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The industrial internet of things (IIoT) refers to interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together with computers' industrial applications, including manufacturing and energy management. What Is The Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT)?

Both the plant floor and managerial spaces are equipped with a stable high-speed internet connection, allowing both operators and management to react quickly to any issue that may arise. Another possibility is the infection of internet-connected industrial controllers, like in the case of Stuxnet, without the need for physical access to the system to spread the worm.

If youre working on creating an IIoT solution of your own, or need a new hardware solution, reach out to our team. [27][28] Another benefit of implementing an IIoT system is the ability to create a digital twin of the system.

[21] If all objects and people in daily life were equipped with identifiers, computers could manage and inventory them. Management knew it was time for a change.

IoT describes physical objects that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies, connected by a network, allowing them to exchange data with other devices and systems. The system automatically schedules repairs when needed, and orders the required parts for the repair. Further, the system orders and ships the appropriate parts to the identified service center, and then notifies technicians about what needs to be fixed. Subscribe to our newsletters to get updates from OnLogic delivered straight to your inbox. Focused on digital control systems, smart agriculture to enhance food production and harvesting, and industrial big data to enable better decision making and process optimization. For example, 3D printers simplify the way of shaping pressing tools by printing the shape directly from steel granulate. [41] These tools enable new possibilities for designing (with high precision). that there were essentially 5 types of IoT applications: Including things like light fixtures that turn on with your voice, home appliances that text you when they need servicing, and voice assistance for the elderly. Now the town can identify issues within hours, rather than weeks or months. With so much potential value in doing so, groups like the Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) have sprung up to attempt to make sense of things. Imagine a production facility thats able to intelligently react to supply chain problems, tooling downtime or staffing fluctuations? and be able to communicate with the utility supply company in order to effectively balance power generation and energy usage. Enabling the connectivity of smart cities through the use of infrastructure sensors for proactive asset management, energy management systems, and user-friendly apps that could share information such as traffic alerts. Caterpillar is just one of many industrial equipment providers that are contributing to Industrial IoT adoption.

If youre working on creating an IIoT solution of your own, or need a new hardware solution. In 2016, the company built a400,000 square-foot operationwith Industrial IoT and automation in mind. The indirect savings came when the organization was able to make a fundamental shift to a proactive service-oriented organization. Back in 2020, writer David Maayan wrote in. It opens the door for Daimler to introduce new and innovative technologies and software solutions to the plant floor. In each of these cases, bringing the Internet of Things and industrial-grade analytics together yielded significant and persistent business enhancements.

The IIoT is enabled by technologies such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, edge computing, mobile technologies, machine-to-machine, 3D printing, advanced robotics, big data, internet of things, RFID technology, and cognitive computing. One of the first consequences of implementing the industrial internet of things (by equipping objects with minuscule identifying devices or machine-readable identifiers) would be to create instant and ceaseless inventory control. When youre ready, you place an order from home.

A US oil and gas company is optimizing oilfield production with the Internet of Things. In addition to his affinity for words, Darek is a music lover, juggler and huge fan of terrible jokes. The new system is also improving communication quality and speed across the entire organization.

At the end of the day, Faurecia is building a plant floor thats better for all stakeholders involved.

[47], As the IIoT expands, new security concerns arise with it.

His background in news gathering has him always on the lookout for the latest in emerging tech and the best ways to share that information with readers. Or is it a business opportunity for companies that want to collect real-time information about almost every aspect of their business? Consider these three Internet of Things examples: As you can see in the table below, the data streams for each of these applications create more than a million data points per day.

