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"[261] In 1985, he visited Israel to request the release of Muslim prisoners at Atlit detainee camp, which Israel declined. You my opposer when I want freedom. [157], Kiiursti Mensah-Ali claims she is Ali's biological daughter with Barbara Mensah, with whom he allegedly had a 20-year relationship,[159][160][161][162] citing photographs and a paternity test conducted in 1988. [23] He remained an active public figure globally, but in his later years made fewer public appearances as his condition worsened, and he was cared for by his family. [114][115] It was the world's most-watched live television broadcast at the time. It was a bout that would inspire Sylvester Stallone to create the acclaimed film, Rocky.[117]. Ali denied the accusations of cruelty but, for Ali's critics, the fight provided more evidence of his arrogance. [226] Other rappers narrated the documentary as well, including Doug E Fresh, Ludacris and Rakim who all spoke on Ali's behalf in the film. [36] (He was quoted as saying, "I said I was the greatest, not the smartest! By 1978, Ali's total fight purse earnings were estimated to be nearly $60million[272] (inflation-adjusted $337 million), including an estimated $47.45million grossed between 1970 and 1978. [22][242][243] Ali still remained active during this time, later participating as a guest referee at WrestleMania I. His mother recalled one occasion when he was denied a drink of water at a store: "They wouldn't give him one because of his color. Ali wanted people to be happy. In assessing the fight, analysts pointed out that Joe Frazier and Ken Norton, who had given Ali four tough battles and won two of them, had both been devastated by Foreman in second-round knockouts. The two almost came to blows over the name issue in a pre-fight interview with Howard Cosell. [45], Adding to the atmosphere were the considerable pre-fight theatrics and name calling. The bout, which was held at Yankee Stadium, resulted in Ali winning a controversial decision that ringside commentators had scored in favour of Norton. (1963) and The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay (1976). He won the world heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston in a major upset on February 25, 1964, at age 22. [144] According to Ali, "She wouldn't do what she was supposed to do. He gave me this illness to remind me that I am not number one; He is. Liston fought better in round two, but at the beginning of the third round Clay hit Liston with a combination that buckled his knees and opened a cut under his left eye. [119] The Dunn fight was the last time Ali would knock down an opponent in his boxing career. [264] According to Politico, Ali supported Orrin Hatch politically. ", "Rand Paul's amendment to knock out the draft named after Muhammad Ali", "H.R. The annual award was originally created in 2008 and honors former "sports figures who embody the ideals of sportsmanship, leadership and philanthropy as vehicles for changing the world." [202] In 1977, he said that, after he retired, he would dedicate the rest of his life to getting "ready to meet God" by helping people, charitable causes, uniting people and helping to make peace. He didn't have affairs he had one-night stands. [40] Initially, Clay did not take up Martin's offer, but after seeing amateur boxers on a local television boxing program called Tomorrow's Champions, Clay was interested in the prospect of fighting. After the fight he cited Frazier as "the greatest fighter of all times next to me. For television viewership figures of his fights, see Boxing career of Muhammad Ali: Television viewership.

"[145] The marriage was childless and they divorced on January 10, 1966. ", "Ken Burns' Next Documentary Will Profile Muhammad Ali", "OK just finished watching the eight hour rough cut of Ken Burns' forthcoming documentary about Muhammad Ali. [334][335], When We Were Kings, a 1996 documentary about the Rumble in the Jungle, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Boxing writer Richie Giachetti said, "Larry didn't want to fight Ali. At Howard University, for example, he gave his popular "Black Is Best" speech to 4,000 cheering students and community intellectuals, after he was invited to speak by sociology professor Nathan Hare on behalf of the Black Power Committee, a student protest group. [102], Ali suggested that prejudice determined his defeat in the U.S. version. Contrary to his later persona, Foreman was at the time a brooding and intimidating presence. In an interview in 1974, Ali said that, prior to his later fight with Foreman, a one-time member of Liston's entourage offered him a liniment that could be applied to boxing gloves and that would cause a blinding, temporary stinging of the eyes. 70,000 people attended the bout and paid a total of $6million admission, making it the largest live gate in boxing history at that time. [187] Around that time Ali moved to the south side of Chicago and lived in a series of houses, always near the Nation of Islam's Mosque Maryam or Elijah Muhammad's residence.

