berean christian baseball field

Take exit 440 toward Morrissay Blvd. Make a hard right onto Sonoma Blvd.

Travel to the first stop light (300 yds.)

Keep right at the fork, and follow the signs for Saratoga Avenue/Saratoga Avenue North.


toward 680. Take 880 North to 980 East to 24 East to 680 North to exit 56. Bear left onto Coliseum Way.

Turn right on North Shoreline Blvd.

Take exit 9 toward Moraga/Rheem/St. Take the Ygnacio Valley exit from I 680. 880 South to A Street.

580 east to 680 north to Contra Costa Blvd. School is on the left. Chabot Canyon Racquet Club will be on the right side about 1/4 mile down. Field will be on your right. Continue on U.S. 101 south (1.8 mi).

You will be ticketed if you park on the street.

margin-bottom:.0001pt; Make right on Divisadero. Makea slight right to stay on Tilden Way. Take exit 9 toward Moraga/Rheem/St. School is on the left a few miles down.

Turn right onto Atlantic Ave./Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway. 880 North to 80 West to exit 2C for Folsom Street. Shortly after the tunnel exit at Orinda. Turn left onto Fell Street.

exit. For parking: Gym - use center median parking or veer to the right for additional spaces. Turn right onto Robert Davey Jr. Drive.

580 East to 680 North to Monument Blvd. /* Style Definitions */ Turn right onto University Avenue. Turn right onto Telegraph Avenue.

Volleyball played at Camden Community Center 3369 Union Ave., San Jose. BUSES - continue straight, past Paseo Grande, and turn right on Via Manzanas. Road changes to Tasman Drive. Take 580 East to 680 North to Crow Canyon Road exit. Take the 3rd right onto Via Nueva. Take 680 North to exit 40 for El Cerro Blvd toward El Pintado Road. Take I-238 South toward Castro Valley/Stockton. Follow the signs for Bayshore Blvd. Make a slight left onto Harbor Bay Parkway. Hesperian becomes, Take 880 North to 580 West to 101 North to, and immediately turn left into the parking lot. After two or three miles turn right on Bear Creak Road. Merge onto 101N toward Golden Gate Bridge.

font-family:"Times New Roman"; ; right on King Rd.

margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in; Right on W. El Pintado Rd. Turn right onto Folsom Blvd. Right on Hesperian. (Alternate parking): After taking a left on Lincoln, look for a small parking lot on the left, just past the Greek Orthodox Church. Go about 2 blocks, Mare Island Sports Center is on the right.

Take 880 North toward Oakland to the 98th Avenue exit.

Turn left onto Market Street. Track - East on 238.

580 East to 680 North to Treat Blvd. Left on Nielson.

Basketball is played at Tice Valley Gym, 2055 Tice Valley Blvd., Walnut Creek.

Take 880 South toward San Jose. Follow Ralph Appezzato through two or three lights until you come to the end at an entrance to the Navy Base (do not go through the gate), go right, which is Main St. 7. {size:8.5in 11.0in;

Merge onto, Look immediately for a large parking structure on right to park in.

follow the circle to stay on MacDonald Avenue heading west.

from the Castro Valley area, the school will be on the left between Harder and Tennyson (past the cemetery). Take 880 South to Dumbarton Bridge.

Pull up the driveway and go right, Take Hwy 24 East. MS Volleyball - Played at Mt. Take 280 S exit toward Daly City (.4 mi). Take the exit ramp right for Waterfront Road toward Marina Vista Road. Right onto Harriet Avenue.

Slight right onto Ron Cowan Parkway. From 880 - Marina Blvd. Merge onto 101N toward Golden Gate Bridge.

Parking is limited. Take Hwy 24 East. Turn left onto Broadway.

The Church will be on your right. Turn left onto Mckay Avenue. @page Section1

Clayton Rd turns into Marsh Creek Rd (Do not turn right on the first or second Marsh Creek Rd). Continue onto Octavia Blvd.

Take the exit for Gravenstein Hwy. North Carpenter Road becomes Briggsmore Avenue.

Take the 1st right onto Chanate Road. p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal

margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in; Turn left on N. Carpenter Road. south and merge onto Bayshore Blvd.

I carry a 3.5 GPA have math honors, deans list, and am a member of the national society of high school scholars. Take the Davis Street exit and turn left on Davis Street. I have been playing baseball since I was five years old in recreation leagues, travel and all star teams. exit. Turn left on Lincoln. Right onto Kezar Drive. Right on Strobridge. margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in; p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal Stay to the far left and turn left on Castro Valley Blvd.

Were sorry, you have to be 13 years old Stay to the right and make your first right.

