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We've tried several food items till we could no longer eat, and these were our favourites! The rooms were small, but sufficient for two travellers. Hal 7 & 8 Papiren, Trangravsvej 14, 7/8, 1436 Kbenhavn K, Monday-Wednesday: 12-21 Cycle all the way into the park until you see a crowd of tourist and you know you've reached your destination! If you need unlimited access to public transport to and from the airport andaroundcentralCopenhagen, purchasea City Pass. Duck statue (on Copenhagen Street Food side) with the bridge in the background. They used for both urban and suburban traffic. Inspired? Learn More. The interval of traffic is 3-7 minutes during rush hour. There are blue and yellow S-buses. biden joe climate american mr gas office 2021 election due today where since Otherwise, anywhere along Strget, and that is close to the metro station is great. You will not have to take many trips before you recoup the money you spent on your City Pass. Avoid most of the city traffic and travel quickly and safely to many areas in Copenhagen by using one of the many bridges available. When buying online. And wherever you are, there will be a bus stop nearby. Depending on how many zones you buy.Number of zonesTicket validity timeFare2 zones1 hour 15 minutes24 DKK (this is the base price, i.e. The metro hascurrently4 lines andisstill expanding. Trains arrive at intervals of 2-4 minutes during rush hour. To the station you want. There are urban yellow-red A-buses and blue C-buses. This is a prepackaged pass, which means it includes multiple popular activities for one low price. The best thing we love about Christmas Markets (or rather, markets in general) is the food! Plus the minimum amount of money to deposited on the card. The Copenhagen Card is the ideal solution to help you make the most out of your trip and an affordable way to visit all the major attractions. This is an alternative to those who may not be able to carry a bagpack! cayman environment coral reef islands climate change human effects global much effect university warm control due S-tog trains red. Children below the age of 16pay 40 DKK for a 24-hour pass and 100 DKK for a 72-hour pass. The prices of Pandora were much cheaper in Denmark and I just had to get my first Pandora bracelet from its flagship store. Whether youre looking for something family-friendly or youre more interested in learning about the history of this city, youll be able to use this pass to get great discounts on a variety of fun and interesting experiences. We arrived about half an hour of its opening and there were already many people enjoying their food there! Yes, all buses, trains and the metro in the Capital Region are included. That said, its worth noting that the Copenhagen City Pass includes a Hop on Hop off Bus Tour which you can use to reach dozens of notable landmarks and other popular locations in the city. Here are a few of the more interesting combo deals available in Copenhagen: National Museum of Denmark + National Gallery of Denmark, National Gallery of Denmark + Danish Architecture Center, National Museum of Denmark + Tivoli Gardens, National Museum of Denmark + Christiansborg. They leave from Copenhagen Central Station to various cities in Denmark. City Pass Large adult/child for 24 hours 160/80 DKK, 48 hours 3000/150 DKK, 72 hours 400/200 DKK, 96 hours 500/250 DKK, 120 hours 600/300 DKK. Trains run at night. The cost of the trip deducted from the card. While the Copenhagen Pass covers the costs of fewer services overall, it's an excellent alternative for anyone who is only interested in a few different attractions. As you get further away from the city centre the numbers get higher. You can purchase food from any stall, and find a seat anywhere in the food hall. We hope this blog post was informative! Before the trip, every tourist should know that the city divided. Unlike the all-zone 24-hour ticket, this ticket is validonly in zones 1 - 4and is also available as a72-hour ticket. They work like a metro within the city. Copyright 2022 TripPrivacy | Powered by [TripPrivacy], Burgas transport: Best of Public transport, 24 DKK (this is the base price, i.e. And have the same payment system. In addition,the cardprovidesfree entrance to 72 major attractions,museums andprovides a host ofotherdiscounts. museet dandydoes The cost of City Pass Small adult/child for 24 hours 80/40 DKK, 48 hours 150/75 DKK, 72 hours 200/100 DKK, 96 hours 250/125 DKK, 120 hours 300/150 DKK. From 60 to 100 DKK. In addition to the activities included with this pass, there is also a 5% discount on other popular attractions in Copenhagen. The routes