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Bengaluru (Bangalore), Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurugram, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, At Samadhan Technologies, founded by alumni of the prestigious IIT Delhi, We're looking for engineers who bring fresh ideas from all areas into our technology. Zoho, Go to company page How does the total execution time work? 8. Apart from the sample input, your code will also be evaluated against multiple input and output cases. in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent practical experience, 8-15 years of professional experience in engineering with history of technical innovation, Experience providing technical leadership to engineers, Breadth of knowledge across infrastructure domains, with the ability to reason about everything from data center machine software to database solutions to machine learning infrastructure to front-end web or mobile applications, Demonstrated success in designing and developing large scale, complex systems, Expertise with multi-tenant, highly complex, cloud solutions; experience with Hybrid and/or on-premises solutions desired, Design and develop highly scalable, available, reliable, secure and fault tolerant systems with minimal guidance for a market leader in the logistics industry, Partner with team members on functional and nonfunctional requirements and spread design philosophy, goals and improve the code quality across the team, Research new technologies and tools that enable building the next generation of our services, Provide technology leadership to the team and foster engineering excellence, Partner with product managers to define and execute on the feature roadmap, Translate business requirements into scalable and extensible design, Coordinate with various cross functional teams on planning and execution, Maintaining automated build / test / deployment environments, Deep knowledge of one of the programming language they have experience in, Proficient in OOP and Design Patterns, experience with functional programming would be a plus, Data modelling experience in Relational Databases, Ability to design and implement low latency RESTful services. Your program will be marked incorrect in the following cases: Output files (generated by running your code) do not match the pre-generated output files, Output files (generated by running your code) matches all the pre-generated output files, however, it is not in the order in which the pre-generated output files are arranged. Do you have a passion to be a part of an innovative startup? investors in Silicon Valley and India. The need of communication today not only exists between humans but also machines which are increasingly becoming a part of our lives. Together, theyve created an incredibly strong team, with Senior Executives from Uber, Flipkart, Dream11, Pepperfry, and Pharmeasy. They were ready to pay 60+ for SDE-2 and 80+ for SDE-3. This means that if each input file contains multiple test cases, then your code must pass all the test cases within the specified time limit. Hence, Total execution time <= (Time Limit * Number of input files). Your submission is queued because of simultaneous submissions by multiple users. The most common error messages include the following: Ensure that you are not using variables that haven't been initialized. And How much they have offered? Integrate with our eCommerce partners (Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon), shipping partners (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL) and EDI. Ensure that you are logged in and have the required permissions to access the test. You will receive a reminder e-mail 3 hours before the challenge begins only if you have registered for the challenge. My submissions are not evaluated. No. However, the timer will continue running, which is why it is advised that you ensure that your computer/Internet connection is working properly before you begin the challenge. You would be given a trivial problem and expected to work through the low level design viz class structure, interfaces, db data models etc. Egnyte is seeking an experienced Principal Software Engineer to join our Engineering department. Given our very high hiring bar, we offer a very competitive salary and substantial equity to create everlasting wealth for our early believers as the company grows. The input file will be of the format that is specified in the problem. Your solution never finished running in time and it was stopped in between. Every problem has the following two buttons: When you click Compile & Run, the is tested against the sample input and output. 12. HackerEarth uses the information that you provide to contact you about relevant content, products, and services. Experience building highly scalable and distributed systems, Experience with service-oriented architecture and application/services development, Passion for performance debugging and benchmarking. Weve built out one of the best startup teams in India, with Senior Executives from Uber, Flipkart, Dream11, PhonePe, Goldman Sachs, Pepperfry, and institutions like Stanford, INSEAD, IITs, and IIMs. If building technology that impacts millions, brainstorming with some of the best minds in the country, executing at lightning speed, product-driven thinking, and owning your work from start to finish excites you, then Zepto is the right place for you. Provide support to development of projects throughout the project life

Your Profile In this role, you will be collaborating closely with the rest of the team working on different layers of infrastructure in an international environment. Ability to work as a team-player Mentor young minds and foster team spirit, 4+ years of experience with Java frameworks like Spring / Dropwizard/Play or Python frameworks like Django/Flask/FastApi and databases like PostgreSQL/MySQL/MongoDB, Experience in building highly scalable customer-facing applications that involve implementing complex business flows and dealing with an ever-increasing scale. The mindset is very different and we are looking for folks who have evolved fast in terms of skills and in terms of working on their own projects. The opportunity to join Indias next Unicorn is rare. A password reset link will be sent to the following email id, HackerEarths Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Please note that we will remove this constraint very soon. 1+ years of experience contributing to the architecture and design (architecture, design patterns, reliability and scaling) of new and current systems.