Marys College.

Take 880 North to the High Street exit. You will exit on to Harrison. Take 800 South to exit The Alameda/CA-82 toward Santa Clara.

Take the 1st right onto Drumm Street. mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";}

Take the exit toward downtown Stockton. Left on Garin. Fields are on the left. 880 south to East Tennyson exit.

Take ramp onto I-5 North.

At exit 650, take the ramp right toward Phillipsville/Miranda. West on Tennyson; left on Hesperian Blvd. Turn right onto 25th Avenue.

Merge onto 580 East to 205 East to 5 North.

Turn right on Williams Street.

Left onto Alameda De Las Pulgas.

Right on Paris Way.

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From Decoto Rd., take the Paseo Padre exit. Take 205 towards Tracy/Stockton, and continue on the I-5 north ramp. Turn left on W. Vine Street. I have really good movement on my fast ball, exceptional speed on the bases, can field any position except catcher and have had a better than 450. batting average each year.

Left on Princeton.

Game is played at Bay Area Chinese Bible Church.

mso-pagination:widow-orphan; Turn right onto Doolittle Drive, turn left onto Harbor Bay Parkway and immediately turn left into the parking lot. After approx.

Turn right onto West 20th. Turn right onto El Caminito. Make the 1st right onto East Front Street. Keep left at the fork to continue toward 280 S and merge onto 280 S (3.2 mi). Left on Industrial. Merge onto Monument Blvd. You will see a parking lot straight ahead as the road curves to the left. Take 880 South to Stevenson Blvd. Walk back almost to Joaquin Miller Road, turn left and hike about 50 yards down to a meadow.

Left on Madrid.

Turn right onto Mission Street. Go past the City College Wellness Center.

exit. We apologize for this inconvenience and invite you to return as soon as you turn 13. After the stop sign Presidio Blvd.

Turn left onto E 14th Street. Left (East) on A Street. Keep right at the fork to go on Treat Blvd.

Gym is at far end of the parking lot.

Park in one of the student lots to the east of the track. Exit. Continue onto Lincoln Way. On the other side of the Altamont Pass, do not go straight on 205 toward Tracy, go right toward Highway 5. Turn left onto Fell Street.

(Note: left turn is Admiral Callaghan - right turn is Humboldt). Continue onto 92 to Alameda De Las Pulgas exit.

Take the Pleasant Hill Rd.

Keep left at fork and follow the signs for Winton Avenue East. Turn left at Stone Valley Road. {mso-footnote-numbering-restart:each-page; Turn right onto Cowell Road. Continue onto Airport Drive.

MS Softball - plays at Gomes Elementary School (555 Lemos Ln.Fremont).

Walk along the left-side pathway to gym. div.Section1 Turn left onto 60th Street. Take 880 North to 980 East to 580 West to 101 North. Take the Alemany Blvd. Turn left onto Hillcrest Ave. Take 880 South to San Mateo Bridge (Hwy 92). fountain tn knoxville estate recreation

That is your cue to turn LEFT into the park. Turnright onto Burton Avenue.. Merge onto Irwin Street. Right on Heyer.

School is on the right. Cross the bridge and turn left on Williow Road (2nd signal) to get to 101. Left on John Dr. (first signal). Turn left onto South Green Valley Road. Parking lot will be on your right.

Julius Kahn Park will be on the right. font-family:"Times New Roman";

880 south to 101 south to east Tully Rd. Turn left onto Alvarado Niles Road. Turn right onto Powell Street. Make a slight left to stay on Alameda Diablo. DO NOT PARK ON THE FIELDS!

Turn left on Oakland Avenue. Camino Pablo becomes Moraga Way.

mso-pagination:widow-orphan; {page:Section1;} Take 880 South to Exit 23 for Alvarado Niles Road. Make an immediate left onto Del Amigo Road. Exit 9th Street. Take 880 South to 101 South to Tully Road exit. Take 880 North to 80 West, over the Bay Bridge. Turn left on Washington Street. Continue on Tassajara Road. Camino Pablo becomes, Take 880 North to 580 West to 101 North. Right on Redwood Rd. Take the 3rd right onto Ygnacio Valley Road.

Keep straight onto Marina Vista Avenue. Take 880 South to Highway 17. Track is 100 yards east of the parking structure. Turn right on Stanyan Street just before you enter the park.

Turn right on Clarice Drive. The field is right on the corner next to the tennis court.

Turn left to merge onto CA-260 S/CA-61 S/Webster Street Tube. Turn left onto Mission Blvd. exit. Turn right on Kittredge Street.