marked with letters of the Latin alphabet. Do visit it if you're there! If you pick a 24-hour pass, youll need to use it for 4-5 activities before you save money, but you can take your time and be more selective with a 120-hour pass which is a great deal when used for 2-3 attractions per day. At Central Station and in 7-Eleven stores. Here, you will find food from different cultures. Good. The Royal Danish Playhouse is a waterside theatre for plays. Your FlexCard is valid for anyone16 years and older, andtwo children under the age of 16 can ride witha FlexCard holderfree of charge. It includes most attractions and museums in the Copenhagen region as well as all public transport. Almost like the red brick road in pokemon, this bike path is only red! It was quite a scenic and relatively fuss-free cycle there as we were able to use the bike paths, and didn't have to worry about pedestrians, or the cars. This ticket is good if you plan to travel outside Copenhagen city centre, covering the Greater Copenhagen region. In addition to all the attractions and activities included, this card also covers public transportation, allowing you to access the trains, buses, and metro in Copenhagen without worrying about individual tickets. And 10 minutes before and after rush hour. We love cycling, and the best way to explore Copenhagen is to do what the locals do! If youre more interested inHop on Hop off Bus Tours or a trip to the CopenHill Ski Slope, this pass will be a must. To get from the city center (Nrreprt station). Cross it and make a left turn at the end of the bridge. Unlimited use of all types of public transport. Alternatively, there's also a. Remember,you will always pay for at least two zones, which cost 24 DKK. Do not pass through the city center. It costs 389 dkk for a 24-hour card, and has options for 48, 72, and 120. It may be a good idea to have your City Pass on your own phone in case you and your fellow travellers split up and visit different places in Copenhagen. Making stops only at major stations. You'll see a gated warehouse look-alike, walk right through towards the waterside and you'll be able to see Copenhagen Street Food. Saving money is an important factor on any trip. There are many bike rental stores throughout Copenhagen. Then you are not dependent on traveling together all the time. We didn't join the tour as there was a procession a while later. Learn more about travelling on the Island of Funen, birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. Is my City Pass valid on all buses, trains and the entire metro? We stayed at. Outside Copenhagen, stops only at major stations. Choosethe number ofzones you need. There is a number that indicates how many minutes it takes. You can easily use our savings calculator, where you can plan your trip and check how much you save. Several types of trains run in Copenhagen: (Marked with the letter S in a red hexagon in the diagrams). Stroget ends at the beautiful Hotel D'Angleterre, situated right opposite Kongens Nytorv (King's New Square). The Christmas Markets were located at Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn harbour. If you have a City Pass in the DOT Tickets app. And 3-6 minutes during the rest of the hours. And make a Check-in at the exit Check-out. Amalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 Kbenhavn K, Denmark, For opening hours, kindly check their website for more details. You might have seen them already thecheck-in card readerwith a blue dot at stations and in busses. Form a single network with the metro. You can leave your car in the parking lot. And popular among the local population. (bus, metro, train) within Greater Copenhagen (zones 1 99), incl. And includes an unlimited number of trips by metro, train. If you own an iPhone or any Android device,find an app called 'Mobilbilletter' in the app store, which lets you buy tickets by entering your destination. The Christiansborg Palace is located on an 'island' alongside other attractions such as Brsen (former stock exchange), Danish Jewish Museum, Tjhus Museum, Thorvaldsens Museum, and The Royal Library. You can go to the popular tourist cities of Helsingr (Elsinore). One other attraction that we didn't have time to go was the Copenhagen Zoo! If you need an answer right away, please call DOT customer service:+45 7015 7000 (opening hours: 8:00 - 16:00). Disclosure:While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. Now, onward to Malmo, Sweden! The City Pass is also valid for harbour buses which can take you across the canal to the Opera. After dumping all our bags in the hotel, we went straight for Tivoli Gardens (Click to read more about our experience