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Why do bulls and horses turn up their nostrils when excited by love? Darwin pondered deep in one of his unpublished notebooks. As an herbalist; Im hit all the time on oils and what to use them for. Dont throw out the baby with the bathwater!

He was clearly thrown by the question, and said in the end that he wanted to move onto other toipcs but that he had left the company, because he did not like what they were doing. In summary, d?TERRA has not and does not claim any certification, registration or approval of its essential oils by the FDA, AFNOR, ISO, or any other regulatory body. . Some are even showing that DoTERRA is an off shoot of Young Living essential oils. When I tried doTERRAs oils, I found that I did not react to them the way I had before. Anything to sell a product. And if youre going to complain about money-grubbing, consider the fact that health care in the US is 17% of the national GDP! Kindest Regards, well that is illegal here in australia unless you hold an advanced diploma in aromatic medicine, i asked her what training she had to make such a dangrous statement and she said she was a sales rep. i find with most MLM compaines like YL and doterra that none of their sales reps have any form of training in aromatherapy or clinical aromatherapy to make the clams and statements they do. Simply falling into bed at night, exhausted, worried and restless, does not replenish and rebuild the human organism. In the case of ambergris, it is produced in the stomach of the sperm whale, where it serves to protect the intestinal lining against the tough, horned snout of cuttlefish, a kind of squid that the whale [], The so called Safe Cosmetics Act has been rolled out again, with even more attendant shock and awe PR from the misguided zealots at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics using misinformation on Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Database. Second, each representative is responsible for their providing accurate information with integrity. If one were to rate the importance of this bill .

~ It is the nature of many people to lash out at things that feel threatening to them and/or their livelihood, even if those things are good. And as for whether or not someone is truly an expert or not doesnt necessarily mean that they are blasted all over the internet. Thank you so much for your efforts in posting this information and maintaining your blog. Do you agree with all of those causes? CPTG and CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade are terms that d?TERRA has trademarked. I did mention this to an American doterra person when someone came for a seminar in April, and was fobbed off with an excuse. Its a phrase that doTERRA made up and got a trademark on. ~ Lastly, too little knowledge can also be dangerous, or at least, detrimental. All light, All [], All natural aromatic substances that exist in Nature have a purpose other than to smell good in perfumes. How is one to decide on an essential oil company except to go by research, word of mouth and/or gut feeling? People all over the world are being inadvertantly poisoned by the toxins in those oils. I liked them both, at first. But, I bought a few, started using them, asked questions, did research into their sourcing, and listened to people who knew the owners to glean what I could about their integrity and purpose.

Part of our mission at d?TERRA is to be a leader and educator in the essential oil industry. They are pure, effective, and beautiful.

All of our products are taken through a series of tests including AFNOR and ISO standards for purity, and all of our manufactures must maintain a GMP certification. doTERRA International, LLC Not knowing anything else at all about the company, that alone would make me suspicious. Upon opening my eyes, I saw the first one was Young Livings product and the second was doTERRAs. Additionally, there is no such thing as AFNOR essential oil certification. This registration has the disclaimer, No claim is made to the exclusive right to use certified pure therapeutic grade apart from the mark as shown. . Its just a matter of time before youre in the shadows of this industry. This or that oil may help with these symptoms. Everybody is different and will react differently to each oil. I also found that, although we were lead to belive that Dr. Hill was a general medical practitioner, he is or was a chriopractor. In the mean time, the d?TERRA name and CPTG registered trademark will continue to reflect our unyielding effort to provide you with the safest, purest, and most potent essential oil products available to consumers today.. I filled the paperwork out and a few hours later she called me because I had failed to provide my ss# (which I had intentionally left blank.) I have a feeling they might have high quality products but Im just a bit nervous now since their sales reps seem to be uneducated and their marketing schemes seem deceptive. The sales rep said she had no idea about possible reactions and since their products were pure then there shouldnt be any reactions and they can absolutely be used internally where indicated. This lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum. Which, basically, is what this blog is all about. Every essential oil has a unique content and range of chemical constituents which gives it active properties. Choose the tools that help you get maximum deep sleep so that your body can do its nightly work. Wait up and use your brains and determine it is a few people and you shouldnt put everyone in the same bucket. well my encounter with a doterra sales rep was very interesting, and she informed me (me being qualified and acredited clinical aromatherapist) that doterra were the purest essential oils on the world and they are so pure you dont have to use as much as other companies essential oils and that they are pure theraputic grade essential oils for internal use!!!!!!

