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Let it be known now - as it has been through the guide and subject report already, that this is not allowed. The material you choose should allow you to fulfill your directorial intentions and the intended impact on the audience, as well as demonstrate the aspect of theory you have selected in action. Use this handout to organize research on the different aspects of the theatre theorists theory. This template for writing the report for the IB Theatre Task 1: Solo theatre piece gives specific guidance to students on what to include in the three components of the report: The Theorist, the Aspect, and the Context; Practical Explorations, Intentions, and Development; and Evaluation & Reflection. stream XD .1K;M3]W apB"2~Pg0KYymSiY\[b --#1#RaD#ptC4F~=H(H_HNG !c>'|ykHb^ei :bFKbc$#h*+6pkzF5zVTge~uyu]$ List of key terms and phrases used in the IB theatre assessment objectives and assessment criteria. I'd be happy to discuss this for your school, but if your budget or calendar doesn't allow this, here are my top tips: Let me be blunt. Key requirements and tips are included, as well as a suggested structure and headings for the 3,000 word written report. Alongside this you will submit a 3,000 word (maximum) report that considers the aspect of the theory you chose, your performance, the direction of the piece and (if appropriate) the creation of your piece. How do they relate to each other? x]n}W9i6Xi-? Authors: Bradley W. Bishop and Trevor Jones (October 1999). Examiners will disregard any images with text within, meaning that whole sections can sometimes be awarded zero if all the scoring text sits inside an image (typed or handwritten are both treated the same). Subsequently, you will write a report that explains the context, the theory and the relationship between theory and practice, how you explored the aspect as a performer, how you intentionally created your piece, looking at feedback and reflecting on that feedback during the creative process and after you perform for an audience. Also includes professional literature for teachers and staff. Examiners are told that they are not to mark acting ability, as the criteria does not include this, so a subjectively excellent piece of acting is not going to pick up marks for C1 - the application of aspect to meet intentions. You should consider the design of the production elements (sound, set, costume, lights and so on), and you can engage someone else to develop these for you, although you will not be formally assessed on these elements. An extensive summary list of relevant quotes from source material about Artaud, used in the STP Twilight workshops and Artaud TaPS workshops led by Kieran. stream With. I cant seem to find the PDF button. Excerpt from IB Theatre guide (First assessment 2017), pp. Annotated Bibliography Go to the 'Resources' tab to find links to online resources related to his work: Interviews, conversations, and articles; videos; reviews; and Forced Entertainment programme notes (by Tim Etchells.). Stimulus From Peter Brooks - The Empty Space,, Practitioner resources, workshops, posters and lessons. The subheadings for the report are: You will select a theatre theorist and explore their context. Let me be blunt. A list of possible STP theorists - not an exhaustive list, neither are all theorists recommended, but it is a starting point for students and less experienced teachers. It may be an idea, a process, a series of exercises, a stylistic element, a convention, a technique or an approach. Their collections comprise contributions from outstanding international museums, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives, and artists and artists estates. 7F\P$3m%onLXQsp!a@6x1, WFtz6iy=eDx`YVI .cJNY7A*sBE5\|LV.@ 5M4n7mhD9g U3a}J[5P`I1ei#v/ An Example: Theatre Based on Theory However, these can be useful in helping us understand your thought process. You must be super clear on this in your report. The problem is that theorists whose theory is psychological (i.e. It is fundamentally a task which asks students to consider: This task does not assess performance skills, but rather the extent to which students can learn, embody and communicate understanding through action. audition musical sheet theater dance theatre auditions form vocal template forms list monologue businessformtemplate song templates solo training recital experience << /Linearized 1 /L 56136 /H [ 743 144 ] /O 10 /E 51119 /N 2 /T 55840 >> 'X 8@{#.gWL_SUNz?