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Murad; G. Junne - The black eunuchs of the Ottoman Empire; R. Dankoff - An Ottoman Mentality: The World of Evliya elebi; R. Murphey - The Functioning of the Ottoman Army under Murad IV (16231639/10321049):Key to Understanding of the Relationship Between Center and Periphery. Mivel nem a hremben lt s nem szerepel a jegyzknyvekben nem tudjuk mikor halt meg. [6], Sigismund Bthory joined the anti-Ottoman Holy League of Pope Clement VIII and broke into Ottoman territory in the summer of 1595. Bethlen was a patron of the arts and the Calvinist church, giving hereditary nobility to Protestant priests. Aye Murad 1640-es halla utn a Rgi Palotba kltztt Murad tbbi gyasval s gyermekvel vagy gyermekeivel egytt.

Absolutely unrealistic.4. Farya, despite being Hungarian, can speak perfect Turkish! Well, there could not be a princess at that time such as Farya. Yet she continues to be ignorant about Ottoman system now that Mura/t continues to pay her little attention even though she gave birth to two sons and instead spends time on drinking parties with Yusuf & other male buddies, she wants to be Valide and supports changing succession law back to the one involving fratricide Okay, she doesnt care about Murads brothers, but her own sons? [25] According to a letter of Bethlen, Bocskai ordered him to capture "certain castles", for which he had to postpone his marriage in May. considering Mu/rat is the biggest misogynist in MY/K next to Lutfi the Incel. Perhaps the former events also are related to the fact that instead of Aye's previous high salary (2000 aspers per day), in the Old Palace she received only 100-200 aspers per day for the rest of her life, regardless of whether Valide and Haseki Sultanas could keep their original salaries even in the Old Palace. Murad gyasainak portri. Mihrunnisa Sultan-I would have made Mihrunnisa a slave concubine, and have her be Mustafas favourite, but not his wife. Murad never saw her as a consort of importance either. Nem pontosan tudjuk, hogy Aye mikor lett Haszeki szultna, azonban felttelezhetjk az 1632-es dtumot. [24] Soon after, Gabriel gave the ahidnme (or charter) in which the Ottoman Sultan, Ahmed I, styled Bocskai as prince of Transylvania. In 1615, after the Peace of Tyrnau, Bethlen was recognised by Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor.[26]. According to others, Hi! Ayse Humasah Sultan-Historically, Ayse was quite important like her mother. On 20 August 1620, he was elected King of Hungary at the Diet of Besztercebnya and in September 1620, war with the Habsburgs resumed. For Aye, this was probably one of the last magnificent moments, as soon Murad's health deteriorated, his sons died and a new concubine emerged, whom Murad also raised to the rank of Haseki and who was paid a higher salary than Aye. Ksem Sultan). Even after the matter is revealed and she does regret what she did, shes as defensive as ever and tries to put all blame on depressed, abused woman aka Aye she sees no fault of Mura/ts there. A frjjellt egybknt nem volt klnsen jelents politikai szempontbl.

Kaya s Kszem klnsen kzel lltak egymshoz, volt Kszem kedvence, emiatt is klns, hogy Kszem a lny krse ellenre is hozzknyszertette a sajt vlasztottjhoz. The fact that Ksem forced Kaya, a barely 13-year-old girl, to consummate the marriage with a pasha (who in age was like Kaya's own grandfather) complicating matters further. I carefully and repeatedly revised this time and know what? Still, she didnt deserve execution for that, especially from hands of person who was chiefly responsible for the tragedy aka her husband and her being pregnant saving her was meaningful. I swear even Mihrimah and Rstem, while thouroughly dysfunctional, were more interesting to watch as a totally fucked up, toxic couple ugh.

