witcher 3 dead man's party walkthrough

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. You can tell the him to go back to the wedding ("Let's go. Go to the von Everec's estate. Not too far outside of town you'll hear the fire swallower yelling and you will be able to follow the sound to locate him. You may or may not make a speech, then Vlodimir will write a letter to Olgierd where he describes how much fun he had and ask you to give it to his brother. Yet the letter Vlod wrote in blood effectively resolved all Olgierds doubts.

Go back out to see Shani and shell propose that you take Vlodimir along to the wedding party and Geralt reluctantly agrees.

This trophy is the highest bonus gold trophy in the entire game, if that interests you then you shouldn't waste your opportunity to get it now. If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Once the wraith is down you have a clear run at the bedchamber. It'll be a three on one fight and all you'll have to defend yourself with is a fence post. In the worst case, when you do nothing, you will receive 26 XP. During the dialogue after the pig rounding Shani will challenge you to seduce a random woman she choses. What will you do? Afterwards, go onto the balcony and search for her earring for some worthwhile extra dialogue that will inspire her to help you out later. The nearest signposts are Beken and Toderas. Shani informs Geralt where to locate the von Everec manor and wants to come along. Once you enter the crypt youll be locked in this area until you complete the ritual. Use Axii on the dog and hell come down. There are many sarcophagi in the crypt that you can examine. Once the "monstrous" Demon has been dealt with, convince the fire eater to return to the party (and give him his hat back, if you want to). Shani will return, and youll be able to chit-chat before asking about the crypt. Examine the branch, then follow the tracks further into the woods - you can stop to pick up the performer's cap along the way, if you so choose. Escort him back and youll have to fight off a Boar along the way. When battling the active creatures, as opposed to the passive ones, use fast strikes, not heavy blows. The optional activites include talking to the girls, having drinks, talking to Shani in the barn and having a dance. The stranger will task you with assembling a crew for a heist, as well as reducing guard numbers, so you have three quests to complete. On your way, you'll find the fire-eater's hat. Once theyre down, continue to the study. And it so happened on that day, he was going to a wedding, where he was to meet Shani. This can be tough if youre under-levelled. Follow the objective marker and Geralt will reach Shanis Clinic. Cyberpunk 2077 passes 18 million sold, first expansion coming next year. The goal is simple: herd the pigs marked with yellow paint into the stable on the far side of the mud pit. Whatever happens, one of your team members will leave. In the ensuing conversation, you can choose to head straight to the heist immediately or make your own way there; it doesnt matter much but gives you a chance to save before you start the operation. After speaking with Shaina in Oxenfurt you'll need to travel to the northeast where you'll find Shaina waiting for you again at the Von Everec Estate. Save your game, then place the candles on the circle outside the pentagram to continue. Gaunter ODimm will appear and dedicate a song to you. After deciding whether or not to stay at the feast with Shani (which will begin the side quest A Midnight Clear), return to Olgeird at the Alchemy Inn to complete the quest. You can then use Delusion (1) or pay him an extra 50 crowns to stay. Note: If you participate in all activities you will earn the Let the Good Times Roll! Toward the ending of this Witcher 3quest, at the thought of breaking his promise to Geralt to be out of his body by midnight, Gaunter ODimm will show up and banish Vlodimir, thus freeing the Witcher of his binds. When you return to the stream, look out for a wild boar that will come charging at the two of you from the right. Activate Geralts Witcher Senses and go in search of this person, following the tracks until you see the fire swallower in the woods. In the latter case, you will offend him and he will want to walk away. Apply spectre oil to your silver sword before descending. Enter the study and go out the door to the balcony, circling around to the next room. //--> This will prevent the guards from rushing in to attack, and please the stranger. Youll face a tough battle when you make landfall. or ask him how you swallow the fire ("Fire eating - what's the trick?"). Dance for a bit and have a conversation with Master Mirror. Please enable JavaScript to see comments. RoboCop: Rogue City is headed to consoles and PC in 2023. There are other shoes down here as well and you can pick them all up if you want for a slightly different dialogue with Shani. The Toad has multiple ground pound attacks which can stagger you. You have several options as to how to convince his guards to let him go; be prepared for a fight if you cant pay up, use Axii, or win at Gwent. If you choose option 2, as shown above, and stay at the party then you'll receive the A Midnight Clear Side Quest. As I know from many pleasant personal experiences, the witcher, grim as he may sometimes seem, is more than capable of arranging a fantastic night out.

