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The verbatim we received from developers wasoverwhelmingly positivewith lots of feedback on what we could do better. One leap of faith we have to do when releasing after every sprint is that we removed the regression testing step that we used to have at the end of the cycle. The future of better live entertainment starts here! Invest in an inception, it will allow your teams to align early and deliver value quickly. It became a very dogmatic approach and much of the principals were driven by the project management organization however, the value was not fully understood throughout the team. naming conventions), best practices (e.g. Im proud to say that Ticketmaster has successfully reimagined and rebuilt ticketing from the digital ground up, making that incredible live event that only happens once, better than ever. is a language that compiles to the Java Virtual Machine. Mobile entry turns your phone into your ticket. Defining the steps required to progress through to achieving advanced levels of DevOps, we can set long term and short term targets on different themes or levels to be reached. Unfortunately Im not a very frequent customer since I had kids, so currently I have to settle with experimenting in my own kitchen. You should read those policies carefully to understand your options and our policies. Increasingly, Event Organizers are choosing to use our SafeTix mobile ticketing as the exclusive option for entry into their shows.

I consider my colleagues my extended family. Then when we have something that other people start using, they might have found a problem with it. Our partners at Orlando City Stadium nearly quadrupled the number of identified new fans per game and have seen their instances of ticketing fraud go from 120+ cases per game to zero after implementing Presence into their stadium. Employees go to events; they experience shows and connect with the fan.

6. Review your ticket listing and confirm.

The tester is a part of the development team and the quality assurance is not not just an activity for the tester, but rather a whole team approach. ), Figure 1. A further example of silos was with our TechOps team being a separated centralised group, with different goals to the engineering team. If any of the Musts are broken by a candidate then it is dropped, Create a short list of, ideally, three candidates, Create a second set of more detailed requirements, rank using. Do you have a site that attracts visitors who are interested in buying tickets? The contact centre team have started an initiative focussing on incremental changes that improve the customer journey. It also clearly showedhow externaldeveloper feedback is critical to the health and stability of a platformand how we need to hold more of them often. In order to satisfy the requirements of the next role, we have introduced a peer review and assessment process, whereby individuals submit their evidence to show they have mastered the professional, technical and behavioural skills to the appropriate level. Java is a great language. How do we do that? Logging, Heartbeats & Health checks). We found that the existing maturity models didnt address the pain points felt by most of our teams on a tangible, practical level, so we created our own! We were using a waterfall approach. Unlike other resale marketplaces, we verify every standard, Platinum and VIP ticket we sell, so that buyers know they are buying the real thing. Check out the websites of your favorite performers and teams to see how you can participate and take full advantage of your fanhood. We shortened our sprints to two weeks. The team, just like the business, wants to know from the customer themselves. I believe we will not be able to automate everything but the role of the manual tester will not just be about following step by step test cases. By building our approach on existing standards and the best disciplines from other industries, were aiming to show that were part of an extremely vibrant but also professional industry which will endure for millennia to come.

A few years ago we didnt do that. Just bring your jolly self and have a great time! Enter the recipient's first and last name, email address, and an optional note We broke theproject down to stories that would bring value to the end user. Teaming with partners like Branch made it possible for us to include extra information in the links that we would have had trouble supporting, including adding support for non-Android platforms. Working with Google as part of the Instant Apps Early Access Program(EAP) was an incredible experience for our team. Couldnt get BTS Tickets? Developers dont want to do throw-away work, so building something that will stand the test of time is a goal everyone can get behind, as well as providing new areas of growth.

Credit Card Presales Lists, carousels, and suggestion chips are all selectable via tapping the element or speaking or typing the text that is on the element. I ensure that the sequence of actions conveys a narrative structure. We believe that the best innovationshappen when people connect at a human level, and devjams are a fantastic setting for that. We caught up with her to find out a bit more about her success: all kind of test techniques and processes in a variety of organisations. titans fandome headquarters dc teen explore tv screenshots commercial In those cases, weve made it easy and safe to sell your tickets to other fans. All sales are final, but refunds are allowed in limited circumstances. Fees play a crucial role in bringing events to life and enhancing the future of live events. Theyre modular so we can change the strategy if improved technology or processes become apparent, and fill in gaps where some exist. Guidelines and best practices meant were working in the same ways and all have shared understanding. The best thing about our model is that it does not prescribe solutions. At each stage we have looked to put responsibility for progression with the engineer, but provided suitable support structures to enable and facilitate progression. We had version 2.1.5 running in production for several months and recently upgrade to Vertx 3.