~'k?O>W~~>=o\~8~OPW|{}vxOn~'|=N//o?o?k'j]>=l8uZ?6qB3y[)y#Gp| Katie Mitchells video installation at the V&A in 2011 that refracted Ophelias death scene into five 20th-century dramatic styles:, Performances uploaded to YouTube by Bexley Grammar School in the UK,, Richard-Schechner-Performance-Studies-an-Introduction-Routledge-2013, The Street Scene. All of this means I have very clear ideas about what does well at this task, and on the other hand, have very established frustrations at the common ruts that teachers and students fall into. AjqD7Z{Jt!K(qRK@|1XpHobNm1e;G#VKjl0K4K-ys8B]g{DF((mG~n`pz#E%I`-DtPV/kl,$gw@@MB]LuT6/0 ?A/>.7:Q~_jswXpunn_[?];[9k9%qd)#RRbx}3^ poF?%pWW!`8@EqtE$W!K|M#ltWaGxU 183SYfH^ !0S?GiB. Sonia Moore; Joshua Logan (Foreword by); John Gielgud (Preface by), Robert Lepage; Remy Charest (Translator); Wanda Romer Taylor (Translator); John Ralston Saul (Foreword by), Bertolt Brecht; John Willett (Translator); Marc Silberman (Editor); Steve Giles (Editor); Tom Kuhn (Editor), J. Thomas Rimer (Translator); Tadashi Suzuki, Constantin Stanislavski; Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood (Translator), Antonin Artaud; Mary C. Richard (Translator); Antonin Artaud, Howard Kissel; Marlon Brando (Preface by); Stella Adler,, Video: Antonin Artaud: Practical Approaches to a Theatre of Cruelty (Preview), Famed Brazilian Artist Augusto Boal on the Theater of the Oppressed (interview), Finding the Marxist in Boal: A Counter-Argument for the Sceptics, Edward Gordon Craig: British Actor and Director, IB Theatre, External Assessment - Task 1: Solo Theatre Piece, Student Process Checklist: Creating Theatre Based on Theory, Explore the practical implications of theatre theory. Stay away from Stanislavski and his followers. Use this graphic organizer to record your ideas for the solo piece and to show the process of how these ideas are developed and/or refined. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Is this PDF still available? This worksheet guides students in looking at a theorist and the theory in the context of history (relationship of the theory to other theories of the time and theories that came before it) and its relevance (the importance of the theory to subsequent development of the theatre). PerspectiveCandidates should approach this task from the four perspectives of creator, director, designer and performer. WSA IB Theatre Website: The website has a list of Tharp's works, 1965 to present, with descriptions, dates, and photos for each. The slides are accompanied by a detailed script. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. This task is accompanied by a brief written report describing processes used to develop the performance. An article about Katie Mitchell's video installation at the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum in London, where she refracted Ophelia's death scene into five 20th-century dramatic styles. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It is important to rehearse the filming too, so your camera operator can experiment with different positions and ensure she or he can move in anticipation of your movements. If you don't consider your performance's limitations as well as its strengths, you can't score top band. Use this handout to guide your own practical process of exploration and to record your process. This page highlights Artstor content related to theater and dance, including images of costumes, venues, and staged performances from around the world, as well as portraits and performance shots of notable playwrights, theater directors, choreographers, set and costume designers, actors, and dancers. A detailed guide to planning, researching, and writing a Theatre Extended essay, with emphasis on the components students need to have in order to score well in the five assessment criteria. (~*Ss.g{(xpWQHNz10r`2 ]? DUSQk5l}B%@@0?&IEDNy@rJ-%R Wh5b W$U#?prUOd?W=D9,0!5a 6ANYNzlMIIJ?I$+"0v(m gR:*f)&_&XEc& Feedback and Reflection - both during the creativeprocess and after the performance. Site with information on Tim Etchell's projects and events. Watch two or more of the videos, which show the same performer presenting five different versions of the samepiece of text (Ophelia from ShakespearesHamlet), informed by different theorists (AntoninArtaud,BertoltBrecht, Peter Brook,JerzyGrotowskiandConstantinStanislavski).