Apply Spectre Oil, obviously. When the fire swallower comes down, you can give him back his hat if you found it. Ignite the brazier in the center of the main chamber and you will start the ritual. Pretty easy to complete if youve been pleasant and respectful so far; just look for a rowan tree in one of the three search zones and bring her some of its blossom as a gift, instead of a drink. You'll be given the option of using Axii on the dog or scaring the dog away, as usual Axii will give an EXP reward too. Shani agrees to help and will meet you at the Von Everec Family Crypt with a censer. Escort the fire swallower back to the reception; you will need to save him from the bear while en route. When its over, you can take part in a secondary quest called A Midnight Clear, with the goal of making Shani happy. Begin by approaching the closest signpost and then Fast Travel to Oxenfurt. If you do decide you want some extra context, which I recommend, follow Shani to the academy. Shani decides to stay above ground while Geralt heads down into the crypt. After completing Dead Man's Party you will get or will be able to get A Midnight Clear and Scenes From a Marriage (1 of 2).

Strong Language, Nudity, Sexual Content, Intense Violence, Use of Alcohol, Blood and Gore. Be sure to visit the merchant in the camp before you leave; he sells Gwent cards and will reward you with one of the new cards if you beat him at a match. He won't answer, so turn around and look directly behind you for a ladder. Now save your game. After the first song ends, the three will have a brief conversation - only to be interrupted by Master Mirror. In the studio, take the bowl of fruit and the goblet, and arrange them on the table in this order from left to right: grapes, goblet, apple. Your waypoint will lead you into a dark cave; you may want to use Cat or a torch to get through this. Before you take the ladder down to the secret tunnel out of the vault, search every treasure and loot box. Once the path is clear, head inside the manor and follow the linear path through the rooms. After failing to impress the swinherds with your Witcher abilities, Shani will ask that Vlodimir make good on his claim that he can seduce any woman in sight.

Shani, who apparently had slightly different expectations of your wedding trip, will get into a bad mood and you will get a new quest - A Midnight Clear. Vlodimir, I hear, enjoyed himself tremendously, though he was forced off the stage and into the netherworld in a rather unpleasant manner by Master Mirror at the end. Theres a treasure chest nearby you should plunder, and if you search the grounds youll find a hairbrush youll need later. Then Shani will go to change for the wedding and you and Vlodimir will stay in the crypt. LARP Witcher School is shutting down after license pulled by CD Projekt. Repeat until theres only one left, at which point its safe to close the gap and start duelling. When you are trapped in the fire, run to the painting in the corner and examine it to escape; look for the blue-ish stream of particles to guide you to its location in the room. Once you find the fire eater he'll be up a tree and the dog will be barking at him. All your comments, suggestions and additions are very welcome and will certainly help other players who visit this site. It's worth noting that, unless you choose to immediately end the conversation, none of the optional dialogue choices will result in warm feelings between either the bride or the groom (or both). After the dialogue ends, dive into the pool and use your Witcher Senses to locate Shani's boot. After talking with Shani in Oxenfurt, meet her at the crypt (remembering to be nice to her if you want to initiate a romantic encounter later). Potions, consumables like Golden Oriole and abilities that strengthen you against poison are helpful here, but make sure youve also got plenty of health consumables on hand. Enter the feasting hall and decide whether or not to make a speech (hint: do it), then sit back and enjoy the festivities. You want the search zone near the easel; examine it to trigger the next scene. Search the nearby body for a Crypt Key and then use it to unlock one of the rooms. Vlodimir decides he doesnt want to leave but Gaunter will show up and banish him. Shortly after crossing the river on your way back to the party (pictured above) you'll run into a boar that you'll have to defeat. You can share this with Vivaldi or capitalise on it yourself. With that done, its time to complete the heist. Go in this direction and youll eventually meet up with Shani right in front of the von Everec family crypt. At the wedding there will be a game involving round two pigs into a pen. Thank you. From there, you need to spread incense in each room of the crypt; make sure you can easily access the censer via Geralts item slot. When you get close to this quest area a scene will begin with you and Shani, after a bit of dialogue again you'll find yourself back in control of Geralt in the town of Brunwich during the wedding. Still, getting there isn't easy, as there's a strict time limit. They're far more stylish than your average video game website tat. Examine the floor and Geralt will remark that there was water here, once. It can take a few tries as the pigs panic and run easily, patience is the key. If you told Vlodimir that you and Shani have something in common - "Cared for Shani deeply once. Four of the activities are mandatory while others are optional. When its over, speak to the guards and respond however you want. One of Olgierds three difficult tasks is to show his brother, Vlodimir, the time of his life. Inside you can optionally choose to speak to three of Vivaldis friends; its really worth doing so. After the fight, youll have to deal with whichever of the two men is alive. For the first part of this quest you'll need to travel to Oxenfurt where you'll meet up with Shaina from the previous quest. When this is over you have a new destination, but first, go visit Shani if you want to know a bit more about what youre getting into. Get to the crypt. Once you arrive at the abandoned manor, follow Shani through the gate to the entrance of the mausoleum.