By late 1963, Clay had become the top contender for Sonny Liston's title. "[75] Ali elaborated: "Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go ten thousand miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on brown people in Vietnam while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights? This is a trial from God. [251] In 1974, he visited a Palestinian refugee camp in Southern Lebanon, where Ali declared "support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland. [note 1][note 2][300][301][302], In 1978, three years before Ali's permanent retirement, the Louisville Board of Aldermen in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, voted 65 to rename Walnut Street to Muhammad Ali Boulevard. The Trials of Muhammad Ali, a documentary directed by Bill Siegel that focuses on Ali's refusal of the draft during the Vietnam War, opened in Manhattan on August 23, 2013. He said a reunion of the Beatles "would make a lot of people happy. "[180] Ali still attended a number of his daughter's fights and later admitted to Laila he was wrong. In 1978, Ali revealed that he was "broke" and several news outlets reported his net worth to be an estimated $3.5 million[273] (inflation-adjusted $15million). This was controversial at the time, as within a week 12 of the 70 street signs were stolen. People who supported Ali during this time were also threatened, including sports journalist Jerry Izenberg, whose columns defended Ali's decision not to serve. Pacheco was quoted as saying, "the New York State Athletic Commission gave me a report that showed Ali's kidneys were falling apart. Actor Sylvester Stallone was at ringside and said that it was like watching an autopsy on a man who is still alive. Consequently, Ali was only received by the youth and culture minister, rather than President Julius Nyerere. In late 1966, he also pledged to donate a total of $100,000 to the UNCF (specifically promising to donate much of the proceeds of his title defense against Cleveland Williams), and paid $4,500 per closed circuit installation at six HBCUs so they could watch his fights. [292], Ali's funeral had been pre-planned by himself and others for several years prior to his actual death. The Associated Press ranked him as the second best boxer and best heavyweight of the 20th century. In winning this fight at the age of 22, Clay became the youngest boxer to take the title from a reigning heavyweight champion. The fight was set for February 25, 1964, in Miami Beach. In 1978, he said "Women are not made to be hit in the breast, and face like that. The punch used to knock Dunn out was taught to Ali by Taekwondo Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee. Because of Ali's apparent intent to prolong the fight to inflict maximum punishment, critics described the bout as "one of the ugliest boxing fights." Liston rose after he had been down for about 20 seconds, and the fight momentarily continued. [24] Ali stated: "War is against the teachings of the Qur'an. [87], Ali was honored with the annual Martin Luther King Award in 1970 by civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy, who called him "a living example of soul power, the March on Washington in two fists." While still married to Belinda, Ali married Aaisha in an Islamic ceremony that was not legally recognized. At the end of the first round, Clay opened up his attack and hit Liston repeatedly with jabs. [234], On November 17, 2002, Ali went to Afghanistan as the "U.N. Messenger of Peace. A rematch occurred in September at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ali was named "Kentucky Athlete of the Century" by the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame in ceremonies at the Galt House East. He was dyslexic, which led to difficulties in reading and writing, at school and for much of his life. [217] In 1977 the book was adapted into a film called The Greatest, in which Ali played himself and Ernest Borgnine played Angelo Dundee. Once more, Ali refused to budge when his name was called, and he was arrested. Rhee called that punch the "Accupunch"; he learned it from Bruce Lee. I knew beyond a doubt there were no feelings involved. She wore lipstick; she went into bars; she dressed in clothes that were revealing and didn't look right. "[146] Ali's brother Rahman said that she was Ali's only true love and the Nation of Islam made Ali divorce her and Ali never got over it. "[8] He was also strongly affected by the 1955 murder of Emmett Till, which led to young Clay and a friend taking out their frustration by vandalizing a local rail yard. Ali stumbled to the corner, where his associate Butch Lewis convinced him to walk away. I'm the prettiest thing that ever lived. Ali also received numerous tributes from the world of sports including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, the Miami Marlins, LeBron James, Steph Curry and more. "[76] Ali antagonized the white establishment in 1966 by refusing to be drafted into the U.S. military, citing his religious beliefs and opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War. After initially considering retirement, Ali won a controversial decision against Norton in their second bout.