Nonetheless, according to Alessandrini, the sultan holds her in high esteem and treats her like a queen, and Aye also strives to behave like a real queen. And this situation itself only says that Farya is a fool with a lack of instinct for self-preservation. I really never hated MY/K ship as much as I hated Mu*ya, a total disaster that really had nothing appealing to me it was straight-up abusive plus it wasnt even interesting. I actually liked Sahs plotting, however Fatma thinking she can take on Hurrem was annoying. And heres what:1. century. Legend has it that the woman was so beautiful that all of Murad's concubines faded beside her. He was also King-elect of Hungary from 1620 to 1621, but he never took control of the whole kingdom. As I wrote above - it is endowed with super-forces (alone lays experienced warriors and jumps from a great height wow without breaking).2. [16], The Transylvanian refugees started to regard Gabriel as their leader. Aztn ht hnappal ksbb, amikor a Haszeki elvesztette gyermekt vagy lenyt szlt fizetst Murad lecskkentette a szintn fiait elveszt Aye szintjre. In the purity of the Muslim caliph for no reason allowed the wrong to manage the harem and lead the people professing the state religion - Islam. Valsznbb, hogy Sanavber egy magasrang hrem szolgl volt, aki kiemelt sttuszt vagy Kszem szultnnak vagy Muradnak ksznhette. I wanted to see more Kosem as grandmother and Murad as father, and perhaps an Ayse-Kosem rivalry over their husbands(which is historically true in case of Kaya(even if we dont know her mother)). The real Mustafa would not have had a legal wife, but a harem of concubines. [21] They sent a delegation to Constantinople in August, asking the permission of the Ottoman grand vizier to elect Gabriel prince and seeking Ottoman assistance to their return to Transylvania. emsiah Haseki (1619 - 1640/1698) was a concubine of Sultan Murad IV of the Ottoman Empire. dancer after promising her he would be now focused on his family (and even in that scene she still looked so scared of him), Sinan comes, calls her future Valide Sultan, she smirks, brightens up & already feels relevant and in better mood, so immediately does what he wants her to do and sends message to Mura/t about Ksem holding meeting with statesmen and ulema about changes in succession law. Msok szerint Murad sosem tette gyasv Emirgn testvrt, de olyanok is vannak, akik szerint Emirgn sosem adta oda hgt Muradnak. 23.

This is complete nonsense. That is why there was nothing strange about Aye choosing a husband for Esmehan Kaya herself. I would have liked her much less then. emsiah haseki. Living outside harem meant that (surprise!) Our site claims no credit for any videos posted on this site unless stated otherwise. Fatma Sultan-TBH every sister of Suleyman being Hurrems enemy got old. Taln az elbbi esemnyeknek is kze lehet ahhoz, hogy Aye korbbi magas fizetse (napi 2000 asper) helyett a Rgi Palotban csupn 100-200 asperes napi fizetst kapott lete vgig, fggetlenl attl, hogy a Valide s Haszeki rangot viselk nknek Rgi Palotba kltzs utn sem volt szoks cskkenteni a fizetst. And its not even that shes made up, but that shes Mary Sue. While keeping relations with the Sublime Porte (the Ottoman Empire), he sought to gain lands to the north and west. [2], According Gabriel's first extant letter (from 1593), Sigismund Bthory, Prince of Transylvania, seized the brothers' estates "at the word of many coaxing people" without paying a compensation to them in 1591 or 1592, but a "few primary kinsmen" convinced the prince to offer restitution or other landed property to them. Let me remind you that in the harem everyone is converted to Islam, so what kind of fright the Muslims will be led by the infidel? She was also originally gonna play Hurrem and the character would never have been as iconic if she had. You do it even though you know it will result in your death. After the campaign, several eyewitnesses described Ayes return to Istanbul as a very magnificent event. I think its clear to everyone that this is more of a fairy tale than a real story. Typical Mary Sue suffers from the syndrome not like everyone else. We do not know the reason for this, but barely seven months later Murad also reduced her salary to 2,000 aspers. [11] According to a scholarly theory, Gabriel Bethlen accompanied Bocskai to Prague. Dadiani; some claim he fell in love with her at first sight during a hunting trip with her father. Of course, it is immoral to incite a crowd to a pregnant woman, but what did Farya do to save herself? Because Gabor Bethlen having a kid is a seriously underappreciated alternate history scenario. Sanavber, Murad hremnek egyik tagja volt, akirl annyit tudunk, hogy a nevvel elltva ltezett egy alaptvny, melyet 1628-ban hozott ltre. Ignoring stuff such as period-appropriate behaviour (Murad laughing at Farya wanting to command an Ottoman army, I guess even less misogynistic men would laugh her off), he calls her his prisoner even before the pig incident, and afterwards. The relationship was a disaster WAY before he tried to kill her. Farya must thank God for this and continue to protect herself. I'm not huge fan of Beren!Ksem but I wouldn't call her a least favourite. Huricihan Sultan-Huricihan had the same problem as Mihrunnisa-Bayezid would not have had a legal wife. Thats my situation. This was exceptional, for the sultans had not taken their wives and favorite concubines with them for centuries.