Therere plenty of loot containers but most of them are just junk. When you move a little further into the yard youll trigger a boss fight. There are two ways for you to complete this, the first is to use Axii on the pigs which will net you less EXP for completing this task and means you won't receive the King of the Swineherds Trophy (15% Bonus Gold). The quest opens up a lot here and you'll have many options for proceeding forward. She and Geralt decided to journey there together. Vlodimir, now in Geralts body, will have a haircut and a shave and then find some clothes for the party. It is hard to herd the pigs but you can use Axii to hex the pigs, then walk into the pen - theyll follow you in right away. Gamer Walkthroughs --- Contact Us --- Privacy ---, Starship Troopers: Terran Command Released, Life is Strange: True Colors Released 10th September. When you enter the barn there will be a scene, choose whichever dialogue options you wish until they very last one (pictured above) where Shani will ask you if you wish to leave or stay. The newly rich gentleman will challenge you to Gwent, offering a pretty decent cash prize. If you dont have the strength to take the dummies down in a few hits even when using Thunderbolt, use Quen liberally and try to duel your way through it. Once you do all of them the clock will hit midnight. You will offer them your help. Hearing Geralt recount that night's festivities, I realized it was a great shame I had not been able to attend. Off to do a few more tasks before Voldimir leaves your body. Later, you learn Aldonas parents have concerns about the fire swallower.

