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The neck is slightly extended or neutral on the bottom of the swing. So this article will be a tutorial to break down the hardstyle swing. He has a great YouTube page with tons of detailed instructional videos. From a sumo deadlift stance, hike pass the bell back between your legs until your forearms make contact with your inner thighs. ), You Dont Have to Be Your Dad: How to Become Your Familys Transitional Character, Podcast #810: How to Turn a Boy Into a Man, A Celebration of the Ideal Bachelor From 1906, Why Ambivalent Relationships Are Terrible for You (And How to Deal With Them), Podcast #808: The Surprising Science Behind Building Stronger Relationships, Podcast #800: The 5 Allies Every Man Needs, Bike Maintenance 101: How to Patch an Inner Tube, How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife: An Illustrated Guide, 11 Auto Maintenance Jobs Every Man Can Do Himself, The Basic Dance Step Every Man Should Know, 6 Ways to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger, Podcast #781: Beyond OODA Developing the Orientation for Conflict and Violence, Iron Sharpens Iron: The Power of Master Mind Groups, So You Want My Job: NBA Strength and Conditioning Coach, The Power of Morning & Evening Routines [VIDEO], Sunday Firesides: Change Is the Master Key. The bell should float momentarily at chest height while you are in a standing plank. The deadlift is the basis for the swing. Hips fully extended and NO bend in the knees. 6) Avoid the high hip hinge. Spine is neutral and eyes are on the horizon. I want our profession to grow and for our patients to have better outcomes.

We can now move on to the final Step which is the two handed swing. 1) You can take the TGU and turn it into a million different exercises. Hardstyle Kettlebell Swings are an extremely beneficial exercise when performed with proper technique. Make sure you can execute the move perfectly and they will too. Hike the bell and keep it close to your body. KETTLEBELLS STRONGFIRST: Get Into Your Best Fighting Shape by Pavel Tsatsouline, Dog Days of Summer - Use This Code For 42% Off: DOGDAYS2022 - For Every Video Sold This Week Well Be Donating Meals To, The Get-UpNo-one could hold me down plus bullet-proof shoulders, The Clean-and-Jerkfor ruthless endurance, Russian AGT programmingthe gold medal alternative to mindless smokers. Plus, its these basic KB movements that that have the greatest impact on improving ones physical abilities and movement patterns. We do this by creating world-leading resources, and educational materials that help women, and health & fitness professionals who work with women, take their skills and knowledge to the next level. Now stand and repeat this tension while making a standing Plank.This should mirror the top of a Hardstyle swing minus the straight arms. Your task is to perform as many perfect, crisp swings as possible using a particular set and rep scheme in that timeframe without coughing up a lung. The arms are straight in the bottom position. The back is neutral. Dont get lazy and start doing partial range swings.