An online judge is a code checker and not a human being. Requirements Were Looking for Someone With: - You will join the mission to create positive impact on millions of peoples lives, - You get to work on the latest technologies in a culture which encourages experimentation - You get to work with super humans (Psst: Look up these super human1, super human2, super human3, super human4), - You get to work in an accelerated learning environment. in the lower-right corner of the page to raise a ticket. 13. Low Level System Design (60 mins). Translate specs and user stories into reviewable, test covered patches.

What type of questions will I have to solve in this challenge? Set up best practices for development and champion their adoption. Please refresh the page or try after some time. The following parameters are considered while checking the code: Time limit: The code should run within the stipulated time otherwise it will throw a Time Limit Exceeded (TLE) error.

Senior Software Engineer, Java/Python (Bangalore, Remote option available). See actual hiring teams, find common social connections or connect with them directly. ", Software Engineer -> Sr Software Engineer -> Lead -> EM -> AD / Director / VP -> Head of Engineering -> CTO. It's the core of what we do, and the reason why weve been able to grow so fast with phenomenal customer love. Feb 25, 2022, 12:30 PM, CLOSES AT: 20. Job Description SQL DBA - Trainee Analyst/Engineer, The candidate should have strong SQL knowledge, Here are few points, Good soft skills are a must (written and verbal communication), Ability to work in a 24x7 support model (rotation basis), Strong fundamentals in Algorithms, OOPs and Data Structure, Should be flexible to support multiple IT platform, Functional Area: IT Software - DBA, Datawarehousing, Role Category: Admin/ Maintenance/ Security/ Datawarehousing, SQL DBA, IMPLEMENTATION, SQL, DBMS, DATA WAREHOUSING. 21. Zepto is on a blitzscaling path unlike any other startup today. This challenge enables you to understand how to participate in programming challenges on HackerEarth. Document features, technical specifications, and infrastructure Round 1. Closely collaborate with product, design and business teams to understand product ideas and business needs and help deliver these as a series of ultra fast experiments. Note: Some tests have timed sections. For each problem, based on the specifications mentioned in the problem statement, there will be one or more input files and corresponding (correct) output files. Our code serves billions of requests per day with sub-second latency in a fault-tolerant environment. The magic of Zepto is our ability to consistently deliver 2,500+ products in 10 minutes flat.

Yes, we recommend that you participate in our sample challenge. If youre looking to be a part of Indias next big growth story, youre in the right place. Ensure that your program conforms with the output format that is required. Round 1. For example, do not use Turbo C++. Work with third party APIs and develop algorithms quickly. Mar 13, 2022, 06:25 PM. Problem Solving + CS Fundamentals (60 mins). Your code may throw errors if the inner classes are not static. Go to company page Also, remove 'conio.h includes' in your code. Problem Solving + CS Fundamentals (60 mins), DS/Algo Problems (30 mins) - You can expect 1-2 Leetcode easy/medium questions.

Building for scale, rapid iterative development, and customer-centric product thinking at each step define every day for a Zepto engineer. Design and develop highly scalable and resilient cloud architecture that seamlessly integrates with on-premises systems, Drive the teams goals and technical direction to find and pursue technical opportunities that make Egnytes cloud platform more efficient, Effectively communicate complex design and architecture details, Understand company and industry-wide trends to help develop new technologies, Conceptualize, develop, and implement changes that prevent key systems from becoming unreliable, under-utilized, or unsupported, Own all aspects of critical software projects from design to implementation, QA, deployment, and monitoring, BS, MS, or PhD. Round 1. Knowledge of Angular JS with JSON API integration The platform automatically considers the best submission. It isnt long before content becomes so fundamental to individuals and brands alike, that there is a need for buying and selling content on-demand. we design and develop ICT solutions for various applications ranging from Overtime is paid. Knowledgeable in object-oriented design patterns. cycle. Zepto is offering me Rs. Your program is terminated in the following scenarios: If the time that is required to execute each input file exceeds the time limit execution that is set for any input file. Some of the responsibilities for this department include Egnyte's Cloud File System, Content Classification, Content Lifecycle Management, User Behavior Analysis, Object Store, Metadata Stores, Search Systems, Recommendations Systems, Synchronization, and intelligent caching of multi-petabyte datasets. The languages that you can write code in will be mentioned in the challenge details, if applicable. Errors during runtime: Specific test cases check for Runtime Errors (RE) only. Imagine us being able to build virtual marketing teams for any company globally, by providing them a product that solves for content operations and gives the customer the ability to strategize, create, distribute and manage all their content projects at one place. Ensure that you are using a compiler that complies with the standards. This usually occurs when you're trying to divide a number by 0, or trying to take the square root of a negative number. Ensure that you are not declaring too much stack memory. Samadhan Technologies (OPC) Private Limited, High growth startup in quick commerce space (10 min delivery). What happens if I indulge in plagiarism? Zepto is one of the fastest growing startups in India today. Were incredibly well-funded and just closed a massive Series C fundraise. 9. There is no definite way to know whether the code was correct. Their latest funding was raised on Dec 20, 2021 from a Series C round. Extensive experience in object-oriented design skills, knowledge of design patterns, and huge passion and ability to design intuitive module and class-level interfaces. Check every single occurrence of accessing an array element and see if it could possibly be out of bounds. Will I receive a reminder notification before the challenge begins? You can view your ranking on the leaderboard for all challenges in which participation is not confidential. The Engineering department builds large distributed components and services that run Egnyte's Cloud Platform. Will I receive the results of the challenge? Knowledge of front end frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation We are looking for solid senior back-end developers who are well-versed with NodeJs. Worked in a startup environment with high levels of ownership and commitment.