[153], By the summer of 1977, his second marriage ended due to Ali's repeated infidelity, and he had married actress and model Veronica Porch. However, initially when he refused induction, he became arguably the most hated man in the country and received many death threats. The defeat of Frazier set the stage for a title fight against heavyweight champion George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire, on October 30, 1974a bout nicknamed The Rumble in the Jungle. [148] Rasheda married Robert Walsh and has two sons: Biaggio Ali, (born 1998), and Nico Ali (born 2000), who is a professional boxer. I shook up the world. There is a great possibility that I will retire. [218], Ali often used rhyme schemes and spoken word poetry, both for when he was trash-talking in boxing and as political poetry for his activism outside of boxing. The story was later disputed, and several of Ali's friends, including Bundini Brown and photographer Howard Bingham, denied it. Rather, the Court held that since the appeal board gave no reason for the denial of a conscientious objector exemption to Ali, that it was therefore impossible to determine which of the three basic tests for conscientious objector status (offered in the Justice Department's brief) the appeal board relied on, and Ali's conviction must be reversed. We are not supposed to take part in no wars unless declared by Allah or The Messenger (Elijah Muhammad then leader of Nation of Islam). He told interviewer David Frost, "If you think the world was surprised when Nixon resigned, wait till I whup Foreman's behind! Midway through the first round, Liston was knocked down by a difficult-to-see blow the press dubbed a "phantom punch". Hed see them on the street, pile them into his Rolls-Royce and bring them home. "[178], Ali's daughter Laila was a professional boxer from 1999 until 2007,[179] despite her father's previous opposition to women's boxing. He has been cited as an inspiration by rappers such as LL Cool J,[20] Public Enemy's Chuck D,[227] Jay-Z, Eminem, Sean Combs, Slick Rick, Nas and MC Lyte. Ali opened the fight moving and scoring with right crosses to Foreman's head. So confident in what he said; fluent, smooth, creative, and intimidating. In the first rounds, Ali was aggressive, moving and exchanging blows with Frazier. The company mainly handled Ali's boxing promotions and pay-per-view closed-circuit television broadcasts. t.co/KnizgnK07H", "ESPN Classic - Muhammad Ali's ring record", William Addams Reitwiesner Genealogical Services: Ancestry of Muhammad Ali, "Muhammad Ali's Life in Photos; From his time in the ring to his more playful side", The Rumble in the Jungle (Foreman vs. Ali), I Am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali, Ferdie Pacheco (personal physician, cornerman), Olympic boxing champions men's light heavyweight, BBC Sports Personality World Sport Star of the Year, Faceted Application of Subject Terminology, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Muhammad_Ali&oldid=1098505777, Activists for African-American civil rights, BBC Sports Personality World Sport Star of the Year winners, Central High School (Louisville, Kentucky) alumni, Converts to Sunni Islam from Protestantism, International Boxing Hall of Fame inductees, Olympic gold medalists for the United States in boxing, Overturned convictions in the United States, Sportspeople from Camden County, New Jersey, Sportspeople from the Phoenix metropolitan area, Winners of the United States Championship for amateur boxers, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Pages with login required references or sources, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Articles with dead external links from December 2021, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Pages using infobox person with multiple spouses, Pages using infobox person with multiple parents, Pages using embedded infobox templates with the title parameter, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from June 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 16 July 2022, at 04:26. "[45], In Hauser's biography Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times, Ali says that although he's not a Christian as he thinks the idea of God having a son sounds wrong and does not make sense to him, as he believes, "God don't beget; man begets". He stated: "Man, I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet Cong. But in February Ali was reclassified by the Louisville draft board as 1-A from 1-Y, and he indicated