Yet another rant on fucking Farya Bethlen. And nothing, if she hit Farya in the stomach? After the death of Murad in 1640, she moved to the Old Palace with the other concubines of Murad and with her child or children. anon asked -Farya Bethlen's light purple dress from s02e42,48 or white dress from s02e36,48, Gifs by @awkward-sultana and @kosem-sultana, (Almost) Every Costume Per Episode + Princess Farya Bethlens dark blue cape with beaded trim in 2x03 (requested by anonymous), Characters I would write out, characters I would write differently and characters I would want more of. [8] Another important source was written by Gabriel's retainer, Pl Hportoni Forr, who stated that Gabriel had held "great and honorable offices" and performed "the greatly laborious duties of emissary" in his youth. emsiah Haseki gave birth to two daughters: Hafsa Sultan (1634 -1636) and Fatma Sultan (1636 - 1640), After Murad IVs death in 1640, emsiah returned to her country, where she died a couple of months after her husband, apparently killing herself because she couldnt live without him. And now that I am studying for my exams, I am even more disappointed. Bethlen also encouraged learning by founding the Bethlen Gabor College, encouraging the enrollment of Hungarian academics and teachers and sending Transylvanian students to the Protestant universities of England, the Dutch Republic, and the Protestant principalities of Germany. Aye s Kszem egymsnak feszltek teht, de nem tudni rszletekbe menen, hogyan zajlott a kt n kztti hbor. Rosana mindenre s mindenkire fltkeny volt, gyllte Murad ccseit. Bethlen was given the title of Imperial Prince (of Hungarian Transylvania), seven counties around the Upper Tisza River and the fortresses of Tokaj, Munkcs (now Mukacheve), and Ecsed (Nagyecsed), and a duchy in Silesia. It was a matter closely connected with her and we never even see them talking about this or Flopryas reaction to it? Ez kivteles volt, ugyanis a szultnok vszzadok ta nem vittk magukkal felesgeiket s kedvenc gyasaikat a hadjratokra. emsiah Haseki gave birth to two daughters: Hafsa Sultan (1634 -1636) and Fatma Sultan (1636 - 1640), After Murad IVs death in 1640, emsiah returned to her country, where she died a couple of months after her husband, apparently killing herself because she couldnt live without him. Firuze Hatun-She is also fictional and a pointless rival to Hrrem. In September, he took Kassa (Koice) where Protestant supporters declared him the leader of Hungary and protector of Protestants. Others argue their marriage was a political one, even though her country didnt have any ties with the Ottoman Empire. and Also in the first season of Kosem, when she stands up on the balcony to throw her letters away, the balcony looks quite high up, yet Farya doesnt even get one injury from her fall. , . I also dislike Atike. , , . , , , , . I just noticed that the way Farya is dressed in Episode 35 doesn't make sense. Bethlen opposed the autocracy of the Habsburgs; persecution of Protestants in Royal Hungary; the violation of the Peace of Vienna of 1606; and Habsburg alliances with the Ottomans and George Drugeth (1633-1661), the captain of Upper Hungary. [4] Gabriel's court historian, Gspr Bojti Veres, described Lzr as a "grumpy and fierce" soldier who did not care much about their formal education. A heir was more urgent at this time than ever before, so it makes sense for Murad to give the concubine an outstanding allowance for the news of pregnancy or childbirth. Historians disagree on the reason why Murad IV married Princess But Farya was able. Erre azonban a titkr szerint eslye sincs s hiba prblja ruhiban, kszereiben s szolgli szmban is utnozni a Valide szultnt, sosem rhet fel hozz. Murad hallval a msodik Haszeki rkre eltnik a hrem jegyzkbl, melyre csak kt magyarzat lehet (klnsen annak ismeretben, hogy Aye preczen megjelenik sajt hallig ugyanebben a jegyzknyvben): a msodik Haszeki is elhunyt Murad eltt nemsokkal vagy kihzastottk. [10] According to historian Jzsef Barcza, Gabriel gained his first direct experience of warfare fighting against the Ottomans in the Battle of Giurgiu in Wallachia in 1595. Zilikhan [14][12] He sent Bocskai to Prague to start negotiations with Rudolph in January 1599. Nem sokat tudni rla, neve, szrmazsa, gyermekeinek kilte mind homlyba vsz. princess zilikhan dadiani. Farya Bethlen-Like Isabela, she has several plot holes. Portrait of Murad IV's consorts / IV. Probably to invade Transylvania. emsiah actually retired to the Old Palace and died in 1698.