Because in the end, this is technical debt that you will be living with for quite a while. Are they going down the right path? There are perks to being a devoted fan. In rare cases, some Event Organizers may elect to make tickets non-transferable. This is to prevent buyers from purchasing groups of tickets solely for the purpose of reselling them at a profit. We needed a new approach and developing a DevOps strategy has been one of the answers for us. The Intent that API.AI creates can either be handled in the API.AI agent itself or sent to your webhook (via JSON) for fulfillment. As you can see from the PDF of results, we chose Vertx. Since the Kotlin language permits top-level functions (similar to JavaScript) and has robust testing library support (, ), using Kotlin (over Java) meant we could more easily port Googles Node.js SDK. Indeed, a few weeks after we selected it, it was announced that Red Hat hired two more engineers to work on Vertx. Checkout the project on GitHub to get started or watch this briefvideo tour: Tech Maturity is a part-time project for a few of us atTicketmaster. Whats changed? Without pictures, variable names must evoke imagery thatreinforces the behavior being tested. We will continue working with the Ticketmaster Product team to make this into a great fan experience now that we have resolved the engineering challenges to support our seat map technology.. The event driven, reactive approach was one that we were looking to embrace. Worse, experienced Java developers tend to create designs that encourage complication and lots of structure. It helps to highlight the latest conveniences like SmartLock and Android Pay. After restructuring most of our teams into pods and over 40 inceptions later, we have found that 2-3 days at the beginning of the project to get to a common understanding is the right amount of time. Coalescing our ambitions and desires, mindful of the agile manifesto principles we defined 4 main objectives for our DevOps strategy: With these objectives we started to define requirements to achieve them. Hugely helpful and saves me at least 1 day each month., We improved the guidance for visitors to the Copenhagen Office which led to a 255 reduction in metro fines and delays in the first 9 months., , from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the. So we upgraded the components, ran the tests and BLAM, the first sign of trouble: a bunch of our tests were broken. Ticketmaster is always innovating and working on new products and programs to eliminate ticket fraud to create a safer live event ticketing experience for fans. The details for that will be in a future blog entry, but eventually we decided to use Clojure as our implementation language, as its naturally suited to this type of feature. In Denmark, a Kaizen working group has been formed, not only to encourage Kaizen in their business, but to look at the Kaizen improvements that have been made elsewhere and see how they can be adapted and reused. We want your feedback. Ticketmaster is the worlds largest ticket marketplace, and we partner with Event Organizers to make their tickets available through our marketplace, which includes websites, apps and Fan Support centers across 29 countries. We may be parents, sons & daughters, friends and neighbours. The primary scenario with one or two error scenarios is sufficient. If any phase is longer than a line or two, I use comments or wrapper functions to delineate the boundaries. Choose which tickets youd like to transfer This isnt possible without the JVM itself, which in itself allows you to use multiple languages in the same program. Update the second set of more detailed requirements with the results of this experience. The Commerce Order Processing and Order Details team decided to take a different approach and decided to integrate multiple languages into its development environment, using Java and the JVM as a base. Do you want your readers to pay attention? It was a great opportunity to innovate with new features and methods. The differences in tooling and processes have created a barrier that slows us all down. The next steps would be to come to the point where we release code as soon as something is done no matter how small the change. Inceptions are not only Ticketmasters way of kicking off a new project or team, it most importantly aligns the team around a concise mission with measurable business value outcomes vs. outputs. TIP: View your tickets before you go so theyre loaded in the app, even when WiFi is slow. The user is. Know any good jokes? In addition to providing a more engaging experience for fans, venues can increase security and decrease fraud by better understanding both who bought the ticket and who is in the seat at an event. Broadway Ticket-Buying Now Easier for Fans, U.S. GAO: You cant tell if youre winning without a scoreboard, so we created a portal to gather, aggregate, and display patterns from the data assembled and made it visible to everyone in the company. Over 75% of registered participants showed up. Working with Google as part of the Instant Apps Early Access Program(EAP) was an incredible experience for our team. This passion becomes a critical piece in binding the team to the mission.