that he would refuse to serve, commenting to the press, "I ain't got nothing against no Viet Cong; no Viet Cong never called me nigger. Following Ali's death, he was the number-one trending topic on Twitter for over 12 hours and on Facebook for several days. He lost the title by split decision. [305] Named BBC's Sports Personality of the Century, he received more votes than the other five candidates combined. [195][206][207] According to Ali's daughter, Hana Yasmeen Ali, who co-authored The Soul of a Butterfly with him, Ali was attracted to Sufism after reading the books of Inayat Khan, which contain Sufi teachings. After his death she again made passionate appeals to be allowed to mourn at his funeral. [212] They asked fans worldwide to contribute a dollar each. Stratton also cites an interview by Howard Cosell in which Ali explained that rather than toying with Patterson, he refrained from knocking him out after it became apparent Patterson was injured. [41] He then began to work with trainer Fred Stoner, whom he credits with giving him the "real training", eventually molding "my style, my stamina and my system." Black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours; my religion, not yours; my goals, my own; get used to me. Midway through the fight, as Foreman began tiring, Ali countered more frequently and effectively with punches and flurries, which electrified the pro-Ali crowd. In 1994, Ali campaigned to the United States government to come to the aid of refugees afflicted by the Rwandan genocide, and to donate to organizations helping Rwandan refugees. It was so obvious, It was easy to forgive him. "[49] Ali's trash-talk was inspired by professional wrestler "Gorgeous George" Wagner's, after he saw George's talking ability attract huge crowds to events. [151] He had another daughter, Miya (born 1972), from an extramarital relationship with Patricia Harvell. Outside boxing, Ali attained success as a spoken word artist, releasing two studio albums: I Am the Greatest! [185] Shortly afterwards on March 6, Elijah Muhammad gave a radio address that Clay would be renamed Muhammad (one who is worthy of praise) Ali (most high). He added, "I love the music. During the lead up to the bout, Terrell repeatedly called Ali "Clay", much to Ali's annoyance. This led to a story in The Miami Herald just before the fight disclosing that Clay had joined the Nation of Islam, which nearly caused the bout to be canceled. ", "Jhoon Rhee, Father of American Tae Kwon Do", Read Peter Finney's column on Ali vs. Spinks 2 at the Superdome in 1978, The Last Flight of the Butterfly: Remembering Ali vs Spinks II, "Timeline: Fifty years of Las Vegas memories for Muhammad Ali", "Boxing King Casts His Shadow, Even at Time of Defeat", "Michael Dokes, Larger-Than-Life Heavyweight Boxer, Dies at 54", "The Joke That Almost Ended Ali's Career", "Muhammad Ali Boxing Football's Lyle Alzado", "Greatest Hockey Legends.com: Ali vs. Semenko - It Really Happened", "Filantropia - Fundacin Jos Miguel Agrelot", "Muhammad Ali's Forgotten Fight Was Also One of His Most Influential", "Collision in Korea: Pyongyang's historic socialism and spandex spectacular", "When Muhammad Ali fought hockey's heavyweight champ, Dave Semenko", "Ep. In 1977, Rodney Hilton Brown, who owned an art gallery in NYC, asked Ali if he was interested in painting. Ali was unable to explain why the African countries should join the US boycott when it had failed to support the African boycott of the 1976 Olympics (in protest at Apartheid in South Africa), and was unaware that the Soviet Union was sponsoring popular revolutionary movements in Africa. I want to sit back and count my money, live in my house and my farm, work for my people and concentrate on my family."[118]. [220][221] I Am the Greatest sold 500,000 copies, and has been identified as an early example of rap music and a precursor to hip hop. Ali sparred less than two dozen rounds in preparation for the fight, and was seriously out of shape by the opening bell. "[191] In truth, Cassius Clay's attachment to slavery went farther than Ali knew. [31][32] DNA testing performed in 2018 showed that, through his paternal grandmother, Ali was a descendant of the former slave Archer Alexander, who had been chosen from the building crew as the model of a freed man for the Emancipation Memorial, and was the subject of abolitionist William Greenleaf Eliot's book, The Story of Archer Alexander: From Slavery to Freedom. It was released in September 2021 on PBS. [151] In January 1985, Aaisha