Have other tips you want to give? endstream << /Pages 22 0 R /Type /Catalog >> 11 0 obj A list of possible aspects for use in the STP Twilight workshops and Artaud TaPS workshops led by Kieran. Boal explains his approach of seeing theater as a dialogue and an opportunity to act out social change. Findbooks, digital resources (ebooks), WebPath Express websites, and Open Educational Resources (OER). schumann brahms kletzki szymanowski quartet string foghorn quintets A worksheet to help with evaluating the presentation of your solo performance piece. It is literally an acid If you use such images, annotate them to clearly show how the image is relevant (and of course you must cite the source of each, even if you created the image yourself). If possible, could you email them to me. The material you choose should allow you to fulfill your directorial intentions and the intended impact on the audience, as well as demonstrate the aspect of theory you have selected in action. test. Choosing an aspect for your STP is like pulling a slice of pizza off the whole: you should try to take only one slice, but sometimes you can't help but pull bits of the toppings (bits of other aspects) from around. For help with your research and writing, see: NoodleTools Contemporary account of Artaud's performance lecture on "Theatre and The Plague". I have been a senior examiner of the Solo Theatre Piece, or STP, since this task launched, and with marking students in both May and November sessions, have seen somewhere in the region of 3,600 students' videos and reports! Ask your audience only 2 or 3 open questions about how they felt, what messages they read, or their understanding of a character's actions for example. Use this handout to organize research on the different aspects of the theatre theorists theory. Hi, I also use 'to make strange'. highly blended this silhouette will be its meaning, this When a performance is over, what remains? Too often I see videos that are filmed too far away, so we can't see the face or hear the voice. This is changing a little in the next version of the course. I use an analogy of a pizza. The student will create and present a solo theatre piece (48 minutes) based on the aspect(s) of theory they have not studied before. Login to access tools for note-taking, outlining, and citation. It is the plays central View work page-by-page using 'va-carousel' tool. Alternatively, you could create your own. Tell your examiner about at least 3 of these, including explaining why you selected each, and how they formed or changed your artistic intention. A biography of Edward Gordon Craig, in full Edward Henry Gordon Craig, (1872-1966), English actor, theatre director-designer, producer, and theorist who influenced the development of the theatre in the 20th century. stream endobj How to make a piece of theatre based on an aspect(s) of theory, The most appropriate theatre form and performance material required to contain these theoretical considerations, How to communicate and present this aspect(s) of theory practically and through their body. My experience is teenagers are easily motivated to perform a subculture character they are genuinely interested in and have little trouble sinking their teeth into this topic and obtaining ownership of the task. Artstor - find Theatre and Dance Resources,, IB Theatre - Solo Theatre Piece (last assessment 2023). In addition, there are published works by others (secondary sources) regarding the, theorists contributions, ideas and the impact they have had on, sts work has had implications beyond his or her own practice and an impact on, theorists will often present frameworks, approaches, techniques and models of practice. Worth 35% of your IB Theatre grade, this task is the Higher Level only assessment task that requires you to create your own piece of theatre based on the theory of a respected theatre practitioner of your choosing. shape will be the essence of what it has to say. I thought this was just an Artaudiandream. Have any questions about the STP? This guide provides resources for the Solo Theatre Piece, ExternalAssessment (Task 1) for IB Theatre. Presented by Krying Sky and its publisher Velocicolor as an online resource for information on Konstantin Stanislavski and other pillars of modern "Method Acting". 'e`iU6]x ( e,V#xQ*L%/ practice or shed a new light on it, as well as innovating new forms and approaches. endobj xc```a``z T `63l ;30ag`wjc 7 create and present a solo theatre piece (48 minutes) based on an aspect(s) of this theory. There is a lot to do in this example of such a short performance, but it should also teach students there is no time to waste or warm into your character in a solo performance, particularly if it only goes for 3 minutes! 33-44, related to the solo theatre piece, with an introduction to the topic, task details, and the external assessment criteria. This must be someone who has writings (and such) available in their own words. This graphic organization illustrates a possible process for the development of your solo piece once it has been created, and a way to record your development process and interactions with your mentor. You'll find video, audio, and full text articles on Titles (Plays and Productions), Genres, Themes, and People. 4 0 obj Practical explorations must use body, voice, space, objects, and/or production elements as relevant to your theory and aspect.

Presented by Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre (Los Angeles). They typically develop projects through improvisation and discussion; collaboration as agreement and as disagreement is at the heart of everything they do. years later I think of a striking theatrical experience I find a This graphic organizer will help you consider some of your options for choosing material for your solo piece. Students submit a report (maximum 3,000 words) which includes their research into and understandings of the theorist, the theory and the context of the theorists work. Created by Rebekah Schneider, Seoul Foreign School in Seoul, Republic of Korea. If you are not clear about your intentions, you will fail to score in criterion B (how intentions were formed by your practical explorations into the aspect), criterion C (how effective your application of aspects is in meeting your stated intentions) and criterion D (the extent to which you meet your intentions). 16571 Creative Drive NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370, United States | 360-598-5494. create and present a solo theatre piece (48 minutes) based on the aspect(s) of theory they have not studied before. The article chronicles Zimmerman's directorial and production career in theatre and opera, and lists some of the awards she has received.