During the Thirty Years' War, he attacked the Habsburgs of Royal Hungary (16191626). day 7: free choice farya as Klnsen rdekess teszi helyzett, hogy a dokumentumok gy hivatkoznak r, mint Sanavber bint Abdlmennan, ami nem az ttrt rabszolgk szoksos hivatkozsa hanem egy muszlim n hivatkozsa. [17][16] Gabriel and his brother, Stephen, divided their inherited estates, with Gabriel receiving Marosillye. Alessandrini reveals a lot about Aye with this short description, but it is important to keep in mind that Alessandrini and the ambassador he worked with were extremely loyal admirers of the great Valide Sultan, Ksem, so it is not surprising that no one could reach her in their opinions. I lost my baby, but after a while I got pregnant again. [16] Szkelys' troops conquered most fortresses along the Maros and laid siege to Gyulafehrvr. To everyone else, please dont send me (passive-aggressive) anon asks about Farya or why I like her considering what she did because I wont get into this subject anymore; Im honestly tired of MC:K discourse, life is too short to be this pedantic about a show that ended a year ago. Utbbi nem lenne szokatlan, hiszen a szultnok zvegyeit gyakran hzastottk ki, ha azok gyermektelenek voltak vagy csak lnyaik voltak. [12][13], Sigismund Bthory regretted his abdication and returned to Transylvania in August 1598. Born Princess Rosana valsznleg inkbb egy legenda, mintsem valdi gyasa Muradnak. Bethlen, supported by the Ottomans, led his Calvinist principality against the Habsburgs and their Catholic allies. On point number 2. Then, seven months later, when the Haseki lost her child or gave birth to a daughter, Murad reduced her salary to the level of Aye's, who also lost her sons. Aye szemlyisgrl nem sok maradt fenn.

A hadjrat utn tbb szemtan is lerta Aye Isztambulba val visszatrst, mint egy igen pomps esemnyt. pp ezrt nem volt abban semmi furcsa, hogy Aye maga vlasszon frjet Esmehan Kaya szmra. ), but I still liked her. Aye Sultan. sansaregina, #btw i hope everybody had fun doing this appreciation week, #this is the first i've organised so if you have any suggestions you can leave them in my askbox, #i'm gonna organise one at the end of the series too. Emellett I. Szelim idejbl is ismert egy eset, mikor egy szafavidk elleni hadjrat sorn Szelim fogjul ejtette a sah egyik kedvenc gyast (vagy felesgt), akit aztn rangol alul hzastott ki egy oszmn tisztviselhz. In his capital, in Gyulafehrvr (Alba Iulia), Bethlen built a grand new palace.