4. So the same goes for us as software engineers. The seats you buy are the seats you get. *Stats based on Distils Bad Bot Report 2018. For many events there is much greater demand for tickets than there are available seats, particularly for great seat locations, and competing with thousands of other fans who are also trying to buy tickets to your favorite show, concert or game can be time-consuming and frustrating. The logic, I thought, was flawless: The libraries would give us cross-platform support for a number of key functional areas including network communication, database access for many different database systems, file system, threading, you name it. Doing something that feels wasteful can be tolerated when you do it only every fifth week. We work continuously to provide fans a smooth, safe and fair ticket buying experience. Its a great place to work.

SafeTix uses an encrypted digital ticket that eliminates ticket fraud and counterfeiting by making it impossible to copy and sell fake tickets on paper. As a developer myself, I love when companies do that because itshows theyre invested in me.

To solve this prior to kicking off our strategy we set up focused working groups to define and agree a set of standards for tooling, definition of terms (e.g. . I was scammed by a ticket scalper - dont make my mistake, Bot purchase attempts blocked by Ticketmaster in 2018, of traffic on ticketing sites is automated*, Learn more about refunds for canceled and rescheduled live events, Terms Regarding Certain Canceled, Rescheduled and Postponed Events (COVID-19), Updated Information About Event Status, Refunds, and Options, View step-by-step instructions on our help center, Learn how mobile entry is making it safer and easier to get into events. After leaving my daughter, I take the bus to the office where I have my breakfast while catching up with the team. Although, we were doing agile things, we were not agile minded. Lets discuss! The details for that will be in a future blog entry, but eventually we decided to use. We recognize that this is an experience that can be much better today, so what better way to have the team understand the pain then to go through it! to address the fans request. What we havent realised is that were doing all the parts of what is known as the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC): Requirements, Design, Development, Testing & Support.

Below are some examples of these UI elements. As a developer, I have an additional motivation to write tests well: tests illustrate the intended behavior of my code. These materials help the team understand how the product will fit in to the ecosystem, who our competitors are, target users, the user journey, business drivers and the investment. They are not being told it will save the company x amount of dollars, or that it will improve the bottom line. But this wasnt any old conference. Since my teams mission is to create APIs developers love to make our platform accessible, devjams are a great and fun way to engage our customers, the developers using those APIs. Standardising our tooling and specifications for implementing instrumentation meant we could reduce support overheads, share knowledge and solve problems once. If you don't see your answer here, visit our Fan Support Site. And theyd be wrong. Resale is at the Event Organizers discretion and may be removed at any time. Think of the team as The Shark Tank. The Clojure code, when written in Java, would have been several times larger and much harder to debug. In the second case, a deprecated method for initializing a widely used component had to be updated to use newer and less clear methods. the Quality Assurance team in Ticketmasters Gothenburg office in Sweden, and recently won Test Manager of the Year at the 2016 European Software Testing Awards. Here at Ticketmaster weve been Agile for over 6 years now, and weve come to the realisation that with that level of maturity, multi-disciplined skills are required in order for development teams to continue to grow in a healthy way. It was generally many months between each new version. We used a number of industry standard resources, building on the, created by the IEEE, and using influences from other industry models such as. API.AI takes the users speech or text and breaks it down into the Intents that the Action developer defines. We will continue to evangelise Kaizen and provide coaching to teams who are interested in adopting it as well as other lean techniques and look forward to sharing more success stories with you on Black Friday next year! Were honored to be named the Best in Sports Technologyand know that Ticketmaster Presence and digital tickets will continue to change the way fans experience live events. This goal is centred on continuous delivery, creating fast runways down which we can launch our applications. Exciting news.Ticketmaster Presence was just awarded Best in Sports Technology at Sports Business Journals 11thAnnualSports Business Awards! In 2018, less than 4% of events had non-transferable tickets Read More. Where we come from (Image courtesy of iquestgroup.com).