Used in the STP Twilight workshops and Artaud TaPS workshops led by Kieran. Please, and I can't emphasise this enough, don't use your report's Section B to simply tell us what your final piece will look like. How have design, direction, and performance been used? A Basic Model for an Epic Theatre. Mind maps don't score, neither does watching Youtube. Who is the target audience? research a theatre theorist they have not previously studied. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. They will often develop existing. When emotion and created, designed, directed and performed by an individual. Theorist:Konstantin Stanislavsky endobj Check your writing for unintended plagiarism, This guide provides resources for the Solo Theatre Piece (Task 1) external assessment for IB Theatre (last assessment 2023). You'll need to think about design, use of space, set, lights, sound, props and costume if appropriate. These should be your artistic intentions for your piece of theatre, not learning intentions for your project. Performance Focus Website of Forced Entertainment, a group of six artists (including Tim Etchells, Artistic Director), who have collaborated to make original theatre and performances together since 1984. endobj $ jnTHD\THa Leads into the activity on defining contexts and aspects. {eAQs/5:+dMk6 ayNJ'},@ T$!- gT.(uEcIA%TV85hmv`U]64hK~Tdj8hFY0eN/2_$S2J}?/}VP'>;rK@plc{ ~fS*. 7:'"p{kQ"T? Evidence of the theatrical conventions of character, place and object (prop) will only need to be brief in this mini solo. How hastheory informed practice to create these five very differenttheatreexperiences? j z+QiJl}Qpkxh>&H(IbHJG,\;F}h^NVZIDE9|,uh1'l^Z/q^Zb'G1o|z. This video preview is for an educational two-disc box set available from Pumpkin Interactive, which contains a 25-minute documentary about the life of Artaud, and an interactive DVD ROM containing over 100 clips from Artaud-influenced performances. The report will discuss how you have applied the theory in detail.

Compiled by Simon Bell, an IB Trainer, Examiner and one of the many authors of the IB Theatre curriculum. It also records their practical explorations of the selected aspect(s) of theory, the development of the solo theatre piece and evaluation of the theatre piece and its implications on their learning in theatre." The video you provide will be used to see if your theatre piece matches your report's discussion. Research a character belonging to a subculture of your choice. I required a good script for compition theatre play, Hi there, Thank you so much for this wonderful slide show. This mini solo serves as an excellent introduction to the nature and structure of a solo performance. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. 8 0 obj It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. Is there another project during your course that you wish you could go back and do differently now you understand something differently? IB grade bands for the four assessment criteria for the Solo Theatre Piece for IB Theatre HL: Theatre in Context: The theorist, the theory and the contexts; Theatre Processes: Practical explorations of the aspect(s) of theory and the development of the solo theatre piece; Presenting Theatre: Theatre theory in practice; and Presenting Theatre: Evaluation of the solo theatre piece and reflections. an old woman dragging a cart, a sergeant dancing, three {o_gCg0GY0qh4g 251]x\tFNVygda,8Kqmd w{jVc1zyG8pg%)pV)3cGp@el`y= 7__p6 X This is an example of a task in the Victorian Certificate of Education Unit 4 Drama course (Australia), but can easily be used by Drama teachers anywhere in the world. Also on the website is a brief biography of the artist. Suggestions of theorists that can be used for the Solo Theatre Piece. $SQx:)KxBH$&~/vI^8HixwPN.Gk'`(p&,7E.|w*Yj-s0pt0$4wI_FHOh CdYW`1$d/[b,L;a-2fUYx6g-UKtH@E#n9 km{_h=)CLpeVt"]mcgM}rX/m;\!c&RUg< 2:4)x'O |~ }zjJhj( Extract from Art of Silence by Jennifer Hartley. Click on right hand side of each page to go to next page. How will this be achieved? A twelve-slide presentation on the life, career, ideas and practices, influences, and contemporary and modern impact of Edward Gordon Craig. Consider the impact that the theory has upon the audience, and how and why the aspect of the theory you chose, was used. kernel engraved on my memory: two tramps under a tree, H7f/[ << /Contents 11 0 R /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /Parent 22 0 R /Resources << /ExtGState << /G3 18 0 R >> /Font << /F4 19 0 R /F5 20 0 R >> /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] >> /StructParents 0 /Type /Page >> How will this be achieved? 1 0 obj Task 1: (Solo theatre piece) (HL only) "requires students to create a fully produced piece of theatre based on theatre theory. Bangkok 2018, Geneva 2019). 1OS$~J3h(w?l/8U5"8cG(X_%X Let them do the talking - you don't have to explain your intentions to them, and this will likely quieten them down if they feel they read it differently. Reference Material Your email address will not be published. You will then rehearse and eventually perform your piece of theatre. GVRL is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. Evaluating the Presentation. theorists work. Official website of Robert Wilson, offering information on Wilson's achievements in both the performing arts - in theatre and opera - and the visual arts, as well as a biography. Units and Objectives) or otherwise invisible, cannot be seen in the video, and thus cannot be marked as effective, appropriate, or even underdeveloped.

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