at Tivoli Gardens). The nearby Gefion Fountain marks the start of the park. Heres an example of how you can get a great discount by using the 72 hour Copenhagen Card: Of course, this example doesnt even factor in the free public transportation or any of the additional discounts provided which would easily save you even more money! You caneasily downloadyour free Copenhagen Card App for iOS or Android and get your digital Copenhagen Card(s) right away. How can I see when my City Pass will expire? The frequencyishigh, anditalsoruns onFriday and Saturday nights. And bus in zones 1-4. Central Station, 7-Eleven stores, tourist information centers, hotels. Our verdict? At the entrance to the transport. From left to right: Please Company's Gourmet Hotdog, Duck it's Homemade Duck Confit, Duck it's Duck Fat Fries. Within this timeframe, you can use the sameticket onbuses, trains, metros and harbour buses. And at the airport (coins and bank cards accepted). Copenhagens public transport includes. The cost of the card is 80 DKK. We enjoyed the great location, on a quieter street in downtown Copenhagen. See where you can go on thismap. Purchase the Copenhagen Card or learn more. So they are convenient to get from Copenhagen city center to the suburbs. It is worth visiting. The yellow N-buses are night buses. Otherwise, complement the walking tour with occasional metro rides. By the time we've arrived at Christiansborg Palace, we were too tired and decided to return our bikes! From there, you will see a bridge. One zone can only be purchased for 12 DKK. Here are a few of the most interesting attractions and tours included on this tourist pass: Unfortunately, unlike their competitors, the Copenhagen City Pass does not include any additional discounts on extra tours or at various restaurants. You will receive an SMS with the City Pass code on your phone. There are many things you can see and do in the eastern part of Denmark, so if youtravel beyond Central Copenhagen you have the possibility tobuy a ticket which providesunlimited access tobuses, trains, Metro and harbour buses in the capital region, including North Zealand. You can also buy tickets at 7-elevens located by the train stations. Into tariff zones. A ticket can bought for any number of days. Purchase the Copenhagen Card or learn more, Purchase the Copenhagen Pass or learn more, Purchase the Copenhagen City Pass or learn more, 60/Adults (439 DKK) | 33/Youth [12-15] (239 DKK), 88/Adults (649 DKK) | 47/Youth [12-15] (349 DKK), 108/Adults (799 DKK) | 58/Youth [12-15] (429 DKK), 125/Adults (929 DKK) | 68/Youth [12-15] (499 DKK), 142/Adults (1049 DKK) | 76/Youth [12-15] (559 DKK), Cost per day: 28.40/Adults | 15.20/Youth, Danish Museum of Science & Technology | 95 DKK, 62/Adults (465 DKK) | 31/Kids (232.50 DKK), 84/Adults (630 DKK) | 42/Kids (315 DKK), 102/Adults (760 DKK) | 51/Kids (380 DKK), 133/Adults (995 DKK) | 67/Kids (497.50 DKK), Cost per day: 26.60/Adults | 13.40/Kids, Admission to the National Museum of Denmark, Admission to the National Gallery of Denmark, Admission to the Danish Architecture Center. And the duck fat fries were soooo addictive! We first had to pass by St Alban's Church. See maps of ring zones and commuter journeys, The Appeals Board for Bus, Train And Metro, Travel Guarantee for buses and local trains, Contact us regarding buses and local trains, Congress with less than 1,000 delegates and participants, Enjoy unlimited travel on buses, trains and the metro in Copenhagen from the moment you arrive in Copenhagen, Travel easily to and from the airport without worrying about where to purchase tickets, the types of tickets available or travel zones, With your City Pass, two children under 12 years of age can travel with you free of charge. In the evening, we explored the longest pedestrian-only Strget Shopping Street. Designed for an unlimited number of trips. You will receive a brochure listing the main attractions of Copenhagen. Denmark is well connected. We also stumbled upon this bakery as we saw quite a number of people in the store, and it turns out that its quite a popular bakery that has other outlets in Copenhagen. Purchased from DSB ticket machines. The strawberry tart was good, but the mille feuille was too sweet for us. The Copenhagen Card is a tourist card that includes transport in all zones within Copenhagen, as well as complimentary entrance to 79 museums and attractions. It was a long 1.1km walk, but it was enjoyable looking at all interesting shops, ranging from budget-friendly chains to high-end brands. If you travel short distances, a bicycle will help you save on transport. For travellers who would like to spend their time