Caterpillar is no stranger to Industrial IoT. In 2016, they acquiredGrohmann Engineering,a German manufacturing automation firm that draws from multiple disciplines, including life sciences, in order to lead the charge towardsthe next generation of manufacturing. A few years ago, the company began to outfit its industrial machinery with intelligent sensors and network capabilities which allow users to closely monitor and optimize processes. The network allows them to do this by centralizing PLC data, and connecting operations to execution and logistics systems. - Definition from", "Edge Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Internet of Things Applications: An Industrial Edge Intelligence Solution", "Research Commentary---The New Organizing Logic of Digital Innovation: An Agenda for Information Systems Research", "Evolving The Modular Layered Architecture in Digital Innovation: The Case of the Car's Instrument Cluster", "The father of invention: Dick Morley looks back on the 40th anniversary of the PLC", "Evolution of industrial control systems", "The "Only" Coke Machine on the Internet", "Internet of Things Done Wrong Stifles Innovation", "Why a Universal RFID Infrastructure Would Be a Good Thing", "Internet of Things An action plan for Europe", "The internet of things is revolutionizing our lives, but standards are a must", "From M2M to The Internet of Things: Viewpoints From Europe", "The Internet of Things Back to the Future (Presentation)", "Computers to Acquire Control of the Physical World", "The Connected Plant enables the digital twin", "IBM and the cognitive computing revolution", "Edge Devices Leverage MQTT for IIoT Connectivity", "The State of the Industrial Internet of Things | Automation World", "Driving Unconventional Growth through the Industrial Internet of Things", "Five IIoT companies prove value of internet-connected manufacturing", "The Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Automotive Industry", "How Industry 4.0 Is Transforming the Oil & Gas Supply Chain", "2018 Tech Trends for the oil and gas industry", "Internet of cows: technology could help track disease, but ranchers are resistant", "Sound the alarm: How to get serious about industrial IoT security - IoT Agenda", "Gartner Says Worldwide IoT Security Spending to Reach $348 Million in 2016", "How infected IoT devices are used for massive DDoS attacks - Fedscoop", "IoT data security vulnerable as connected devices proliferate", "Target Hackers Broke in Via HVAC Company Krebs on Security", "Tactical Data Diodes in Industrial Automation and Control Systems", Timelineofclothingandtextilestechnology,, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from August 2014, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, User interface devices (e.g. In the agriculture industry, IIoT helps farmers to make decisions about when to harvest. A good example of Industrial IoT is predictive maintenance. Fortunately while the Internet of Things may represent a sea change in approach for many companies, OnLogic has built its reputation around exactly the kind of flexible, connectible, meticulously engineered systems that are being relied upon to power innovations in virtually every industry. [40] IIoT enables efficient and cost-effective production by moving data from the customers to the company's systems, and then to individual sections of the production process. The result is reduced downtime and increased production levels. offshore). Curiosity is our code. The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, Chicago, IL, USA, The Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada, The International Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2115 South Service Road West

Given the inherent interconnectivity of the solutions within IoT, a universal definition of IIoT is hard to come by, but Davids methodology provides a solid foundation.

[35] The potential of growth by implementing IIoT is predicted to generate $15 trillion of global GDP by 2030.[35][36]. Learn the 5 ways Fanless Computers can help your business, German Engineer Michael Kleiner explains how the Karbon systems were designed, Industrial Computing I/O for Industry 4.0, Discover OnLogic's multitude of industrial computers that will help you to advance your IoT project, OnLogic Industrial PCs: Designed to last.

His passion for both journalism and technology has led him from the newsrooms of local papers to the manufacturing floor of IBM. You will receive email communications from us and can opt-out at any time. The future of IoT envisions a world where your fridge texts you what items you need. The top-most stratum of the stack is the content layer or the user interface.[13]. Further, the storing process can also be improved with the implementation of IIOT by collecting and analyzing real-time data to monitor inventory levels and temperature control.

With better and more accurate data, the town proactively reaches out to households to mitigate overuse or unexpected fees. The project involved placing water meter sensors on 66,000 devices that used to be manually read and recorded. Sensors in the trucks, combined with predictive models, detect when a mechanical failure is likely to occur. The US municipality that switched to smart meters for its water usage monitoring saw immediate and sustained savings. The plant floor is operating smoother than ever, and shareholders are benefitting from the cost savings. - Definition from", "What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

[15][16] These DCSs were the next step in allowing flexible process control throughout a plant, with the added benefit of backup redundancies by distributing control across the entire system, eliminating a singular point of failure in a central control room. [19], The concept of the internet of things first became popular in 1999, through the Auto-ID Center at MIT and related market-analysis publications. [22][23][24] Besides using RFID, the tagging of things may be achieved through such technologies as near field communication, barcodes, QR codes and digital watermarking.[25][26]. The town is projecting a total savings of $28 million and a net savings of approximately $10 million over the lifetime of the initiative. Share this Increased connectivity (data integration and communication) can help companies with adjusting the production levels based on real-time data of inventory, storage, distribution pace, and forecasted demand. Teslas Industrial IoT strategy is about looking at the factory as a product, rather than a place.

