toyota camry for sale under $5,000 near me

I purchased this car at the end of the analog Teleaid system. Special thanks to Ramon for the help couldnt have done it without you! Has 3 storage compartments 3 usb connections 2 cigarette lighters lighted mirrors, a compartment overhead to keep sunglasses, power side mirrors,tilt wheel, cruse control and more. Did I mention its a 2013 and the only parts replaced are the wiper blades, brakes, oil when needed, air filters same as the oil, and tires the rest is original with 87,989 on the odometer and shes a daily driver . My review would be a 5 star except for Mercedes itself. Although the body style is not as flashy as the newer ones, the mechanical workings of the pre 2005 were a LOT more reliable, the 2003 is currently sitting at 197,680 mi (I bought it at around 140,000) and I have only done minimal routine upkeep/maintenance like fluid changes, tires, brakes, etc. I have been shopping for a used car for several weeks before finding Tred. Estimated monthly payment of . Estimated monthly payment of . Estimated monthly payment of . These estimates do not include tax, title, registration Better than much higher end models. I lost my v card in this box and i have never had a more comfortable experience. She gets it done. The styling is timeless and it is built to last. I have a October 2003 model Toyota Avalon that is a MKIII VXi that I've had since 2017. Yes there were issues but Abe am his team corrected them without question! Driving on the highway requires a heavy foot at times but in the city the car is zippy and its small size is a huge advantage in traffic. It runs like a top & the air conditioning works." Their NO NONSENSE approach saves everyone involved a lot of time. I was having a hard time selling my car and I was told by a trusted friend that Carworld would be able to buy it from me. Ive never done the auction. Based on a vehicle price of $2,289, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. A vehicle that doesn't have any of the below issues, A condition where the automaker buys back the car due to warranty defects, Damage to a component of the main structure of the vehicle, Any vehicle that has been stolen from its owner and then found, Vehicles owned or leased by a business rather than an individual. Mr Malibu is always here to help anyway I can. Ive bought 3 vehicles (Ford Expedition, Nissan Cube and Ford Explorer) from blok over the years and I never had any issues with any vehicles.I make sure I thoroughly check the vehicle for interior damage and I usually have a mechanic friend with me to check out the vehicle. Both were excellent and Chris competed the deal and was shipped on time.

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Then Mercedes said a change over to digital would cost me $6,000.00. I got over 64 miles per gallon driving it from Ottawa Canada to south New Jersey, on one tank of gas! It is very reliable and comfortable on a long trip.

Thanks!!! It has a brand new instrument cluster and battery. 1500s our tools to get details such as qualifying cars, test drive options, You get what you pay for and the prices are very fair (compare their rock bottom pricing to large dealers and smaller independent dealers). I bought my 2003 V6 XLE Camry from a colleague in 2017 for under $2,000 at 143,000 milage now in May 2022 the milage is at 183,000. With the seats down, cargo space is plentiful. Based on a vehicle price of $4,990, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. The only thing that I might say is the car was almost as describe when it arrive. In all this time, it's never had any serious mechanical problems. My other car is a 1988 Fiero which handles better than anything new available below $50,000. Based on a vehicle price of $5,000, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. I put premium gas in it, have the oil+ filter replaced on schedule, replaced the brake pads once, and that's it! Most comfy car i have ever owned. I would gladly purchase another car from here. Once I pay its about a 20 minute process at the counter to get all the paperwork and they hand me the keys and Im squared away. Estimated monthly payment of . LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. This car is likely to sell soon based on the price, features, and condition. Couldnt get approvee but they went ahead and did when nobody else could thank you guys soooo much. You can get more information about this car from your couch through

iseecars This is my 6th Nissan and I love the Altima. I am in love with my Acura RL . The front seats heat up fast in the Winter, nice LED lights of different colors can illuminate the floor. Estimated monthly payment of . I just go in on a Monday and purchase the vehicle.