Dont rush through each step. The swing zaps fat without the dishonor of aerobics, and it develops explosive power and never-quit conditioning. 2) The TGU takes you through a full neurodevelopmental progression. Remember the HS Swing is a HINGE not a SQUAT! 5) If you let the weight go at the bottom of the swing it should fly backwards, not down. 5) You should be rolling to your elbow, not sitting up to it. Theres no power. Aaron works with individuals to help them rehab from injuries and achieve their physical goals. If you enjoyed it and found it helpful, please share it with your peers. We make it our mission to find the best athletes, coaches and specialists on Earth and bring their wisdom to you. Explosively thrust your hips forward, launching the bell to your chest level. Dont try to lift it with your traps or your back! As a clinician this means we have to have a better baseline level of knowledge so that we can assess, train, or refer out when we have patients that are using this equipment. Do the above swing workout 3-4 times a week. Heres how it looks: The kettlebell is slightly forward of an imaginary line between both feet. What Every Man Should Know About Having a Heart Attack. 7) Timing is extremely important. Neutral Spine with your eyes looking at the horizon. Start with These 4 Beginner Progressions. (paraphrased Pavel advice). Editors note: This is a guest post from Pavel Tsatsouline. Do it every day if possible. 12) All you need for programming is TGUs and Swings. If you begin the next set and you notice that the form/quality or speed of the movement deteriorates, then you know you didnt wait long enough. And if you are feeling generous, please make a donation to help me run this website. 4) Its important to start the swing off right. Aaron's life-long passion for athletics lead him to study Exercise Science and Athletic Training at the University of Tennessee before obtaining his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at NYU. 4) Fast & Loose keep moving during your training and use active rest, 5) Tactical Frog is a great mobility warm up, 6) Fix the deadlift. In this last video I will discuss some of the common errors that my colleagues and I see regularly while training our students or instructing at the StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Certification. The Art of Manliness participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links. We only recommend products we genuinely like, and purchases made through our links support our mission and the free content we publish here on AoM. ), we all have the same goal of trying to empower people to fix their problems through movement. 3) Reach down and stay tall before you pick up the bell. 3) Starting position will determine the success of the rest of the movement. Guest Contributor April 15, 2015 Last updated: September 25, 2021. Dont let it bend to accommodate the bell. Notice the spine is neutral still (always). Most people will need to focus on sitting back into their hips. 5) Dont sacrifice form for depth (avoid excessive lumbar flexion). 1) After your hips go below your knees it is all on the glutes to get back up. Along with some posterior chain soreness, I learned quite a few things. The Russian kettlebell is the answer to all your strength and conditioning questionswhen wielded skillfully and with expert programming by #1 authority Pavel Tsatsouline!-PRODUCT INCLUDES VIDEO & E-BOOK, Digital video available for immediate viewing online - Includes E-Book, The Swingdevelop powerful glutes and incinerate fat, The Get-Upbuild resilient shoulders and bullet-proof abs, The Clean-and-Jerkmold a rugged back and legs that never quit, Gold medal Russian anti-glycolytic programmingunlike anything you have seen, Get more from your training than you giveincrease your energy instead of draining it with metcons and smokers, Plug-and-playwaste no mental bandwidth deciding what to do today. From this position, the kettlebell is swung to the top position, as demonstrated in the next photo. 4) Dont let the ribs flair and hyperextend the lumbar spine. Sign up for this FREE 5-Day course and you'll learn: Women are tired of spending hours in the gym without seeing the results they want. In each video I will coach my new student through step-by-step drills that will teach her the swing technique. You want to go slow to prevent the hips from shooting up. A ballistic builder of both strength and conditioning, the swing is the center of the KB universe and being able to do one safely and effectively is a prerequisite for other kettlebell skills. Many people try to squat or have a very wide stance when they perform swings. GGS is an organization dedicated to empowering women. The next step is very important. Do those everyday and you will make tremendous gains. 2) Rooting feet into the ground is extremely important for power transfer. It was a 1-day course that went over the intricacies of the basic kettlebell movements (Deadlift, Swing, TGU, Goblet Squat, Press). 9) Think about driving your feet into the ground and pushing the earth away. 1) You cant press with a hyper-extended wrist. Adding some sort of a squat is a good idea but it is also okay to do no other lower body exercises for a little while. PENDULUM set up same as above, push arms back and let them come forward on their own. Before we get to proper form, here are few things to keep in mind: Like a punch, the swing takes hours to learn and a lifetime to master. (It can be anywhere from 4-24 min, but for the first couple months put a ceiling at 12 min.)

Fortunately, no matter your goal, we can help. Coordinate breathing with movements (biomechanical breathing). Notice that I reach for it while maintaining a neutral spine.

Beyond the basic movements, here are a few things to keep in mind as you perform the swing: For the first few weeks, practice your swings in sets of 10, taking as much rest between sets as you want. Instead, think of pushing the whole body away from the KB. FREE COURSE: How to Help Women with Body Image, Unrealistic Expectations, and the Comparison Trap, Diastasis Recti Exercises: 5 Moves for New Moms, Push-Ups Feel Impossible? When you start working out with kettlebells, begin by learning the Hard Style swing.