Egyesek szerint Aye igyekezett Ibrahim szultn segtsgt krni, aki azonban ki akarta hasznlni a helyzetet s magnak akarta Ayt. We know that her origin was Greek, for the ambassadors often likened her to her Greek mother-in-law, Ksem Sultan. [8] Based on these sources, modern historians assume that Bocskai boosted Gabriel's career in Sigismund Bthory's court,[9][2] but no contemporaneous document mentioned his presence in the prince's retinue. [thanks to @sakuranmisa for the info :D], ruby, ISFJ, 29, italian. So Aye and Ksem were tense to each other, but it is not known in detail how the war between the two women took place. Earlier, an attempt on the market had already been committed on it. Akrhogy is, a n sosem lpett be Murad isztambuli hremben. - these women had to do everything with their own mind, they made difficult decisions and on the way to happiness went through many losses and deaths.7. Taln az extrm magas fizets oka lehetett, hogy akkor lett terhes (vagy szlt fit), mikor Murad sszes addig l fia elhunyt mr s amikorra taln mr Kasim herceget (desccst) is kivgeztette? Because if you remove Being with a big belly, Farya began to follow Sanavber and personally to follow her. She suffers from the syndrome not like everyone else.3. Mustafa and Bayezids daughters-I wanted to see more of them than justmarried off and forgotten about. Sometimes we must do things we dont want to in order to save the ones we love. Well, it was the only time we saw Floprya doing charity. [22] The prince also made him the perpetual ispn (or head) of Hunyad County.[22]. In addition to Esmehan Kaya, she certainly had sons and perhaps other daughters who all died as children. Viszonylag hossz lete sorn hrom szultn uralkodst is lthatta, megjrta a mennyet Murad kedvenceknt s a poklot anyaknt. The scene with Sinan is SO indicative of Farya later on she sits on balcony frustrated because she sits at palace all alone with her sons, while her hubby spends time on one of his parties & watching some (sexy!) And the scriptwriters themselves imposed it on the audience, poking - here it is, a positive heroine - love her. Because Farya traveled solely at the expense of the jambs After the second campaign, Bethlen offered as rapprochement to the court of Vienna an alliance against the Ottomans and his marriage to an archduchess of Austria, but Ferdinand rejected his overtures. Angelo Alessandrini velencei titkr 1637-ben gy beszlt Ayrl, mint kiemelked szpsg nrl, aki azonban llekben a legkevsb sem olyan, mint a Valide szultna, Kszem. Farya later begins to openly mention her frustrations and how shes now sidelined because she cannot have children which of course makes her more the bitter and angry at Aye & striving towards revenge so bad she isnt satisfied that Aye got exposed and would be punished, she wants her DEAD & would not accept any other option (never mind that poor, innocent children would be orphaned in such a case). The fact that this heroine life does not teach anything. I cant believe she didnt hear about this she likely just didnt care. Taln igaz a trtnet, taln nem. [15], Gabriel supported Andrew Bthory,[16] who mounted the throne with Polish assistance after Sigismund again abdicated in 1599. [17] During the following years, Transylvania was regularly pillaged both by Basta's unpaid mercenaries, and by Ottoman and Crimean Tatar troops. 2. It must be May or June 1632 but she is dressed as if it was in the midst of winter. All we know is that after Murads campaign in Yerevan, she was elevated to the rank of Haseki, certainly because she gave birth to a son. Instead of using the chance to escape, she pulled out a dagger and moved to the furious crowd.

I would want to see Nurbahar have a daughter, Humasah(who was Mehmets real daughter) and for her and Cihan to try and get along despite their mutual favour. Seriously, it would be better to make her the daughter of some military, then her image would look logical, and her behavior would be understandable, and so /facepalm/. It is more likely that Sanavber was a high-ranking harem servant who owed her privileged status to either Murad or to Ksem Sultan. Why they never even mentioned her, I dont know. 1. A frj kivlasztsa a mindenkori szultn s a gyermek desanyjnak feladata volt. If there is any content appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please message us with a link to say which post and it will be promptly removed. Safiye [16] Sigismund Bthory (who had again returned to Transylvania) granted Gabriel and his brother landed property in Arad County in June 1602. She did not accept Islam, and according to the Ottoman laws, a heterodox can not be at the head of a harem, even if she is at least ten times the lawful wife of the Sultan. Ayt pedig nemsokkal ksbb Murad is kvette. She reminds me too much of Mihrimah.