However you dont think of a sedan as a work car, thats not my reference. Almost no oil consumption. Its a pleasure being in your offices glad to have done business! 18 mpg under all conditions. I wish is had more HP, but that's what the RS is for. Unless otherwise noted, all vehicles shown on this website are offered for sale by licensed motor vehicle dealers. Since it's XLE, the interior is amazing: leather and JBL audio. Extremely low miles, Engine & Transmission like New, Back up camera and touch screen radio with video playing capabilities installed for FREE! Condition History data is provided by Experian AutoCheck. All the tires are from Discount Tires and they are all under warranty and the minivan has hitherto been managed only by the Gwinnett Place Honda since 2005 and there is evidential records from 2005 to date with Honda. Get's the fuel efficiency of an hybrid but without worrying about an higher price or batteries. Estimated monthly payment of . Based on a vehicle price of $4,000, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. They provide escrow, financing, and delivery. You may have to track one down because its a decent sized lot and they may not see you surveying the cars. But I guess it depends on the last time the car was registered. We value your privacy. These guys will not swindle you into buying a bad car. Im still waiting for my license so I havent purchased a car yet but I will be going to CarWorld. The check engine light lit recently. It been a very reliable car. Future of used car sales. Estimated monthly payment of . It needed and oil change and there where a few things that needed to be taken care of..Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. A video walkaround of this car may be available When I say work I mean when I floor it the traction control lights up and both tires wanna sing along. Based on a vehicle price of $4,195, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. We'll notify you when there is new inventory and price drops based on your search criteria. Based on a vehicle price of $2,995, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. Cheapest to maintain ever. Not sure if they are still holding auctions during covid. For the things that have been replaced, parts are inexpensive. I do not recommend using the company they say go to for tags, they charge you for something you can easily do yourself and you can do it faster as they dont go to dmv daily. Tred offers their own extended warranty so I was able to get a used car without the worry that something could go wrong with it. This was never published and had I known I would have waited another year for the 2003 Digital system. All services including tax and registration were done by the dealer. Based on a vehicle price of $4,500, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. *Estimated payments are for informational purposes only. Still no alarm on dashboard.My first one was totaled and bought the same car used with different color. It was at the dealer twice for said issues, but after that, it ran fine, never happened again. Give me a good deal I am very happy with this location also give me ride home help me with all Dmv process I was low on cash but I have gotten perfect car 100 percent satisfied with noor auto sale, Ive owned this car for 14 years and everything is still working! Certified cars are manufacturer warrantied and typically I came into carwolrd crying and left happy as xxxx. It is very comfy and very quick. May have been my only experience but that isn't the point. Routine maintenance is dirt cheap and so far, no other type of maintenance, none, at all, and it has over 120,000 miles! I live out of state, they had a 2002 Camaro in stock. The Touch screen doesn't have Navigation, but my cellular phone does. This dealership offers They do not represent a financing offer or a guarantee of credit from the seller. Exterior is bland but that's ok. No thief's gonna see this car as a high-value target. This car is very comfortable it has lots of room for the whole family and plenty of cup holders. This is the perfect electric car for driving around town, doing errands or even for a short daily commuter. and any applicable fees. go through a rigorous multi-point inspection. Based on a vehicle price of $3,690, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. You also agree to our Privacy Statement. Contact the dealership with Come get you this great deal before someone else beat you to it. Based on a vehicle price of $3,800, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. Calls may be prerecorded. The 4 matic makes this thing run snow like my Dodge Ram pickup. I did my homework before i bought this car,I had a honda it was not a saturn,enough said not sorry i bought this saturn also service was great .and still is GO SATURN!!!!!. I was getting the runaround from all of the other dealerships I visited and was having a very difficult time with the financing process. I drive it cross country all the time!!

Based on a vehicle price of $3,990, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. I will be definately using Tred again for either buying or selling my next car. For questions about the TrueCar Auto Buying Service please call 1-888-878-3227. They address any concerns you may have and they uphold their reputation as a dealership. Roomy enough inside to fit 5 normal people. He walked me through the process as his mechanic checked out my car and explained everything to me in a simple manner. TrueCar does not broker, sell, or lease motor vehicles.