Solutions like predictive maintenance, downtime optimization, and performance management wouldnt be possible without discrete and accurate production data. While connectivity and data acquisition are imperative for IIoT, they are not the end goals, but rather the foundation and path to something bigger. 2022 SAS Institute Inc. All Rights Reserved. [53] One of the difficulties in providing security solutions in IIoT applications is the fragmented nature of the hardware. increase the longevity of their generators. computer screens, PoS stations, tablets, smart glasses, smart surfaces), Applications, software to analyze data and transform it into actionable information, This page was last edited on 14 June 2022, at 00:05. Share this page with friends or colleagues. [51], Additionally, IIoT-enabled devices can allow for more traditional forms of cybercrime, as in the case of the 2013 Target data breach, where information was stolen after hackers gained access to Target's networks via credentials stolen from a third party HVAC vendor.

[56], Devices networked together with computers' industrial applications, Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture model on the left and IoT Reference Model on the right, Approximate correspondence between levels in the Purdue model and the basic structure of the IoT, Analyst Anish Gaddam interviewed by Sue Bushell in, "The industrial internet of things (IIoT): An analysis framework", "A Computer Science Perspective on Digital Transformation in Production", "Why Edge Computing Is an IIoT Requirement: How edge computing is poised to jump-start the next industrial revolution", "What is Edge Computing: The Network Edge Explained", "What is big data analytics? Examples of Industrial Internet of Things applications include: Back in 2020, writer David Maayan wrote in Security Today that there were essentially 5 types of IoT applications: These classifications are helpful in breaking down the overly broad umbrella term, IoT.

The vehicles can carry payloads up to 130 lbs, and can even charge their own battery without intervention. Visit the Cary, NC, USA corporate headquarters site, View our worldwide contacts list for help finding your region. How can we help you today?

[18] As early as in 1994, greater industrial applications were envisioned, as Reza Raji described the concept in IEEE Spectrum as "[moving] small packets of data to a large set of nodes, so as to integrate and automate everything from home appliances to entire factories". It was a trend that IBM championed way back in 2008 with their Smarter Planet initiative, detailing the ways the worlds systems were becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. over half a million Caterpillar vehicles. [39] Using advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) devices connected to the Internet backbone, electric utilities can not only collect data from end-user connections, but also manage other distribution automation devices like transformers and reclosers. Musk and his team solve manufacturing issues as if they are debugging software by developing solutions that draw from their diverse technical and engineering backgrounds. Integration of sensing and actuation systems connected to the Internet can optimize energy consumption as a whole. Hortilux first burst on to the scene with their high-quality lighting solutions for commercial growers. Using this digital twin allows for further optimization of the system by allowing for experimentation with new data from the cloud without having to halt production or sacrifice safety, as the new processes can be refined virtually until they are ready to be implemented. The billing and management teams have shifted from an internal reporting organization to a customer-facing hub that provides residents a markedly better experience. In its simplest form, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses data from machines and sensors to enhance manufacturing and other industrial processes.

Copyright 2022 Shoplogix. The demand for products can be forecasted more precisely and automatically be communicated to the refineries and production plants to adjust production levels.

In Teslas Gigafactory, youll findAutonomous Indoor Vehicles(AIVs) which improve the transfer of materials between workstations. The current conception of the IIoT arose after the emergence of cloud technology in 2002, which allows for the storage of data to examine for historical trends, and the development of the OPC Unified Architecture protocol in 2006, which enabled secure, remote communications between devices, programs, and data sources without the need for human intervention or interfaces. Moving forward, Tesla has no plans to slow down. Its data collection process evolved from a manually intensive process (in which field technicians traveled to every meter) to one where meter readings were automatically recorded and transmitted to a central database. In a manufacturing setting, sensors embedded in equipment. Share this page with friends or colleagues. For us, the Internet of Things is less of a REVOlution and more of an EVOlution. This would be an example of Consumer IoT.