Write quality documentation and handle conflicts well to build consensus. DS/Algo Problems (30 mins) - You can expect 1-2 Leetcode easy/medium questions, Design and implement backend services with high reliability and scalability, Do high-level design with guidance and break down a complex system into simpler modules that can be reused, Be involved and participate in the overall application lifecycle, Follow best practices for development and write quality documentation, 2+ years of experience with Java MVC frameworks like Spring / Dropwizard / Play or Python web frameworks like Django / Flask / FastApi and databases like PostgreSQL / MySQL / MongoDB, Proficient in object-oriented design skills, knowledge of design patterns, and huge passion and ability to design intuitive module and class-level interfaces, Experience with cache-store / message broker like Redis / RabbitMQ / Kafka, A growth mindset and passionate about building things from the ground up, and most importantly, you should be fun to work with. Learn about new technologies and incorporate them. The tech stack on the back end side - MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Node, TypeScript, Express, Knex. You will be given a trivial problem, where we would work with you to design the system for the problem statement. How does the total memory consumed work? It is recommended that you ensure that your system meets HackerEarth's compatibility requirements and check your Internet connection before starting the test. If there is an issue with your computer or your Internet connection, you will not lose your previously submitted answers. We believe effective and meaningful communication is the key to solving all problems. WLB is not good, worse than Amazon. How do I participate in this challenge? We expect the detailed flow of the functionality, Round 2. The displayed execution time is the total time spent executing each input file. asset tracking to supply chain logistics management for industries and resource management solutions to personnel tracking solutions for e-governance applications. Just 6 months after launching, we've raised $160 million from marquee investors in Silicon Valley and India. Once the test has started, the timer cannot be paused. We support multiple classes and inner static classes. 64 MB is guaranteed, but having an array of size [100000][100000] will never work. Great! How does the online judge determine whether a solution is correct? @techbizz cool , what's the other startup? 4. Investors include Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers, and Goldman Sachs. 7. Basic web designing with HTML and CSS Get to hear about interesting companies hiring right now. I am currently working at Goldman Sachs. Enter the solution in the text area that is provided and submit it. Architect and implement backend services with high reliability and scalability. We want to be that force of change! Your program must read, process, and output the result for all input files within the specified time limit. This could mean either of the following: You have not interpreted the problem text correctly. This role would be by and large a Individual Contributor role. Visit the challenge page on start date/time. The program that you create is run on each of the input files and the corresponding output must match the (correct) output files in order. The total memory consumed by a program is the sum of the memory that is consumed by the program in stack, data, heap, and BSS. - You will collaborate in a highly cross functional team, providing engineering perspective to non technical members of the team, - You will help develop a robust roadmap for ensuring engineering operational excellence, - You will establish clean and optimised coding standards that are well documented, - You will author efficient, reliable and performant systems, - You will design systems, frameworks and libraries that work at scale, are easy to maintain and provide a great developer experience, - You will be agile and curious about customer problems and business objectives, - You will actively mentor and participate in knowledge sharing forums, - You will work in an exciting startup environment where you can be ambitious and try new things :), - You have a strong foundation in Computer Science concepts and programming fundamentals, - You have been working on backend web technologies since 8+ years, - You have built and maintained reliable systems that operate at high scale, - Youre experienced in building and running cloud-native platforms & distributed systems, - Extensive experience in any web stack (we use Typescript / AWS / DynamoDB / PostgreSQL), - You understand the hustle of a startup and are good with handling ambiguity, - You are data driven, have customer empathy and enjoy building delightful applications, - You are curious, a quick learner and someone who loves to experiment, - You insist on highest standards of quality, maintainability and performance, - You work well in a team to enhance your impact, at Samadhan Technologies (OPC) Private Limited. 17. 30 lakhs as sde-1. ), Write database procedures, functions, and triggers. We take pride in our 100% open API with over 600 endpoints. Heres an opportunity for you - become an active member of our core platform development team. Knowledge of python and web frameworks 5. We are looking for candidates with a shared passion for building large-scale distributed systems and a keen sense for tackling complexities that come with scaling through multiple orders of magnitude.
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