Got this lovely little fella for $17,999.00 if you ask me the price I paid I stole it. Remote push bottom start. These are dealerships that do not have a physical location, meaning that cars will be delivered to your home. Mr Malibu is back with another good one. VERY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE. I got a guy on the lot help me find a car that I want it but just as soon as I talk to him I saw the Explorer and I said you know what I like that truck he helped me with the deal and put it through add a list price on the window and from that list price you took off quite a bit of money I was real happy with the place and I told everybody about it and how clean the vehicle was I have a friend who's an LAPD and I was talking to him about the place and he was familiar with it he set a really have some good-looking looking cars and they're always clean thanks for my great car I'll keep telling people. In the Fall of 2018, my mechanic said: "My customer's daughter bought a new Altima, and is giving my customer her used Altima. Estimated monthly payment of . it is to bad gm pulled this car from their stable. I've spent $3,000 so far on repair but a big chunk was for an incident on the ball joint that costed me $1,200 so maintenance outside that is pretty basic and affordable: battery, alternator, spark plugs, 4 new tires. You cannot beat the value of this. This car is is very reliable, especially in the snow. Use of this data is subject to the AutoCheck Terms & Conditions. Fuel economy is 14.5 km per 100 km. The third row seating is nice, mine has the split bench seat in front, and seats 8, or the rear seats both fold down for plenty of cargo room, so taking road trips with or without passengers is no problem. I hope my car can run up to 250,000 or more like many people here who left review. Would buy from them again!!! Initially there were some issues with the transmission, but apparently it was a Software issue and/or a Sensor. home delivery on some or all of its cars. Estimated monthly payment of . The steering wheel is a perfect size and comfortable for Spirited driving.

Very fast and reliable after at about 150000 miles. Front and rear legroom and head room are extremely good for its size. I've had friends well over 6 foot comment on the spaciousness. Estimated monthly payment of . upon request. The only issue was the first gen battery. ${award} ${year}, By JDeCook526 from Hudson Falls, New York. It probably indicates I need a routine oil change as it did last time.

Estimated monthly payment of . from Wagga Wagga New South Wales Australia. Buying a car from these guys is like buying a car from your favorite uncle. fees, lien fees, or any other fees that may be imposed by a governmental agency in connection with the sale and Thank you Alex and Carworld for helping me in every aspect. Consent is not required to purchase goods/services. Im looking for something all black with leather seats and a sunroof, !!!!!

TOM WAS VERY HELPFUL AND VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, SO THE WHOLE TRANSACTION WAS VERY SMOOTH. By Sean Rollett. a video consultation. Just change the oil, brakes and tires when needed. Good acceleration. Most painless encounter that Ive had with a dealership in a while. The summer tires handle the road really well. All vehicles are subject to prior sale. The 2011-2014 battery degraded quickly and if the owner did not have Nissan replace it, all those cars are now junk and can only go 20 miles or so on a charge. The maintenance on it is very easy. Certified Dealers are contractually obligated by TrueCar to meet certain customer service requirements and complete the TrueCar Dealer Certification Program. Car runs great the only issue was that I had to change the throttle. I've been driving said 2000 Altima to date (7/15/2020) without problems except for the duct-taped bumpers & fenders. I have a 2018 Honda and the Lexus is still built better. NO other MECHANICAL ISSUES. Guess I have been lucky. financing of the vehicle. By clicking here, you authorize and its sellers/partners to contact you by text/calls which may include marketing and be by autodialer. Based on a vehicle price of $3,450, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. Cuts the middleman out so the buyer saves the difference while offering all the perks. They will tell you what is wrong with it but won't sell you a ticking time bomb. Contact me to set up a test drive. Get car registered asap to avoid getting pulled over because they do not offer the registration paper tags that regular dealerships are required to use now. Then I found a car on Tred and was pleasant surprised that all of the process including the financing could be completed from my cell phone. My favourite car ever! It has all the features one could ask for and the condition is excellent. After inspecting the car Alex gave me a fair offer for my vehicle. The people at Starfire are great to work with!! Anyway, it was very easy to list the car with them. In terms of interior quality and ride comfort, the material isn't premium but that's not what one looks for in this car. Based on a vehicle price of $3,950, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment. NEW ARRIVAL !!!!! Looking to have this car delivered to your home? A DOHC 4 banger! I first talked with Daren and then completed the deal with Chris. I bought a beautiful 2004 Jaguar X Type. Estimated monthly payment of . A DVD player for the comfort of the passengers. THANK YOU GUYS, I WILL BE BACK!!!! Never get bored of it. Based on a vehicle price of $3,700, on a 72 month loan with 5.99% APR and a 20.00% down payment.

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