It's the Hike Position, or "Hike Stance," which should mirror the deadlift stance. When you can comfortably do 1010 in 10 minutes, you are ready for the following workout. Cramp your glutes on the top of each rep. Guide the bell back between your legs for the next rep. Do all the reps without setting the bell down. This packs the shoulders while maintaining proper posture. This would be single start/stop swings. The kettlebell floats momentarily at the top of the swing. Want to start taking action on the content you read on AoM? No other exercise can do that. There are other swings that you can progress to after you have perfected the two hang swing (i.e. This isnt a plank that you will do for minutes on end. This video will demonstrate this stance set up and a wall drill to reinforce the hinge. 1) The hip hinge is the basis for the deadlift. 3) Pull yourself into the bottom position with your hip flexors (active negative). Then repeat this powerful hike but stand up. Pulling or muscling the bell with the arms/shoulders, Hyper-extending the low back at the top of the swing, Not finishing with the hips (stopping short), How to overcome two major roadblocks concerning your hunger and cravings, The "secret sauce" for long-lasting, life-changing results even when you're busy, injured, or unmotivated. If you are in a grassy area, you can also practice a forceful hike and release it behind you to get the feeling of really throwing it back. The kettlebell swing is the Russian army knife of exercises. The theory is that its better to master the fundementals than to be average at a bunch of different lifts. Regardless of your specific title (PT, Chiro, Trainer, Coach, etc. Single Hand Swings, Transfer Swings, and Double Bell Swing), but dont rush to these other swings until you have a solid foundation. 5) Actively pull the bell back down (active negative). Shins should be vertical or close to vertical. Listen to your body and do the next set when you feel ready. If you are looking to instruct others, I highly recommend that you hire a certified instructor to prepare you for the SFG certification. He is extremely knowledgable on many levels and was able totranslatehis concepts to everyone from physical therapists to personal trainers to your average gym rat. Sharply inhale through your nose on the way down, exhale with a Kiai! on the way up. Have patience to get to a nice safe swing. Phil is able to go into the greatest details of each movement to truly help you understand the movement at a different level. More and more people are becoming interested in kettlebells. The video below will demonstrate the difference in a standard plank that you might have seen in your gym and the SFG Hardstyle Plank. A rep ladder refers to multiple sets of the same exercise done with the same weight in which reps are progressively increased. For example: (2, 5) + (2, 6) = 15. Course Review StrongFirst Kettlebell Workshop. The focus is on quality of movement. Heres some things I learned in one day with Phil Scarito and the StrongFirst instructors. When making the same TSS sound from the step one video, imagine pulling your elbows and your knees together.

I hope the content of this website helps you in doing so. The second step is a drill we use to teach proper full body tension, called the Hardstyle Plank. As an added bonus, while building amazing strength and explosiveness, they are also one of the top exercises for burning fat, as they utilize your entire body and are very metabolically demanding. Do not stand or sit while resting; walk around and shake off your muscles. Hinge, load your hips and grip your bell. 2) Dont reach up. 2) Training barefoot is extremely important. This plank will be full body tension for 10-15 seconds. Shoes deprive you of that important sensory information. Followingthebasic instructions below will get you started. First it is important to understand how your breathing plays a role in the tension and relaxation that should take place during each swing. This is the length of todays workout. 1) Your clients/students/patients will do what you do.

Program, Strengthen Your Tribe: A Report on the Atomic Athlete Vanguard, Sunday Firesides: We Need to Make Adulthood More Desirable, The Best Riddles for Kids (With Answers! The swing is just one of many kettlebell skills. Dont fix the swing, fix the dealift Brett Jones, 7) Try to make the light weight feel heavy, and make the heavy weight feel light Marty Gallagher. It allows you to maximally root your feet into the ground and give you more power. Be sure to listen to our podcast on all things kettlebells and the psychology of training: Pavel Tsatsouline is the chairman of Stick to this plan for a couple of months and you will find out just how powerful this exercise is. 4) Keep your feet pointed straight ahead and the exercise will naturally prevent valgus collapse at the knee. Finish the lift tall. When someone is having difficulty with a movement, often times going back and fixing their deadlift will resolve the problem. It also spares the agonist of eccentric load, allows for successive induction, trains the antagonist, and helps to grease the groove. Throw a pair of dice two times and add up the numbers. Break it up, practice small parts of it, add a few TGU movements into other exercises. On June 1st I had the pleasure of participating in a StrongFirst Kettlebell Workshop with Phil Scarito.
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