Anyway, understanding your process for evaluating an essential oil provider would be great to know. I, myself, am TIRED of seeing pharmaceutical commercials and ads EVERYWHERE I look. Pine and cinnamon Spreading in my old garden . I would be interested to learn that so I can make informed decisions of my own. Anyone supporting either doTERRA or Young Living against each other is bashed (lot of mystery about THAT one!). Most in the essential oil trade regard AFNOR (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation) standards regarding essential oils as relatively useless and applying to oils produced in France.

His lecture, research and practice, incorporate Eastern and Western medical practices with emphasis on the use of essential oils. I will get it closer to the top of the list now that I see how desirable this information might be to many of you. both aromatherapy and the aspects surrounding the essential oil trade. Stay tuned for part II of this series which will focus on FDA regulations that actually apply to essential oils and the part III will provide you with questions to ask a supplier that will ascertain their knowledge of essential oils and expertise in the industry. As set forth in instructional materials for d?TERRAs distributors: d?TERRAs CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality standard is more rigorous, yet very different in nature and function than the ISO monographs for aromatic extracts. In 2009, however, Winged Seed bloggers published an alleged email that reads, in the opinion of the author, that a company representative stated to a potential [], [] the companys website, is self-awarded. . This registered word mark has not been provided to them by the FDA as they claim and is meaningless in proving that an outside certifying body has declared or designated that DoTERRAs essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade. I wont even say what oils I use because I see its a no-win situation here (I will say that I dont sell any oils). Then, I smell the second one. Danika, you make a very good point that the MLM business model is not necessarily the culprit itself when it comes to unethical business practices. Their goal is not to make enormous amounts of money. Everything I have ever read on doTERRAs sites says is not intended to treat, proscribe, diagnose any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body. . I need it. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. I decided that doTERRAs essential oils are the best on the market for me and my clients. Yes, many of them worked for Young Living at some point but they all left of their own volition for personal reasons. We want mathematical, statistical and replicable proofs of any and every method or product used for health. ~ Its true that there is no official standard established for essential oils but there is certainly an accepted standard that can be found in professional aromatherapy texts. I reseached and found the verdict as has been mentioned above in Casewatch, One of the blends called Deep Blue ( which does seems to work) contains Wintergreen Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, and Osmanthus.The other oil to be used was On Guard which contains Wintergreen, Clove Bud, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. I own and operate Samara Botane/Nature Intelligence, a family business importing aromatic raw ingredients and manufacturing spa and wellness products since 1988. Under the trademark registration, they show application to the following products: Essential oils; Essential oils for household use; Essential oils for personal use; Lavender oil; olive oil; Massage oil; Massage oils; Natural essential oils; Aromatherapy oils; Bath oils; Body oils; Cosmetic oils; Cosmetic oils for the epidermis; Essential oils for flavoring beverages; Essential oils for food flavorings; Essential oils for use in manufacturing of gelcaps and other dietary supplements like lumaslim for weight loss; Essential oils for use in the manufacture of scented products; Oils for cleaning purposes; Oils for toiletry purposes; Skin and body topical lotions, creams and oils for cosmetic use; Food flavorings prepared from essential oils; Oils for perfumes and scents; Peppermint oil; Perfume oils; Tanning oils. We live in such an over medicated society these days and we need instant gratification. That statement made me feel uncomfortable. I have found that they dont state that their oils are certified therapuetic by the FDA. Yes, I bought them from doTerra, and have really liked them. I have a blog on which I have started posting about essential oil use and links to resources to be more self-sufficient: http://thriveforlife.wordpress.com. Just an add on to my comment. I personally question exactly what their approval means-pay offs, pressure from Big Pharma, political/business favors? The claims were on the DoTerra company website, as stated above, whether your distributor made such claims to you herself. F.Y.I. In seems to be a very difficult thing to learn the truth about and quite complicated.