Theres not much in the dining room so take the stairs up, walking to avoid an attack at the very top. Not only would I have graced the guests with a performance worthy of the occasion, but also I would have witnessed its wonders first-hand, the better to now convey them to you, dear reader Yet I consider my chance to craft an epic nuptial ballad merely delayed, not missed, for Shani caught the garland during the capping, meaning I will surely be a guest of honor at her wedding in the near future. Once you get his health about a third of the way down hell start summoning minions. Both of them kick off in Oxenfurt where youll want to be next, but only one ends there, so I recommend kicking off Dead Mans Party first by visiting Shani. Whether you romance Shani or not, report back to Olgierd in Oxenfurt. They'll tell you that the groom's dog chased the fire-eater they arranged for the wedding. Use Aard to shatter the door and gain entry. Meet her here, there will be some dialogue after which your quest will update and have you follow Shaina inside of the estate just a tad until you come to the entrance of a crypt. Go back to Olgierd, who you will find in The Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt and inform him that the task has been completed. After the game youll have a dance with Shani. Events at the wedding in Dead Man's Party in Witcher 3 include diving for lost slippers in a pond, chasing and catching pigs for prizes, juggling, dancing, and drinking the evening away. Safe inside, move onto another frozen tableau. Fortunately, Shani comes through. You begin this quest by visiting the Von Everec estate after reading the board at the Seven Cats Inn. There are paintings on either side of the gallery and the wraith will frequently leech extra life out of them; as soon as you see the green glow, quickly untether the camera and run over to slash the indicated painting to put a stop to that bullshit. There dont seem to be any consequences to this choice but the correct option is the third one. On your way back to the village, you will be attacked by a boar (34), and you will have to kill it. Look for a casket with a big sword attached to it, then inspect the inscription. It's also pretty tough, with nastier enemies than most you will have encountered in your career, and some quick and hard choices to be made. Use dodges and rolls to avoid being struck, and counter-attack when the time is right. Marley Snow King is a writer, actor, artist, and professional nerd from New York City. Use Witcher senses to highlight points of interest. Once they're down, knock on master Shakelock's door. Be honest about your intentions to lover her and leave her, and you wont find her uninterested. To complete this task you have to make the pigs run away from you in the direction of the pen. If you herd the pigs properly you'll win all of the prizes, including a stuffed pig for Shani. When its almost midnight, head back to the barn for the capping ceremony. You've successfully completed the main quest of Hearts of Stone. These shades go down quickly but spawn in huge numbers. They can panic easily and don't always do what you want them to do but overall this isn't too challenging to complete without using Axii to cheat. Youll then face a new hazard. Agree to find the Fire Swallower. Explain to her what you want to do and she will decide to help you. This is not easy. Once the fight is over only dialogue remains of this quest. You can choose to either chase the dog off or use Axii to calm it. Of all the available quests in The Witcher 3s Hearts of Stone expansion, Dead Mans Party has to be one of the best. In any case, you'll be transported into a nightmare land where you must hunt down the demon who has you trapped. Once youve located the coffin, equip Shanis censer and make your way through the rooms in the lower level of the crypt to cover the area in incense. Then dive in and find Shani's shoe. You can either pay him 50 Crowns or cast Axii to convince him to come back to the party. Approach, still using Witcher senses, and listen. Head back to the Von Everec estate and be ready for battle. Prepare for the wedding and follow Shani to meet the couple getting married. Once inside the tower, make a save file there are lots of important choices ahead. Your first task will be to speak with the newlyweds then you'll be tasked with speaking to a bunch of people at the wedding. ": Thanks to the Blood Summoning (which, as is the norm during witcher adventures, did not go off without certain complications), Geralt was able to summon the ghost of Vlodimir von Everec. When his weapon is glowing, roll further away; his final attack in the combo will cast an area of effect which will stun you, causing you to miss your real opening. From that moment till Vlodimir had had his fun, Vlods ghost accompanied Geralt everywhere the witcher went. One of the things that makes thisWitcher 3side quest so great is that the gameplay itself is fun and varied. Use your Witcher senses to inspect the coffins until you find the one that belongs to Vlodimir. You get what you need no matter what you do, but one important note is that if you want to get out of here with the stranger alive its best not to hesitate by saying you want to stay out of the two mens affairs. Going inside of the clinic and walking up the steps will cause a cut scene to play. I chose to mention Iriss art and place her sketchbook, which seemed to work out well. Choose the calmest, polite dialogue options to get out of there with him alive. Once you've finished dancing with her go and speak with O'Dimm who is here as well to learn what he is doing here. Once the tracks lead to a small stream, climb up the rock face towards the noise icon (when in Witcher vision) to find the fire eater. Vlodimir will not want to keep the deal and leave Geralt's body, but then Gaunter will appear and get rid of him in a somewhat cruel way. Once Geralt and Vlodimir arrived at the wedding, the ghost jumped into Geralts body and threw himself headlong into a whirlwind of merriment, mirth and amusement. You're interested in the one with the sabre next to it. Try to keep to one side or behind it its not easy, the way it jumps around to avoid its poison spits and tongue attacks. Use you Witcher Senses to scan the area around the dog house near the front gate. Vlodimir, delighted at the prospect of enjoying a cracking good time, stated that to do so, he would need a body and then promptly possessed the witchers, despite the latter's heated resistance. After the Capping is over, head outside to exorcise yourself. After the second dance, go and speak to O'Dimm in the back room where he's discussing the finer points of baking ginger bread with some older ladies. Dive in a pick up the shoe. If youd like to complete Shanis romance mission, A Midnight Clear, be sure to say that you can stay a little longer after the wedding ends. The person you spoke to on the previous quest, Olgierd, did not tell you how to get there, so you must ask around. Over by the lake a few party guests will be playing a game that involves a girl tossing a pair of shoes into the water and a man diving to get them out. There will be a table with three halflings (pictured above) playing Gwent at the wedding. Unfortunately, you dont get what you came for no matter how you approach the dialogue afterwards, but youre soon approached with an interesting offer.

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