Now, the company is gearing up to disrupt the horticultural tech scenewith a solutionthat allows growers greater control over the quality of their harvests. , a firm that specializes in insights into the Internet of Things industry, they expect there to be more than 27 billion active IoT connections in 2025. That said, there is overlap between many of the solutions listed above. [40] The majority of automotive manufacturers companies have production plants in different countries, where different components of the same vehicle are built. The history of the IIoT begins with the invention of the programmable logic controller (PLC) by Richard E. Morley in 1968, which was used by General Motors in their automatic transmission manufacturing division. These smart sensors can monitor the refinery processes, and enhance safety. Of all the technologies, predictive maintenance is an "easier application, as it is applicable to existing assets and management systems. [35] [37] Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are the core technology of industrial big data and they will be an interface between human and the cyber world. Industrial IoT makes a huge range of connected solutions possible, well beyond our increasingly connected personal lives. Benefits also apply to specific processes of the oil and gas industry. In this IoT example, the company is using sensors to measure oil extraction rates, temperatures, well pressure and more for 21,000 wells. Get access to My SAS, trials, communities and more. This connectivity allows for data collection, exchange, and analysis, potentially facilitating improvements in productivity and efficiency as well as other economic benefits. SAS Visual Data Mining & Machine Learning. With the introduction of Ethernet in 1980, people began to explore the concept of a network of smart devices as early as 1982, when a modified Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon University became the first internet-connected appliance,[17] able to report its inventory and whether newly loaded drinks were cold. Furthermore, the complexity and customization of the operation made it increasingly difficult to scale for future demand. In its simplest form, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses data from machines and sensors to enhance manufacturing and other industrial processes. [42] With IIOT technologies, the oil and gas industry has the capability to connect machines, devices, sensors, and people through interconnectivity, which can help companies better address fluctuations in demand and pricing, address cybersecurity, and minimize environmental impact. [20] Radio-frequency identification (RFID) was seen by Kevin Ashton (one of the founders of the original Auto-ID Center) as a prerequisite for the internet of things at that point. Because data is an operations most invaluable resource. [49] Existing cybersecurity measures are vastly inferior for internet-connected devices compared to their traditional computer counterparts,[50] which can allow for them to be hijacked for DDoS-based attacks by botnets like Mirai. The companypartnered with Ciscoto implement a wireless network across the entire facility. [46] Some livestock farms implant microchips into animals. Software, machines, and humans are interconnected, enabling suppliers and manufacturers to rapidly respond to changing standards.

That information is further fed to farms and production facilities to optimize output to the warehouses.

Likewise, theoil and gas company is able to monitor the performance of oil wells at the end of every day or week. Or check back often to get more insights on the topics you care about, including analytics, big data, data management, marketing, and risk & fraud. The network layer consists of physical network buses, cloud computing and communication protocols that aggregate and transport the data to the service layer, which consists of applications that manipulate and combine data into information that can be displayed on the driver dashboard. But, by integrating more robust networking with the versatility of cloud access and smaller, more capable, , manufacturing machines can now make decisions and take actions completely on their own. In a manufacturing setting, sensors embedded in equipment monitor system performance and the condition of components. That information is combined with software to help operators anticipate and schedule service needs before equipment failures occur. The application of smart sensors and automated drillers gives companies the opportunity to monitor and produce more efficiently. M2M (Machine to Machine) communication has been an important part of industry for years. It combines the ideas of a Smarter Planet, M2M technology and a cultural shift in the way we all live and do business. Potential benefits of the industrial internet of things include improved productivity, analytics and the transformation of the workplace. [38] It is expected that IoT devices will be integrated into all forms of energy consuming devices (switches, power outlets, bulbs, televisions, etc.) As your car pulls into the stores sensor-laden lot, your items are ready and waiting for you thanks to cloud-connected order picking machines at the store. While the concept of the IoT has been around since the early 90s, a common language and mission has always been difficult to define.

They can also be used to identify weak spots in complex networks of pipelines with built-in thermal imaging systems. The resulting integrated system delivers accurate transparency into operations, unparalleled control over manufacturing quality, andseamless parts traceability. An international truck manufacturer created a new revenue stream by outfitting trucks with sensors for predictive maintenance. Today, their digital solution Cat Connect Technologies and Services is installed onover half a million Caterpillar vehicles. Want more Insights from SAS? [41] Robots take on heavy and repetitive activities, so the manufacturing cycles are quicker and the vehicle comes to the market more rapidly.