doTERRA nor its representatives that I have interacted with have ever claimed any FDA certification. Additionally, Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., prominently featured on the DoTerra website, and who is identified as a pioneering expert and dynamic leader in the field of integrative medicine with international acknowledgements (sic). I completely disagree with the information given by Jacquie it is based on her biased opinion only and not accurate in any way. This statement, however, should not be interpreted that AFNOR or the ISO has a standard for therapeutic grade essential oils or that any essential oil product has AFNOR or ISO certification or approval. Tammy, you are right that it is complicated and not an easy task to simplify for the person who has not studied .

The more I learn in my studies, the more some essential oil companies disturb me with their selling and education practises. However, once she was convinced that doTerra oils were good, she became a distributor for them, which, in my opinion, nearly negates any other personal opinion, as one who sells a product can hardly be objective can they? I happen to believe it isnt the best business model, but thats another discussion . Never fails!!!! Find what works best for you and stick to it. However, I am afraid that there may be some people who have not been educated in the safe practice and application of E.Os, which may lead to someone getting ill, or worse still losing a baby.

A second trademark has been registered (as a word mark) CPTG also by DoTERRA Holdings, LLC, 370 W. Center Street, Orem, UT 84057.

We see today how that opinion worked out. How can a company sell blends with big claims, then not be able to provide assistance over the phone? She absolutely said that they had some sort of FDA approval for internal use theraputic grade. Sometimes, we need someone to tell us which is the best, for healthy tips, feel free to read more at this website.

Without knowing which one was in either hand, I noticed the first one smelled good. The reason, again, being to make them available to as many people as possible. To: Recipient Name and Email Removed for Privacy.

This in turn just leads to the belief that aromatherapy is hocus pocus which is detrimental to the profession as a whole. I have not found that Doterra is trying to hide anything or deceive anyone. This makes sense to me since if you are a photographer, farmer, artist, chef, or anything other career you would use advertising or word of mouth to identify why you are the best at what you do and why people should give you their money rather than giving it to Bob Competitor up the street. I have checked their information with my professional aromatherapy texts and they are accurate. These oils go through a testing process called GCC for short. If doterra cannot be trusted to be honest about their background and their oils, how are the public to know what they are truly using? 134, Orem, UT 84057. There are no real standards. The get a few know-it-alls to back them up, if theyre that lucky, and they sucker people in with making money.

I myself have to wonder about a company who will register a trademark of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade for no other reason than to imply that they have been certified in some way. ~ The executives/owners have integrity and many years of experience and their ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality essential oils possible to their consumers.

