discovered the Rasengan and essentially,became it's present creator. This is your one-stop encyclopedia that has numerous frequently asked questions answered.

His strength was majestic and it only grew more with time. This film features 11 of Bel Alam Wernik has become one of the most popular bottoms in current porn, rightfully so. That includes six path sage mode, nine tails chakra mode, six path senjutsu. Indra only had MS. Sasuke has EMS and Tomoe Rinnegan which is much stronger than a normal one, arguably equal to 2 regular Rinnegan which is more than what Indra has. -Fight Takes Place in Kaguyas Ice Dimension, -Both Teams can use their Avatars in Round 2, -Round 2: Contestants can use their Avatars, @gilateen@animefreak1@gokukid2005@decaffeinated@mattyboi@uchihaghost@ultimatesage@cyberblades22@rdcdesmond@mygod000@zuriel-el@teaganwallis193@narutouzumakimedakakurokami@whatamiseeing@animeisniche_ok@miriotogata@citgo@gogi.

@professorrespect@cocacolaman You guys are mods right? It would be logical to say that they got stronger. The progenitor of the Six Paths Senjutsu, Hagoromo could combine the Yin and Yang chakras within himself and create mass from absolutely nothing. I am sorry if that does not suffice for you but you cannot play the biased card here as for that to work in this context there would need to be sufficient evidence also saying the hag kids got weaker but there's not meaning im not ignoring one side for personal reasons but do keep citing things that you cant prove, Fifth point, I never argued that asura and indra had better feats infact i've said they were weaker then hashirama at one point due to their lack of feats however what was argued here was that they have better portrayal which they do so again you strawmanned me to make me seem dumb, Here's the thread where the screenshot was taken from so you wanna fact check me or just respond to said thread then be my guest, https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/battles-7/hashirama-vs-indra-2087971/, Anyways to sum it up, You presented no actual arguments and strawmanned me every time possible ontop of insulting me for not agreeing with you. @bob74h: Kishimoto stating naruto and Sasuke are so powerful that the fact that kids who are far weaker getting battles will make the scaling feel smaller. Lucas Entertainment entered the bareback arena in 2013 with its Meet Your New Crush: Warren Godman from the UK, Next Door Studios Exclusive, Dakota Payne, Headlined Our July STRIPPED, SoCals All Male Revue, Where Are They Now: Conner Habib on His Porn Hiatus, Launching a Podcast and Going on Tour for His First Novel, Andre Donovan Taps Into The Sights and Asses of Spain in Falcon Studios Body and Sol, Theo Fords Incredible Body Gets Pummeled by Kayden Gray For Hard Brit Lads, The Trailer for the New LGBT Horror Film They/Them Finally Dropped And It Looks Incredible, Grindr Asks Fire Island Star Joel Kim Booster 69 Questions, and Were Obsessed, Gustavo Ryder Dicks Down Hard On Ronny Aislan For Bareback That Hole, A Tale of Two Roman Gods Plays Out Over at TopFanVids With Roman Todd and Michael Roman, Heres An Asian Buffet From JapanBoyz and G-Dude For Your Mid-Week Meal, Pig Daddy Wilton Manors Headliner Aaron Trainer Shares His Top 5 Sex Tips For Big Dick Tops, Gabriel Clark Becomes Ari Avantis Wet Dream Lover For CockyBoys, RuPauls Drag Race All Stars Winners Episode 2 Recap: Ultimate Snatch Game, Beau Butler Goes Live with Fans on Cybersocket March 1, Change of Date.

He is also much more experienced in combat, faster, stronger. While clearly skilled enough to be trusted with the villages children, Indra would defeat Iruka near-instantaneously. Indra matched Asura's avatar and his Susano'o dwarfs Sasuke's in size. Jutsu are not tiers of power, Characters with lesser jutsu can defeat those with greater jutsu afterall lee bodied gaara despite having no jutsu whatsoever. Shisui has Kotoamatsukami, and Itachi has that, Tsukuyomi, and Amaterasu. Daddy Got Dick, directed by David Romero for Pantheon Productions at NakedSword gives us simply fantastic pairings of beefy masculinity. Ashura has six path senjutsu and wood style. With amps they scale above 3 eye Madara (boil release with Naruto and absorbing Juubi power with Sauce). they had a rivalry'', It's said indra inherited power from haguromo not that he was given power. O que necessrio para morar na Sucia? Hagoromo and Asura note his Mangekyou Sharingan.

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