Take 580 East to the CA-84 W/Isabel Avenue exit.

MS Soccer - plays at DeCoto and 7th Street. @font-face Continue onto Concord Blvd. Take 880 North to 80 East to 580 West to 101 North. The school will be on your right. Take the Embarcadero Rd./Oregon Expressway exit. The school will be on your right. ; left on, .

Take a left on Hesperian Blvd.

Take the Olivera Rd. Turn left onto Yosemite and left onto Avila Street. Left (east) on Stevenson and continue until it ends at Mission. Continue to the stop sign.

Merge onto 99 South.

580 East to 680 North to 242 North. School is on the right.580 east to 680 north to Diablo Rd. Turn left onto Valencia Street. Turn left onto Hesperian Blvd. Take the Ocean Ave./Geneva Ave. exit. Left on Camden; right on Hicks Rd.

Continue 2 blocks past Liberty Baptist School (on left) and turn left on Monrovia. From 880 north - take A Street exit. Exit Ygnacio Valley Rd. From the school: Make a right onto Via Alamitos. Turn left onto Pescadero Creek Road. mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt; Field is behind the church.

From 880 south - take A Street exit.

Turn right onto Atlantic Avenue/Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway. Take 880 North to 580 West to 101 North to Central San Rafael exit. Take Exit 1B onto US 101 N. Continue onto Central Fwt (signs for Octavia Blvd/Fell St.) Continue onto Octavia Blvd. Take 880 North to 980 East to 24 East. Park is on the right. Travel to the first stop light (300 yds.) Take 880 South to 84 West and go over the Dumbarton Bridge. Keep left at the fork. Turn right onto Camino Pablo. Turn slight right onto Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Right on.

Turn right on E 9th Street. and the library parking lot for faculty.


div.Section1 Take the Exit towards East Lost Gatos (it will be the 3, exit). Right on James. Turn right on Coffee Road. Keep left at the fork in the ramp and merge onto Lawrence Expwy.

School is on the right soon after you turn.

Continue onto Moraga Avenue. 580 east to 680 north to Ygnacio Valley Rd. Drive 7 miles to Clayton Rd. Turn right onto San Pablo Avenue.

Right on Mission. Turn left on Britton Dr. School is on the left. Continue on 92 to Half Moon Bay. Take the 1st left onto Wheelock Road.

Left on Patterson Ranch Rd. At the second light right onto Los Gatos Blvd.

Turn right onto Golf Links Road.

; right on King Rd. You can also ask your parents to call us Eagles Athletics. exit toward Pleasant Hill.

margin:1.0in 1.0in 1.0in 1.0in; Merge onto W Tennyson Rd.

Take the first left onto 5th Street. Turn left on Lower Sacramento Road.

Take the 51st Street exit. exit. Take 880 North to the Davis Street exit. Go 3 blocks and the field is on the corner of Tassajara and Gleason. @page Section1

Turn right onto Claremont Avenue. 580 east to 680 north to Ygnacio Valley Rd. Bear left onto Trenton Road. From 238 south (from 880)- take Hayward/Castro Valley Blvd. exit toward Mountain View.

Tennis Site - Sunnyvale Tennis Center, 755 South Mathilda Ave., Sunnyvale Take 880 South to 237 West. Turn right at W Rumble Rd. search for recruits on NCSAs platform 710,634 times in 2018.

1 mile. RIght on Mission Blvd. Dont worryNCSA is Left on Lake Chabot Rd.

Turn Left at the light on Regency Drive to enter the park. Right (east) on High St. Left on International Blvd. Immediately get in the left hand lane and turn left on. -->. mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt;

Take the exit to merge onto 101 North. Turn right onto Estudillo Avenue.

down on the right side, Take 880 North to Marina Blvd. Turn left on University Avenue. Right on Washington.

Turn left onto Moraga Rd. Field will be on the left. Cars turn left at the kiosk and park. * This route has not been tried before, so be prepared to make adjustments as you get near the meet location. Turn into the first driveway entrance and drive around to the back of the church. Turn right on Springlake. Take 880 North to 80 West to 101 North. Turn left at CA-12/Farmers Lane (.3 mi). Clayton Rd turns into Marsh Creek Rd (Do not turn right on the first or second Marsh Creek Rd).

Turn left on Hesperian Blvd.

Take 580 to 680 North.

Track is 100 yards east of the parking structure. Soccer - played at Boxer Stadium, Balboa Park, 2000 San Jose Ave. San Francisco. Turn left onto San Jose Ave. Go about 5 blocks north and pull into Balboa Park where it says Police Station. div.Section1 Left on Nielson. Turn left on to Amador Street.


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