The mission is not about telling the team what they will deliver. Last Saturday, we heldourvery first eventin Scottsdale, AZ, to a sold-out audience of enthusiastic geeks. Please leave a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter. We gathered detailed feedback throughout the day and the team is currentlyaddressing them.The state and quality of the platform will be a whole lot better by the time we hold our next event in Los Angeles in February (stay tuned). If your event is postponed, rescheduled, or moved, and you purchased your tickets from a Ticketmaster or Live Nation website or application,* your tickets are still valid; in some instances, however, the Event Organizer may give you the option to request a refund. It would be great to hear of your experiences using reactive frameworks. At Ticketmaster, we useTech Maturity toidentify growth opportunities, eliminate waste, set clearly defined targets, and measure progress all while we work toward the ultimate goal of continuous delivery. The user is presented with a tappable list of options (left) or a horizontally scrolling carousel (right). Serendipitous eureka moments area conversation or a keystroke away. Our own Senior Android Engineer, Patrick Jackson, has taken the JSON spec and created an. Being in the live entertainment space, we had quizzes (using Kahoot.it), a live Twitter feed (@TMTechEvent) and a party in our London HQs basement bar complete with gourmet burger van! Unlike other resale marketplaces, we verify every standard, Platinum and VIP ticket we sell, so that buyers know they are buying the real thing. Example: Checkout (left) and confirmation (right) steps in the Transactions API. Example: multimodal elements available for Actions. To learn more about why we created Tech Maturity, read thisblogpost. Presales are special early-bird sales held by the Event Organizer. Couple this with the previously unknown set of preconditions to trigger the error and you see that nobody could have foreseen the potential error and written a test to cover it. We have a lot of fun and we work hard to achieve what we have committed to. The Strategy, The Work, and The Team. The API needs to consistently deal with images for non-events. Dozens of sites also use confusing words & logos to make you think you are buying tickets from an official source, when you are buying unverified tickets from individual ticket sellers. There is rarely a moment to reflect and clean up shop before the next project comes along. Established skills can be rendered redundant overnight by the introduction of a new technology, product or service (e.g. But throughout all this time, one thing has remained the same. This was achieved by establishing targets for a subset of capabilities that we believe define the minimum requirements for any product or service in the public cloud. Once the webhook determines how to handle the Intent, the speech, text, or graphics data is sent back to API.AI, which formats the response and presents it to the user. Our artists go to great lengths to understand who is buying tickets and coming to their shows.

Hmm, I think they know most of me, Im like an open book. Back then the most important part of my CV would be the ISTQB certificate. Ticketmaster Sues Broker over use of bots to buy up tickets, USA Today: Have feedback or ideas on removing friction in the SDLC?

While this approach uses the JVM as a target compilation platform, Javascript can and has been used as a platform as well. Its always a good sign when your company is pushing Google, one of the most advanced software companies in the world. When you buy a ticket, you are supporting your favorite live events, like your favorite sports team, Broadway shows, concerts, and family-friendly entertainment. In fact, we no longer call projectsprojects. I love Christmas. code reviews) and core specifications (e.g. Fees, including our portion of the fees, vary by event and cover the costs of the services we provide to venues, promoters and fans, including developing new technology, customer support, fraud prevention, marketing and other services. The Groovy change allowed us to slowly transition into a language that allowed us to move faster without having to slow down and learn an entirely new language. If any are broken, the framework is no longer a candidate. Example: multimodal elements available for Actions. Given how intimate our events are (30-70 people), its easy to have meaningful conversations that will set your imagination free. Im a foodie.

Used By permission of UNIVERSAL UCLICK. We have yet to prove its value. Not only could we help fans find events via speech, but we could also present an interface to help them visualize their options and provide a mechanism for quick, seamless purchases. spinner bot seetickets tickets
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