in the museums, this card is the card for you. Purchase Lego where it came from! And the remaining money on your card appears on the screen. The best part is that you can bring your bike for free in the S-train. TheCopenhagen Metroruns all the time day and night with automateddriverless trains and frequent departures. We tried Donkey Rental and it costs about 12.5 dkk for 30 minutes, and about 50 dkk for 2 hours. And water buses and considered one of the best in the world. Everything you need to know - 72 hours in Copenhagen, The Copenhagen Card is a tourist card that includes transport in all zones within Copenhagen, as well as complimentary entrance to 79 museums and attractions. And you are free to travel by bus, metro, and train in zones 1 99. The finish of M4 line planned for 2024.Copenhagen Metro Map. Here are ten of the most popular tours, museums and other attractions included with these passes: If youre wondering how these services work, the following FAQ should answer a few of the more important questions. You can buy the card at the airport at the DBS office. City Pass makes it easy for you to get around in Copenhagen and Zealand with public transport. Book your Travel Accommodation, Travel Insurance, and Experiences right away. Always haveyour ticket on you in case a conductor wants to check if it is valid. Located at all metro stations, Central Station. Inside the warehouse, it is actually a huge food hall. Our next mission was to see the Little Mermaid found in Langelinie Park. But oh well, at least we got a nice photograph! The more you use your City Pass, the better a deal it will be for you. In the city center, public transport runs around the clock. The public transport system is very efficient in Denmark. To carry bicycles on these trains, you need to buy a ticket. This is one of two tourist attraction discount passes in the city, and it includes admission to more than 80 different attractions, tours, museums, and activities. Go explore! Notes: There is no ticket for one zone. All information, including the map, is fully available offline. Explore the entire Copenhagen region with a Rejsekort or City Pass. With one ticket you can use any type of transport. You can buy the pass at the DBS office at the airport. There are multiple ticket options in Copenhagen depending on how long youstay and how much youuse public transport. Single tickets cover all public transport including S-train, regular trains, metro, busses,harbour-busses,and airport trains. When you buy a ticket youhave access to buses, trains,metro and harbour buses as long as your ticket is valid. The city of Copenhagen is built for cyclists with many cycling paths throughout the city. While thats not a bad thing, its important to note that this service includes far fewer attractions and activities. If you would like to end your journey here, you can take the metro from Kongens Nytorv station. A FlexCard gives you access toallpublic transport as much as you want for7 days or longer and you cancustomise your travel days. Thus, you will receive an electronic ticket. The ticket price is from 55 DKK per day. We actually didn't research on this and found this place by chance! When you are ready to explore Copenhagen, you must remember to swipe to activate the card before using it. Lack of avalid ticketwill cost you a hefty fine of 750 DKK. Although this pass does include some services not provided by their competitors (Hop on Hop off Bus Tour, CopenHill Ski Slope, etc), youre ultimately paying the same price for less. With a City Pass you can enjoy unlimited travel on buses, trains, and the metro all day and all night. To burn off the calories we've consumed, we cycled to Amalienborg Palace. Within the zones of your choice for 24, 48, 72, 96, and 120 hours. In comparison, an individual ticket for two zones costs 24 DKK, for three zones 36 DKK and for four zones 48 DKK. NOTE: As of June 2022, this pass is not currently bookable. With only 50 tours, museums and other attractions included, this service isnt quite as extensive as the Copenhagen Card, but it is an interesting alternative with some activities that you wont find on the other pass. Bicycles can used free of charge with a 20 DKK deposit. Pandora originated in Denmark, and opened its flagship store at this iconic shopping street. And public transport. Yes, you certainly can! Travel time 3 hours, Aalborg (Aalborg) travel time 4 hours 20 minutes, Odense (Odense) travel time 1 hour 30 minutes, Esbjerg (Esbjerg) travel time 3 hours 40 minutes. If you have not finished the trip and you have to change trains. There is an information desk at every bus stop that says Movia. Beside these, there