As the name indicates, the Industrial Internet of Things builds on the concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT). Factories can quickly identify potential maintenance issues before they lead to downtime and many of them are moving to a 24-hour production plant, due to higher security and efficiency. [44] Drones can be used to detect possible oil and gas leaks at an early stage and at locations that are difficult to reach (e.g. After analyzing the initial impacts of sensor deployment, the organization estimates that quicker oil well repairs saves approximately $145,000 in cost avoidance per month per field. This allows monitoring of pipeline threats, improving risk management, and providing situational awareness.[45]. With that many connected things in play, and with that much money at stake, part of the challenge for builders of IoT solutions lies in leveraging or creating the infrastructure to support and sustain the increasing demand for interconnectivity. Big data can be visually monitored which enables companies to respond faster to fluctuations in production and demand.

Similar to Caterpillar, Hortilux helps customers make better and more informed decisions with accurate and robust data analysis. Faurecia is a leading automotive parts manufacturer of interiors and emissions controls. Daimler knows a strong Industrial IoT strategy begins with a strong foundation. A good example of Industrial IoT is predictive maintenance.

Why? A US municipality has implemented smart meter monitoring for all the towns residential and commercial water meters. Many Industrial IoT solutions require devices that can operate reliably with little or no human interaction. Theyre using analytics to realize both direct and opportunity costs associated with analyzing IoT data.

[39] Besides home based energy management, the IIoT is especially relevant to the Smart Grid since it provides systems to gather and act on energy and power-related information in an automated fashion with the goal to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity. What is the Industrial Internet of Things? Intelligent maintenance systems can reduce unexpected downtime and increase productivity, which is projected to save up to 12% over scheduled repairs, reduce overall maintenance costs up to 30%, and eliminate breakdowns up to 70%, according to some studies. But take things a step or two further and you begin to introduce elements of Commercial, Infrastructure and Industrial IoT.. After he mentioned his dream todethrone Toyotaas the standard in manufacturing efficiency, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised to continue deploying cutting-edge technology to their operations. Using IIoT in car manufacturing implies the digitalization of all elements of production. IIoT makes it possible to connect these production plants to each other, creating the possibility to move within facilities. A networked plant floor is often the first step in any digital transformation.

The result is an interconnected web of sensors and operational systems that communicate to save time and money across the operation. Founded in 2014 by AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and Intel, the. It combines the ideas of a Smarter Planet, M2M technology and a cultural shift in the way we all live and do business. [38], As of 2016, other real-world applications include incorporating smart LEDs to direct shoppers to empty parking spaces or highlight shifting traffic patterns, using sensors on water purifiers to alert managers via computer or smartphone when to replace parts, attaching RFID tags to safety gear to track personnel and ensure their safety, embedding computers into power tools to record and track the torque level of individual tightenings, and collecting data from multiple systems to enable the simulation of new processes.[36].

[55], Hardware-based approaches, like the use of data diodes, are often used when connecting critical infrastructure. Subscribe to our Insights newsletter. Hit the button to head to our subscription page. Hortilux equipment is outfitted with cloud-enabled smart sensors which connect commercial growers toHortiSense,a software solution that provides full-visibility of growing operations. IoT encompasses from smart appliances and connected homes, to personal wearables and self-driving cars. The same IOT Analytics report indicates that the number of connected IoT devices using cellular technology grew 18% year-over-year (YoY), reaching 2 billion by the end of the first half of 2021. How are these three companies converting raw IoT data into business insights and tangible benefits? The solution collects and analyzes usage data from the machine in areas pertaining to equipment management, safety, sustainability, and productivity. Oakville, ON L6L 5W2. Installing Fanless Computers: Important Dos and Don'ts, Industrial Raspberry Pi: A Brief History and the Near Future, Computer Vision for Improved Roadside Maintenance. This allows it to identify opportunities for improvement (such as increasing production levels) and areas of potential concern. [3][4] Five of the most important ones are described below: IIoT systems are usually conceived as a layered modular architecture of digital technology.

For us, the Internet of Things is less of a REVOlution and more of an EVOlution. Similar to other parts manufacturers, Faurecia is in the midst of a sweeping digital transformation.

Or is it a business opportunity for companies that want to collect real-time information about almost every aspect of their business?
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