sued Ali for unpaid palimony. Following the Manila bout, Ali fought Jean-Pierre Coopman, Jimmy Young, and Richard Dunn, winning the last by knockout. Proposed motivations include threats on his life from the Nation of Islam, that he had bet against himself and that he "took a dive" to pay off debts. She served as the vice president and treasurer until the sale of the company in 2006. The bout drew a record-breaking indoor crowd of 35,460 people. "A clean knockout is too good for him. His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see. [99], While banned from sanctioned bouts, Ali settled a $1million lawsuit against radio producer Murray Woroner by accepting $10,000 to appear in a privately staged fantasy fight against retired champion Rocky Marciano. He played a role in the shaping of the black poetic tradition, paving the way for The Last Poets in 1968, Gil Scott-Heron in 1970, and the emergence of rap music in the 1970s. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease to raise awareness and encourage donations for research. Following the win, a triumphant Clay rushed to the edge of the ring and, pointing to the ringside press, shouted: "Eat your words!" In May 2016, a bill was introduced to United States Congress by Markwayne Mullin, a politician and former MMA fighter, to extend the Ali Act to mixed martial arts. [125], The fight took place on October 2, 1980, in Las Vegas Valley, with Holmes easily dominating Ali, who was weakened from thyroid medication he had taken to lose weight. Lonnie first met Ali at the age of 6 when her family moved to Louisville in 1963. [314], The 1976 Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki fight played an important role in the history of mixed martial arts. [158] In 1992, Lonnie incorporated Greatest of All Time, Inc. (G.O.A.T. [78], At the trial on June 20, 1967, the jury found Ali guilty after only 21minutes of deliberation of the criminal offense of violating the Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted. [9], When notified of this status, Ali declared that he would refuse to serve in the army and publicly considered himself a conscientious objector. Edited versions of the bout were shown in movie theaters in 1970. Born into a Chicago family that had converted to the Nation Of Islam, she later changed her name to Khalilah Ali, though she was still called Belinda by old friends and family. Ali did, however, convince the government of Kenya to boycott the Olympics. One of the COINTELPRO targets was Ali, and their activities included the FBI gaining access to his records as far back as elementary school; one such record mentioned him loving art as a child. [103] Ali's first return bout was against Jerry Quarry on October 26, resulting in a win after three rounds after Quarry was cut. [44] Clay's amateur record was 100 wins with five losses. [298] Ali's memorial was watched by an estimated 1billion viewers worldwide.[238]. [191] With the Clay name coming from a family of enslavers, Ali concluded: "Why should I keep my white slavemaster's name visible and my black ancestors invisible, unknown, unhonored? [152] In 2001 Khaliah was quoted as saying she believed her father viewed her as "a mistake". However, Clay's superior speed and mobility enabled him to elude Liston, making the champion miss and look awkward. [247][248] He focused on practicing his Islamic duty of charity and good deeds, donating millions to charity organizations and disadvantaged people of all religious backgrounds. "[239] In October 2021, 26 of his drawings and arts were placed on auction and sold for close to $1 Million USD. What were you doing to help your country live up to the covenant of its founding principles? Ali also frequently called Frazier an "Uncle Tom". Dundee refused. "[54] Clay turned the pre-fight weigh-in into a circus, shouting at Liston that "someone is going to die at ringside tonight." "[177] He also said, "Black men would go over there and fight, but when they came home, they couldn't even be served a hamburger. [64] Patterson biographer W. K. Stratton claims that the conflict between Ali and Patterson was not genuine but was staged to increase ticket sales and the closed-circuit viewing audience, with both men complicit in the theatrics. After the match was over, Ali removed his shirt and jacket and confronted professional wrestler Gorilla Monsoon in the ring after his match at a World Wide Wrestling Federation show in Philadelphia Arena.

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