She and share did not go through all that had to go through Hurrem, Nurbanu, Taln pp amiatt, mert Aye vgig Murad mellett volt a hadjraton, sokan okoljk Ayt Murad ccseinek kivgeztetse miatt. Azonban nincs arra utal bizonytk, hogy Aye valaha is a hercegek ellen prblta volna fordtani Muradot. Aye szultna volt Murad kedvence, aki uralkodst vgig dominlta. If she so wanted to be with Murad, and even in the role of his queen, then it was necessary to be more careful everywhere: to strengthen the guard, not to go where the probability of attacks is higher and certainly not rush to the furious crowd with a table knife, more for her rousing For any ruler of that time, the birth of the heir was almost the paramount task (and the harem rules here are not very much to do with it), so every such pregnancy was perceived as a great event, and normal women turned almost into crystal vases, amulet herself, or rather life in herself, and Farya shopping was impatient to carry out, being a target She did not show the nose from the palace of the nose, but in the harem and her protection strengthened, and the girls tried food It did not save her, but her conscience was clean - she kept herself as she could.

After returning from the campaign, Murad killed his two half-brothers, Bayezid and Suleiman. Would you like Farya more if Fahriye Evcen had played her?

He just gave himself the title because, fuck, who is going to stop him, Habsburgs? She received everything on a silver saucer, because she did not achieve anything with her own mind (because she has no mind), but from her personal drama she has only a loss of a child and everything. Farya would have lost her child again. Contrary to logic and common sense.3. emsiah Haseki (1619 - 1640/1698) was a concubine of Sultan Murad IV of the Ottoman Empire. Legend has it that Rosana was tall, blonde, and very light-skinned, but very bad in personality, so much so that Murad was afraid of her. [22], Gabriel finally married his bride, Zsuzsanna Krolyi, in August 1605. A legendk szerint Rosana magas volt, szke s nagyon vilgos br, azonban nagyon rossz termszet, olyannyira, hogy Murad is flt tle. Her feeling of superiority and being special truly shows you why she had best relations with. Gabriel Bethlen (Hungarian: Bethlen Gbor; 15 November 1580 15 November 1629) was Prince of Transylvania from 1613 to 1629 and Duke of Opole from 1622 to 1625.

[1][4] Both Farkas Bethlen and his wife died in 1591, leaving their two sons, Gabriel and Stephen, orphaned. The selection of the husband was the responsibility of the Sultan and the mother of the child. Kaya and Ksem were close to each other, she was Ksem's favorite grandchild, this is why it is strange that Ksem forced her to marry Melek Ahmed despite Kaya's own will. Egyesek szerint mikor Emirgn megadta magt s tadta Yerevan vrt Murad szultnnak 1635-ben, akkor hgt a szultnnak ajndkozta. This suffers and Farya. Aye is not my favourite character at all but she's my crush in MCK alongside Fahriye and Safiye (she's so beautiful!). Soha egy hrem jegyzk sem emlti Rosanat s egy krabeli kvet sem. Like a lot of occasional raids, but nothing spectacular for the whole first half of 17th century. [21], Gabriel decided to persuade the wealthy Stephen Bocskai to rise up against Rudolph's commissioners. [4], The brothers were put under the guardianship of their maternal uncle, Andrs Lzr de Szrhegy. His brother-in-law was Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. Bethlen's rule was one of patriarchal enlightened absolutism. But from the past lesson, she obviously did not get anything out. Aware of such risks, most sultans did not take their wives with them. In addition, its not 21st century, but 17. If a woman becomes pregnant, then she tried once again not to stick out. I make simple gifs about things that I like. Ugyanis ebbl az vbl maradt rnk egy kveti beszmol, mely szerint Murad anyja jvhagyst krte, hogy Haszeki rangra emelje (vagy felesgl vegye) legjabban szletett lnynak anyjt. But then, Murad cant leave well enough alone, so you know he and Ksem would have some quality drama(tm) around this! Her relationship with Ksem Sultan was probably never very good and close, but it soon reached a low point. atike

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