[] more here: One More Time: There Are No FDA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Part I Leave a []. My nose can tell the difference. They also support valid scientific research on essential oils. It is much needed. Whos works the best. sleep. Empty peaks, silence: among sparse stars, Not yet flawed, it drifts. Whether an oil is organic or FDA certified makes no real differnece. So, doTERRA may make big claims, but in my experience they back it up. Obviously, they cant control what every person associated with them says. Most companies do not do this testing because of cost but I have seen an increase in companies stating that they test their oils, but do not say what standard they use, how they test, and what that really means. Subject: We at Samara Botane and many others in the essential oil trade have are dismayed about the misrepresentation of facts surrounding essential oils that occurs here in the United States, especially within the multi-level marketing industry. They are sourced from very reputable growers and distillers who are experts and know their business. The criticism is not aimed at mlms specifically, however, when mlm companies teach their distributors erroneous information, it travels down the chain and is harder to correct later on. Organic grown produce only has to be 95% organic, according to the FDA. I could tell you that I am experienced with essential oils for 7 years or I could be a first time user if it makes me any more or less credible. Another example is Visa Cards registered trademark: Bring Home the Gold. No one should mistake d?TERRAs registered intellectual property right as somehow a registration of the essential oils. Nobody here really knows if it really came that way so it really isnt proof, but is an interesting start to the conversation. . I was introduced to doTERRA a couple years ago. It too, smelled great. . Natural or alternative healing is giving them a run for their money because people are becoming more aware of the flaws in the scientific, allopathic, FDA approved, graded and statistically proven methods of medical practice. It cost nothing other than 5 minutes to fill out contact information. Most especially something made from the plants that grow abundantly in all of our gardens [], Lemon Balm, Balm mint, Blue balm, Garden balm, Honey plant, Sweet balm these are all common names for Melissa officinalis, an aromatic plant in the mint (Lamiaceae) family having a long history as a delightful garden plant and medicinal aromatic herb. ~ doTERRA essential oils are not produced in Taiwan as Jacquie states. A lot of people liked him, and a lot of people hated him, but the proof was in the pudding, so to speak. thanks to all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Anyway I started to buy them and telling other people about them. Should I take a course on them or are there on-line tutorials that are honest? If their oils were as good as they say, why wouldnt they just allow 3rd parties to prove it for them, instead of stooping to questionable marketing? I also spent 4 years earning a Masters Diploma in Aromatherapy from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (January 2011). Im aiming for simplicity in my life. So lets put the blame where it goesto the parent company, not the business model. The thing that grinds my gears about this is, with enough digging, you can read up on all the stupid politics involved and why each executive left Young Living and went to doTERRA. My neighbor recommended DoTerra to me and had her sales representative friend present me with their products. A friend of mine shared some of your products with me as a giftthey are lovely, and I especially love the Cleane herbal bath. In 2009, however, Winged Seed bloggers published an alleged email that reads, in the opinion of the author, that a company representative stated to a potential [], [] to the companys website, is self awarded. I have no intention to sell these oils and have nothing to gain by this comment. Although there are good essential oils available to consumers, many products claiming to be essential oils often are not pure aromatic extracts and often contain fillers and non-aromatic compounds. Cannot say if the oils are blended, or where they come from.

I did not purchase their kids but took samples to try on my own family. It doesnt matter if a company is an MLM, mom and pop, corporation or anything else for that matter.what matters is whether or not their product is GOOD!

There is an example on therapeutic myth (DoTerra, however is a good brand in my view). People leave their work to do their own thing every day! This seemd to jog Dr. Hills memory, and he said yes that the man had no signs of cancer and was cured.

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Filed on March 4, 2009, published for opposition on July 1, 2009 and official registration granted on October 6, 2009.

I met some people from doterra and liked their oils. 800-411-8151 Scientists long ago documented a rich array of animal pheromones, everything from seal, fox and civet, various rodents, boars, beavers, musk deer . The allopathic medicine industry needs SICK people, so consider that when you feel the need to demand FDA approval for anything. Neither organization uses the term therapeutic in their monographs or standards for essential oils.

I dont believe the originator of this blog is stating the oils are good or bad, but stating that FDA has them approved. I also want to thank you Marcia for putting this info out there. I am General Counsel for d?TERRA. what with a fragile [], My reflection on Earth Day last year wasnt very rosy. ~ They are a for-profit company. On mats, it shines richer than silken gauze. Orem, Ut 84057 DoTERRAs, CPTG essential oils are 100% pure natural aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants.

Could you please point me in the direction of the blog post regarding how to evaluate a supplier of essential oils (as mentioned in the 8/21/10 blog). Dont be fooled.

My concern is that since essential oils are transdermal and most pure essential oils on the market today are in reality impure. Just because there is one company pushing FDA certificate doesnt mean the meaning Therapeutic Grade is not true. Please feel free to repost this entire message in its entirety, unedited, on your blog as well as social media outlets and newsgroups. Doterra appears to have taken every effort to be transparent in their business practices and their oils are the most potent that I have experienced. Somewhere on TV I saw the phrase puffery Shame on any organization who has to stoop to such deliberately misleading marketing tactics to sell their product. We hope we have resolved your concern. alkaline
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