are also several other Christmas Markets in Copenhagen. The platforms separated from the arriving train. then to take a look at the exterior of Skuespilhuset (Royal Danish Playhouse) at the end of the canals. First Hotel Twenty Seven is located three streets away from Strget, and a short 5 minute walk from Rdhuspladsen, and 8 minutes from Tivoli Garden. Even if that is true, you can still save quite a bit of money with this pass, and well provide an example below to show you how the 3 days Copenhagen City Pass can be used to get great discounts. While Copenhagen tourist passes are a great way to save money on a variety of fun activities and attractions, you really need to use them for 4-5 services per day in order to get a good discount. With the DOT Tickets app you can buy several City Passes on one phone. Here are just a few of the tours and locations where you can use this discount: While this pass isn't the best deal on our list, it is a good way to save some money on popular activities without devoting your entire time in Copenhagen to making the most out of a tourist pass. And continue your journey by public transport. The duck confit was tender and flavourful. (by the metro, bus stop, S-tog station). ACityPassis easy to purchase and it covers all public transport. If you buy your card directly on your smartphone, you only need to activate it in the app when you are ready to start using the card. The Copenhagen Card is great for almost every type of activity and attraction. It costs 389 dkk for a 24-hour card, and has options for 48, 72, and 120. Another useful way to get around is using Donkey Republic, a bike sharing application that you can find bikes near your hotels, rent them and return them at any drop-off locations located city-wide. Download the Copenhagen Card app and get your card on your smartphone. But travel outside the city much further. you can travel by bus, metro, and train in zones 1, 2, 3, and 4. If you want to visit other places in Denmark, the national railway systemDSBconnects most of the country with high frequency and efficiency. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. This ticket is valid for a certain time. Beside these, there are also several other, So, we didn't exactly have a full 72 hours, but close to it! Will the City Pass save me money on travel? Another reason why we chose to cycle was because the nearest metro to Amalienborg Palace was back at Kongens Nytorv. By a glass wall with sliding doors. As you can see, the prices for this pass are similar to what you can expect from the Copenhagen Card. We took a train to Dybblsbro St and walked to Fisketorvet. all children between the age of 3-11 years old (free). And numerous points of sale. As buses, metro and trains. For travellers who would like to spend their time in the museums, this card is the card for you. The ticket is valid until 24:00. So, we didn't exactly have a full 72 hours, but close to it! At intervals of 15 20 minutes. And Check-out only once, when your trip is over. Sunday: 12-21. N.B: SEE SPECIAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR THIS CARD, Digital 48 hours variant for both adults (16+) and children (10-15). You can also buy a City Pass on each of your phones. And time after which the next bus will arrive. You may receive a fare evasion ticket, if you are unable to show your ticket on your phone. Central Copenhagen is zone 1. FREE TOURS BY FOOT IS THE ORIGINAL PAY-WHAT-YOU-LIKE WALKING TOUR. It was not easy to take this picture as there were lots of people trying to get a shot with it. If you have purchased a City Pass in a ticket vending machine. Another useful way to get around is using, For a luxurious stay, stay at the Nyhavn region, to wake up to the view of the canal. Copenhagen is divided into zones and each zone has a colour and number. As well as an electronic board showing the number. Buses move in dedicated lanes. We arrived in Copenhagen from Oslo by DFDS ferry (Blog post: How to get from Oslo, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark by ferry?). UseJourneyplanner(Rejseplanen) to plan your trip and see timetables and prices for bus, train, and metro, including carsharing that combines differentmeansof transportgetting you from A to B. You can choose between City Pass Small or City Pass Large and for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours. Trains are white. With a single trip ticket, also called a regular ticket, you have to buy the number of zones needed to get you to your destination. There are ticket machines at mosttrain stations that accept Danish kronerand credit cards.
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